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January 12th, 2010

Bedtime Stories - Kids

Sleep tight.

(submitted by Heather)

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  1. Karl says:

    Silly photo. To me it looks like she is showing off the cover. Maybe because she thought it was shiny and pretty. Maybe because her parents had her take this photo knowing it would drive some tight-bottomed people crazy (mission accomplished). Personally I find it odd so many people are taking a photo they know nothing about so personally. Is she sporting a nazi arm band and doing an arm out Heil? nope. Then I wouldn’t jump to conclusions.

  2. Peter says:

    MTTO (Mean Time to Take Offence) of 12 minutes – pretty impressive performance from the book burners I would say.

  3. Cassie says:

    This is not awkward. This is offensive. For those two reasons, it should be taken down.

  4. daphne says:

    Maybe the parents saw the craziness of the situation and took a photo for giggles.

  5. Rsa says:

    We really cannot say anything about the context where this picture was taken. Either those Evil parents were raising their kids to be Nazis (which I doubt) in which case it is a bad picture.

    On the other hand the kids could have got it from the bookshelf and were playing with it in which case it might be rather funny since it creates a whole new context for the adult viewers (since the kids have no idea what they are holding). My kids carry around my books & stuff all the time and play with them.

    And in fact I remember a time when a friend a I – as a small kids – returned from school using a used “contraceptive” (which we found from the roadside) on a stick as a flag. We thought it was cool. I bet my parents disagreed.

  6. Avi32 says:

    I think the people defending this photo are missing the point. Of course the book has a rightful place among students of history. Just as a gun has a rightful place in certain contexts. But both a gun and this book are dangerous weapons (arguing that it’s “boring” or “poorly written” is to miss the point; it was a bestseller 80 years ago and a big part of what got Hitler elected), and whoever took this photo clearly either doesn’t understand that, or else agrees with the book.

    Either way, it’s just plain bad.

    • I’m sorry, but you really need to learn some history. The book sold about 240,000 copies before Hitler came to power. Sure, that’s nothing to sneeze at, but it was hardly the centerpiece that won him the election. The book only became a best seller after he came to power, and sold such enormous numbers because it became the “Nazi bible” and everyone that wanted to appear loyal to the Nazi party was pretty much required to own a copy.

      The book is indeed poorly written and could easily be cut in half without losing any of the point Hitler was trying to make. If Hitler had never come into power, his book would have sold modestly at best and faded into obscurity. It was his rise to power that propelled the book to such fame, not the other way around.

    • VIII says:

      This book couldn’t have been a “big part of what got Hitler elected” because Hitler wasn’t elected. But at least you tried.

    • Bianca says:

      Hitler came into power, because the party he was in was able to demonize the Jews. They were able to do that, because of the crushing poverty that Germany was in paying off the World War 1 debts. That is why he rose to power, not because of a book he wrote while he was in prison.

  7. JRH says:

    She isn’t old enough to know what the book is about, or who wrote it.

    The picture was probably taken by the parents because they saw how ridiculous it was that their little kid pulled out such a book which is clearly taboo.

    It’s a book.

  8. mom&advocate says:

    I found the irony of the picture somewhat funny, but not awkward. I found the girls adorable. However, I’m sad for the people who are offended by this picture. As the proud mom of a child with developmental disability, I find myself offended and saddened by things that other people see no harm in (e.g. Special Olympics jokes, derogatory terms such as ‘retard,’ and so forth). I understand how bad this picture must make some folks feel. Since the pic isn’t all that awkward- but it is offensive- I’m swaying toward the “take-it-down” camp.

  9. Stef says:

    I think we need to get Heather in here to give the backstory.

  10. EdieKay says:

    There was a little window in my life when my father was assigned overseas for a year. I was a year and a half old when he left. During the year he was gone, my mom kept herself busy by reading the classics – including this. As others have said, she wanted to know something of the mind of the man behind the Holocaust. Because I was at such an impressionable age, seeing her read this and other difficult books instilled a love of reading in me that my siblings don’t have.

    Even Dwight Eisenhower, who fought in WW II, said we need to know the mind of our enemies. Not everyone reads just to read. Some people read critically. I do hope this kid has parents who will teach her to do exactly that.

  11. M Pfaff says:

    Take this down ASAP. It is not funny but belittlement – and it ruins the whole website for me. I really have to question the discrimination of the admin.
    Maybe it helps to know that this book is banned in Germany.

    • VIII says:

      I have to question your familiarity with the word “discrimination”.

    • Christine says:

      Not in the libraries in Germany. The book is there albeit heavily commented and excerpted.

      Per history, Mussolini thought the book was boring and clichéd.

    • Moss Morris says:

      And the Lego Indiana Jones video games don’t have Nazis because then it couldn’t be sold in Germany. This isn’t Germany. And ya, you need to look up discrimination in a dictionary.

  12. Don says:

    Cute kids-great picture.

  13. Judy says:

    This makes me dislike this site, this is horrible. I don’t see how anyone who knows their history can find this funny. This book and its author our accountable for over 6 million deaths. Posing it with the cutest kids would make them ugly in my mind.

    please take this off the site.

    • Lauren says:

      “…anyone who knows their history…”

      OH, because CLEARLY no one else noticed that she’s holding a book by Hitler.
      I had forgotten who he was for a second there…That’s right, worst man in history…

      THANK YOU for clearing that up.

      Good Lord, some people…

      • Judy says:

        some people what? some people feel this is a hateful photo? yes.
        and then to say “good lord” gosh you’re a winner! I think Hitler hated on enough people that I won’t bother with you

        • Moss Morris says:

          Yet, you wrote not only one sentence but three (actually two because you didn’t punctuate that last one… were you done or did you just accidental hit submit? How is this photo hateful? I guess we need to track down this little girl now for committing a hate crime!

    • VIII says:

      Ironic, since anyone who thinks that the existence of Mein Kampf is responsible for the ELEVEN MILLION deaths in the Holocaust doesn’t know much about history.

  14. carol says:

    She’s been reading it to her baby doll.

  15. mericatt says:

    That child is clearly laughing with whoever is taking the picture. It’s just funny. Kids will pick up and play with the stupidest things. Really. At least it wasn’t a crossbow.

  16. Dynomoose says:

    Looks like someone was digging around an adults bookshelf.

  17. Lindsay says:

    Breathe, people, breathe – it’s just a photo.

  18. reply says:

    This is not offensive- it’s hilarious! Maybe one of her parents is an historian. Maybe the parents are using an original text to teach their children how horrible racism is. Maybe it’s photoshopped. Maybe little sister picked it out at the library due to its shiny lettering. Maybe they are having a good, old fashioned book burning. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

    I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. The caption is perfection.

  19. Revia says:

    First- Some of y’all need to get a sense of humor. I own Mein Kampf and I’m the biggest bleeding heart you ever saw.

    Second- This actually reminds me of when my brother sent his kids to my place without any toys. The only toys I have are geeky and generally comic-related. I had my nephew hugging my Cthulhu plushie and telling everyone that he loved Cthulhu. My niece cried when she had to leave the Death (from Sandman) doll at my house. 🙂

    • gruven_reuven says:

      And how many members of YOUR family were murdered by Hitler????


      • Henry says:

        Typical “Fox News” American, gruven_reuven

      • Lauren says:

        Two of mine died in a concentration camp, and another died fighting the Nazis.
        I do not find this in the least offensive or think it should be removed.
        Those of you who do are being very ignorant and just throwing out a knee-jerk response.

      • Mark Guz says:

        Actually at least 2, but perhaps many more. I’m Polish. Hitler was putting us slavs through gas chambers too. But I suspect this is not a competition

        But you know what. This is still funny.

        If you don’t like it or are offended there are many many many other websites you could be looking at, rather than trying to impose censorship, and removing freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one of the things my ancestors fought hitler to win back(although stalin took it away again for poland). Freedom of speech means the freedom to offend and be offended. Go censor someone else.

      • nanapull says:

        I agree completely. They should take down this photo. And you should shave.

      • Ponyo says:

        Many people suffer in wars and have family members murdered, and are able to, in time, put it behind them and move on. At some point you are going to have to get over this. You don’t want your great great grandchildren in 100 years still bemoaning this as if it happened yesterday. It’s been about sixty years people. No-one says we should forget it, or claim that Hitler had the right idea, but someday you want to be able to see evidence that it happened without overreacting.

      • Mordechai says:

        Two members of my family were killed by Hitler. Several other family members, including my mother, are or were survivors. The picture is funny, not offensive. The only thing I find offensive here are the calls for censorship.

    • Boppie says:

      My niece is 3, can’t read at all, starts books from the BACK and often upside down, and picks them up based on the pictures. Chances are very good that this little girl saw red and glittery silver and thought it was pretty.
      No one would post sarcastic or irreverent comments on a Holocaust website, reuven, but that’s not where we are, is it?

  20. B Rosenthal says:

    I think those who find it “offensive” are missing the point that she probably does have a parent who wanted to know the logic behind a diabolical creature like Hitler. I myself am part Jewish and yet at one point read parts of Mein Kampf to try to understand what he was thinking. Actually the book is really, really boring and repetitive so the odds of it being material for a future aryan nation are probably overstated.

    You can read such literature without being part of the mentality. Just because you read the Bible doesn’t mean you’ll become an evangelist. Reading the Koran doesn’t make a terrorist and reading about Stalin and Hitler doesn’t make you a dictator. I would think ignorance of a subject would be something to fear more.

  21. Cee says:

    I sure hope this is photoshopped!

  22. ann o. nymous says:

    This is not awkward. It is sad and offensive.

  23. Madison says:


  24. Marcio Hack says:

    Who’s to say that the girls’ father wasn’t a historian, or just some ordinary guy who liked to read about the second world war? Don’t assume the worst about people.

    Besides, the mere fact that the pic was submitted to this site suggests that this is not a nazi family – or at least not any more, if it ever was.

  25. reallydifferent says:

    Have you ever tried to read Mein Kempf? That book will seriously put you to sleep. It is so terribly written it is next to impossible to read.

    • Totally agree. That was my first thought. It’s not cruel because Mein Kampf will teach them to hate, it’s cruel because Mein Kampf is such a rambling poorly-written mess that it will turn them off of reading for the rest of their lives.

      By the way, if your children are going to turn into little mini-Hitlers just from reading a book like that, then you have failed as a parent.

  26. axmack says:

    Gotta wonder if the doll she’s holding has a Hitler ‘stache

  27. Jesse says:

    Now that’s just wrong.

  28. Poaster says:

    Big sister’s got nothing…baby sister gets the baby doll AND the bedtime story. What a rip.

  29. Angie says:

    I bet the baby doll has a moustache

  30. Jake says:

    May I just be the first to say WT*?

  31. Boppie says:

    Those 2 Aryan Nation pop princesses as toddlers.

  32. Monique says:

    ….I got nothing.

  33. Jiminez says:

    That girl’s parents should be in prison.

  34. Leah says:

    Oh, WOW… Who needs Dick & Jane, enjoy some light reading kids!

  35. gruven_reuven says:

    Teaching children to hate is nothing to laugh at. This is very Offensive, and should be taken down. VERY bad taste

    • Meri says:

      I agree about this being offensive. However, this book IS Literature. If we pretend it doesn’t exist, we can’t argue against what it says. You don’t know what their parents didn’t have the book as part of a class they were taking in school–and thought it was funny that the little girl was carrying it around with her baby doll. She clearly couldn’t read the book at that age.

      I have a photo of my 3 year old carrying around a book called “Blow him Away” which explains the art of oral sex. This doesn’t mean I’m raising my children to be sex goddesses.

      • Jacob says:

        Care to post that one up at AFP, Meri?

      • Lola says:

        OK, so the book is real, actual literature. Just like Hitler was a real, actual person. And the Holocaust was a real, actual event. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Kids should be taught that Hitler was a bad person. If I were that girl’s mother, I would tell her to find another book and save that one until she’s much, much older. Even if she couldn’t read it yet at the time of the photo, she would definely be old enough to assume that if her parents had the book in the house, it’s OK to read. Her parents probably don’t have the book because they think Hitler was a good person, but the girl doesn’t know that.

    • Katy.Mae.Murphy says:

      I have to agree with you. Nothing awkward. Simply ignorant and in bad taste. Take it down.

      • gruven_reuven says:

        Merl, I’m not saying we should pretend it doesn’t exist. Quite the opposite!!! But there is nothing funny about antisemitism.

      • veluxx says:

        No part of this needs to be taken down. Have you read the book? Do you know what it says?
        He may have been a bad man with bad idea’s, but that should not mean people can’t view a photograph with his book in it.
        Do you want to go into the library’s and burn all the copies of the book?
        For all you know a sibling was doing a school report.

        • carol says:

          …may have been a bad man with bad ideas? Try evil man with EVIL ideas.

        • Jon says:

          I agree, this may be in poor taste, but it should not be taken down. At the time that I make this I have read all the comments, and have this to say. My great grandparents were survivors of the holocaust. I have traveled the world, and have been placed in many a strange situation. The most memorable, is a trip my family made to Northern China. On the last day of the vacation, myself and 4 others road 8 hours out into the desert to deliver school supplies to a rural school there. We were all given red scarves, and they were tied around our necks ceremoniously. To add insult to injury I was wearing a Wile E. Coyote T-shirt.
          There are pictures a plenty taken with the children and administrators at the school. It was not until afterwards we found out what we were actually adorned with. These same red scarves were worn by an army of children as the marched in Tiananmen Square for Mao Zedong.

          I could offer that picture up to this site, and will do so freely. But it would take quite a bit of explanation. We learn through doing, we learn through experiencing. These children do not know, just as I did not know even at the age of 12. The only rational fear is fear itself.

    • Christine says:

      How are they teaching children to hate? That book is considered Literature whether the author is Hitler or not.

    • Dan Brennan says:

      Don’t be an idiot. Academics and scholars have studied that book to understand the mind of that crazy man. It is in many libraries and on the shelves of many decent people.

      If their father was a professor of 20th century world history he would have good reason to have a book like that around. They in turn may have gone in and pulled “any” book off the shelf for their game of dolls. Someone saw them with it and snapped a photo. I’m sure it is something that simple and innocent. You have no proof anyone is teaching anyone to “hate.” Sheesh.

      • DaddysSister says:

        My first thought wasn’t ‘Nazi-in-training’ either. There are plenty of legitimate and perfectly appropriate reasons why that book would be in the house. Several areas of study or teaching where it would be relevant, for instance.

        She was probably just thinking something along the lines of, “Dolly needs a bed. Ooh, a red one!”

        • Kurtis says:

          Not only that… if you were *really* trying to teach your 3-year-old to hate other races, are you going to start with “Mein Kampf”, or “Why We Won’t Invite Billy Over for Dinner”?

      • Sharon says:

        I so agree with both of you!

    • Cyclophile says:

      What frakking planet are you from? this thing is flipping funny! …as is that book. Have you ever actually read the thing? .. I have. Old Adolf was one twisted individual.

  36. bmj2k says:

    Sorry folks. Not awkward, not cute, just disgusting.

  37. Kashley says:

    What the heck?!?!?! Mein Komaf?!?!?! TOO FUNNY!!!

  38. brooke. says:

    well, that’s just odd.

  39. Justine says:

    Too funny! And those little girls are adorable.

  40. Meg from Ga says:

    Oh my!!! LOL!

  41. gruven_reuven says:

    Not awkward…. OFFENSIVE!

  42. Ricki says:

    Love the caption!

  43. hairfarm says:

    Not just awkward, but wrong as well.

  44. Tired Mom says:

    Awwww! Look at the cute lil’ white supremacist! Bet in the next photo, they’ll be sporting awesome mullets.

  45. mboyce says:

    WT*! That is kinda creepy.

  46. MEB says:

    Blinks then guffaws

  47. Gericaux says:


  48. Rowdy says:

    You can really creep yourself out trying to imagine the backstory for this one.

  49. Karen says:

    Your Baby Can Read!

  50. Nauzel says:

    What the…?

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