January 7th, 2010

Shaditude - Family Portrait

Go ahead. Color them badd.

(submitted by Anna)

56 Responses to “Shaditude”

  1. mary says:

    did they all just get back from seeing Top Gun?

  2. SEG says:

    “I wear my sun glasses at night”

  3. Smartazz says:

    I know the Son that is in this picture…He had a pretty good life, I think it was because he was always going through life wearing…”Rose Colored Glasses”

  4. Bob says:

    Thats right were cool

  5. Ainsley says:

    Don’t mess around with the guy in shades, oh no / I wear my sunglasses at niiiigghhttt

  6. Justme says:

    They look german. Are they?

  7. Rick says:

    Anyone ever see Weekend at Bernie’s? The boy’s expression makes him look just like Bernie

  8. Mike H says:

    I think it’s a great picture!

  9. Fan of Wackiness says:

    Yeah, to me this isn’t awkward, it’s a hoot. I’ll bet they have a lot of fun together.

  10. gravy robber says:

    it kinda looks like the young dudes shirt is on backwards.

  11. Kimberly says:

    We’re too sexy for our shades, too sexy….


    ZZ Tops’ Cheap Sunglasses

  12. Capewood says:

    I think this is a great picture. They look like a family that knows how to have fun.

  13. Bucky says:

    X-Men Origins: Cyclops and Family

  14. Zach says:

    Elton John just called and he wants his shades back….

  15. KelBel says:

    I like how the dad and son both have smirks on their faces, and that dad’s smirk goes to the right, while the son’s goes to the left. Hot!

  16. hannah says:

    The fun never stops when it’s dad’s weekend to have the kids.

  17. ana8485 says:

    The girl on the right looks like a girl I went to school with. her name is Jessica.

  18. LAURIE says:

    “I got my EYE on you!”

  19. Tim says:

    The future’s so bright, they gotta wear shades!

  20. MommaT says:

    The guy in the blue glasses looks so much like my dad that I’m wondering if he’s got a second family. Dad, is that you?

  21. Red Canti says:

    Hahaha… The guy is the pink shades is fully committed. You know he practiced that pose in a mirror.

  22. thicktortiethintabby says:

    That boy’s rockin’ some classic Zach Morris moves.

  23. Paige says:

    This picture isn’t awkward. It’s BADASS!

  24. DaddysSister says:

    “We’re just waaay too cool for Mom. Yeah, you heard it right.”

  25. BP says:

    I love this picture! But I have to agree that the girl on the right was probably kicked out of the family band.

  26. Sam says:

    Those are actually some pretty neat glasses, I want some.

  27. Richard Anderson says:

    Handsome looking family.

  28. Fred says:

    This is not awkward to me at all. I think it’s pretty cool!!

  29. Chris says:

    All this picture is missing is some serious “Jazz” hands.

  30. coolmcfinn says:

    Oh boy. Did they bring their own glasses or is this the photographer’s ‘signature pose’?

  31. boxer says:

    wow the son’s pretty hot tho.

  32. Boppie says:

    I blame ‘quantum’ for this.

  33. Graham Banks says:

    I’m sorry, no amount of black t-shirts and novelty sunglasses can make this Pat Boone tribute band cool.

  34. Thanos says:

    Haha, cool photo. I totally want to bang the young dude btw. 😛

  35. Emma says:

    There are no words for this.

  36. Deanna says:

    The father’s expression is sheer genius.

  37. Keisa says:

    It’s hip to be square.

  38. Cyantificpolymorph says:

    when you wear black to a photo shoot, you need a little color. score 1 for accessories!

  39. Buffy says:

    Heyy…. wasn’t Dad in L.A. Confidential?

  40. Fanboy Wife says:

    Do you think that they wear their sunglasses at night?

  41. rachie says:

    The girl on the right does NOT have shaditude because she is looking down!
    She will be disowned.

  42. al says:

    I like how ‘little sister’ won’t even look at the camera because she knows this idea is going to haunt her the rest of her life.

  43. PaulaSaintO says:

    Little Miss Purple glasses didn’t get the memo to look OVER the top of the glasses. How rebellious!

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