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January 12th, 2010

Bedtime Stories - Kids

Sleep tight.

(submitted by Heather)

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  1. crystal says:

    Weird… girl on the left looks just like I did as a kid.

  2. Tracy says:

    I own a copy of Necronomicon. Does that make me a satanist? For those slamming Mein Kampf – have you actually read it? Or even know what it’s about? It’s an autobiography and political theory. I’ve read The Communist Manifesto – does that make me a communist? I’ve read up on Benito Mussolini – does that make me a fascist? Believe it or not, some people read such controversial things to EDUCATE themselves. Get a clue.

  3. Bumble Bee says:

    I think the picture is cute. This child has no idea about who or what Hitler was or did. If you gave me this book Idd say thanks and read it. Why not? I love to learn about what happened during the war and why woldn’t I. I’m not Jewish Germanor even European but that’s not the point. It’s a book and a photo and it’s funny that this child has such a book. It could have been Cinderella and she still would he smiling. Get over it . It could have been a pornographic DVD and you’d all have laughed and I think that would be far worse.
    Get over yourselves.

  4. M Pfaff says:

    And what do we learn from this discussion and the comments? That 65 years after his late demise, this retarded and devilish little man is still able to plant horror into the hearts of so many people. I curse the day of his birth.

    And now please gimme some funny pics again. I desperately need a laugh.

  5. FrancisJames says:

    I’m totally offended by the bad photoshop job that was done on this picture. Clearly the book should be much thicker, so someone must have photoshoped the title on some other harmless book – probably the night before christmas.

  6. skydala says:

    I think the people who are leaving comments that the parents/family must in some way support Hitler’s ideologies are missing the point that they CHOSE TO POST IT HERE!!! If I was really a follower of his beliefs, this might be framed in my office because of my pride in my little skinhead, but I certainly wouldn’t post it on a website for funny/awkward photos! Think, people, think!

  7. Sharon says:

    My late mother-in-law, who was Jewish and had family members perish in the Holocaust, owned a rare book service many years ago. From her my family and I inherited a first edition copy – mint condition – of Mein Kampf (in German, obviously) complete with a slip case and original invoice. No I wouldn’t allow my children to be photographed with it, but they do understand the gravity and historical significance of the tome.

    P.S. we do have blonde hair and blue eyes.

  8. cadburryy says:

    Please….this is hilarious.

  9. Hmmm says:

    Little does she know, she doesn’t have blond hair or blues eyes. Set the book down and walk away…

  10. Shonda says:

    I’d like to point out something. Many of you argue about freedom of speech and I agree whole heartedly, but we do practice censorship in this country. How many of you have read Huck Finn? Are you aware that more and more parents and schools are trying to get it banned from reading lists? Why? Partly the language and the ideas of slavery that it seems to support.

    What Mark Twain wrote was relevant for his time. Don’t any of these parents and company see the sarcasm Twain has for slavery? Most of his books border on the absurd. As Twain intended it.

    Make sure that when you criticize literature of the past you don’t use the standards of today as your measuring stick, because they will never match. I think Hitler was crazy and the most evil man that ever lived in the 20th century. I’m horrified by what happened in Germany and the world. I have never read his book and don’t intend to, but we have the right in the U.S. to make that decision for ourselves. Just like we do with anything written by Mark Twain or any other author.

    • ~L.K. says:

      We had a teacher who wanted to change words in Huck Finn in my high school due to the language (aka–words that were appropriate at that time). However the rest of the student, teacher, and administrative board thought she was insane.

  11. john NY says:

    This picture reminds me of that one with the little girl touching dad, it was one of the first pics in this site and it caused a lot of angry comments too. It was removed.

  12. carol says:

    I do have to say, that little girl holding the doll is just so dang adorable!

  13. john NY says:

    Great picture, LOL.

    Do not take it down!

  14. Moss Morris says:

    Wow, really people are taking this seriously? I bet that there are very few people that have any real ties to what happened in Nazi Germany. I know people who were in the camps for their beliefs, and I don’t find thins at all offensive. In fact this is by in my opinion one of the funniest pictures I’ve seen!

    Basically I’m saying, “Why so serious?” If people have nothing better to do than to whine and complain over a picture that is in no way offensive, then they really need to re-evaluate their priorities in life!

  15. Lissalou says:

    I think this picture is cute, and should not be taken down.
    I seriously think the the word “offensive” is over used by pussies who need a reason to cry.

  16. Ginger says:

    “Sleep tight.” Oh, gosh I think I’m gonna pee my liederhosen.

  17. nicswife says:

    so no one has noticed that she’s only holding the dust jacket of the book? she’s not actually carting the book around. Mein Kampf is much thicker than her hands are showing it as. so the dust jacket is probably a tent or a blanket for her dolly. lots of people own that book with no sinister motives.

  18. Casey says:

    Got a good laugh out of this one, caption is perfect! 10 out of 10 on the cringe scale

  19. Justine says:

    To Katy.Mae.Murphy who replied to me: “Figure it out. Try.” when I commented that the photo was funny and the girls are adorable. Gee, thanks! I get it now, she’s holding a copy of Mein Kampf, therefore the parents are white supremacists who are training their children to be evil! Well Goll-lly, that’s not funny a-tall!
    Believe it or not, people interested in history–who are not the least bit evil–have read Mein Kampf. I have read Mein Kampf and am what you’d probably call a bleeding heart liberal. You need to get over yourself.

  20. Kahn Souphanousinphone says:

    A young Ann Coulter in happier days.

  21. Jessica says:

    Have to say, I cracked up when I saw this photo.

  22. whitneyvice says:

    Hahahaha KIDS!

  23. Jess says:

    So if this is we have to take the pictures of Hitler and the holocaust out of school textbooks? do we need to stop getting people who survived the holocaust,with memorable,strength,God filled stories to shhhh nonono dont publish their stories because some people might get offended.

  24. The Harbinger says:

    Welcome to the 21st century where our feelings are so easily bruised that a simple picture can send us into written convulsions.

    If I said I’m offended of some of these moronic comments, should I be allowed to dictate which ones are removed? (A rhetorical comment as the only people who should decide what pictures are posted and which comments are permitted are the owners of the site. Everyone else has the choice to visit the site or not. They make their decisions and then you make yours.)

  25. Mary says:

    This photo is hilarious! I love that the little girl is grinning and has no idea what she’s holding. I wasn’t the least bit offended. History happens and I’ve read books by people I despise just because I want to know what the heck they were thinking. Anyone who can’t see the humor and absurdity in this photo just missed a great laugh. Why are people so afraid of history and facts? No wonder Americans are so uneducated 🙁

    • EdieKay says:

      I agree! And I AM American – educated in Europe, though. Ignorance is what really scares me.

      • Nailuj says:

        But Germany is the country that banned this book being shown and its legal in US. How does that make us uneducated and Europe somehow superior?

        I am an American and disagree completely with this comment.

        • EdieKay says:

          Perhaps I should have been more clear. I was educated in Europe in the classical manner – reading works respected for centuries and was taught to look at them critically, developing careful reasoning skills. However, my schooling took place on an American facility, where we were not subject to German censorship law, and so we were encouraged to read a wide variety of items.

          And we did.

        • ~L.K. says:

          I agree with EdieKay and am American. For studying Hitler’s life as a child to his twenties, I’ve been called a lot of nasty things. I find that part of his life fascinating, but I don’t support his racism. However, Germany needed to ban Mein Kampf, as well as other things, like wearing their arm bands or their anthem. First of all, the people were sympathetic to him (and at the time, no Germany was not the only racist country–everyone was, it’s just that the concentration camps were industrialized death, and that IS horrifying). A part of the population still would be if they didn’t ban these things–despite it being 55 years since Stalin’s death, some Russians still adore him, yet he murdered tens of millions of his people. Also, it’s damn right EMBARRASSING. Frankly, it helps save face if Germany repelled the Third Reich and Hitler with as much force.

          In time, they will probably allow this back into their country, but in the mean time, it’s still dangerous for them.

  26. Spookspook says:

    This is gold

  27. csolo says:

    Ok the girl on the left looks identical to my roommate. She’s going to go through her awkward family photos & see if her mom has been hiding something from her.

  28. amy says:

    This site is about irony. This is an ironic pic – look at the face on this girl.

    I can see how people would be triggered by this though – I’m sorry for your hurts.

  29. HeatherW says:

    The fact that it has sparked somewhat of a controversy is, I think, proof that it is indeed awkward. Personally, I think it’s hysterical. And, for what it’s worth, my family is Jewish. It’s a photo -get over it. The end.

    *PS – I’m not going to come back & read anyone’s comment to this so save yourself the trouble.

  30. HeatherW says:

    It’s a photo. People should get over it. The end.

  31. bmj2k says:


    “***Any comments that are offensive to the point of being viciously personal, racist, homophobic, exceedingly profane, violent or too graphic in nature won’t be posted. We want to keep this site a friendly place to be awkward. Thanks!*** afp”

    Shouldn’t this go for their photos as well?

  32. bmj2k says:

    Would it be just as cute if she was carrying a concentration camp photo? If she her little doll had a yellow star or a pink triangle? Yes, we must not hide from history, and yes, good and bad must be known equally. but to drop the atrocities of Adolph Hitler to the level of “cute” is a slap in the face of decency.

  33. juno says:

    Like darkshine already said: it is important for children to know about the past, both good an bad. BUT isn’t history lesson the right place for it?

    I am from Germany and, as many of you already know, “Mein Kampf” is banned over here. When I visited the US for a year during my high school time, I was shocked that this book can be bought legally at almost every book store…

    It is banned in Germany because it glorifies racist ideologies. And you cannot assume that this book is to be found only on book shelves of critical readers.
    I think it does not have anything to do with censorship but with protection.

    As an aspiring history teacher I’d like to say that is is much more important to learn about the Third Reich by discussing about what went wrong rather than by looking into one man’s insane mind…

    This is why I find this photo inappropriate.

    • Germany has, for obvious reasons, made the choice that stopping another Hitler at all costs is more important than their basic human right to free speech. That’s their choice to make as a society, and that’s fine. The United States, on the other hand, has made the choice that freedom of speech is paramount, and is of no use if we do not apply it equally to all speech, especially speech we find offensive. Again, that’s our choice as a society.

      The number of people here that call for this photo to be pulled is shocking to me. What good is freedom of speech if we demand censorship of speech we personally find offensive? The freedom of speech is the first amendment to our Constitution for a reason.

    • The Harbinger says:

      In America, we tend to value freedom of expression and freedom of thought. You’re welcome to your opinions and I’m welcome to mine. Historically, we tended to allow people to believe and approve/disapprove of what they wanted as long as they didn’t do actual harm to others. Thanks to political correctness that is changing, I’m sad to say–we’re getting far too close to the attitude “if you hurt my feelings you are a criminal”.

    • Bianca says:

      As someone who values history and truth it is not better to talk about it vs having the ability to see for yourself, ie read the book, what someone was thinking. It doesn’t give the same context, it white washes and makes distant what the context was and is.

      Banning a book because it promotes something the govt doesn’t like, doesn’t stop it from being read(especially since you likely can find it for free on the internet), it will just make it forbidden fruit. Not to mention it makes me squeamish some politician can decide for me what is or isn’t ok to read.

      While Hitler is modern history and did some deplorable things, he wasn’t he worse arse that history has produced and he won’t be the last. As a person with German heritage, can we stop the hand wringing already? Germany has just as much to be proud of.

    • Christine says:

      Per German copyright law, it enters the public domain on December 31, 2015.

    • Meemur says:

      I am from South America, lived in the US for 13 years and I am now in Germany. There is NOTHING wrong with the picture.
      1. How many books do you own that you actually read from beginning to end?
      2. I owned a Satanic Bible – does that make me evil? No. I used it for a College project, doing the exact opposite: trying to understand their view, what appeals to people who follows it, and at what point did the book go “wrong.”
      3. I know people whose family was affected by Hitler’s doing, and people who are so old and stuck in their own old ways who just can’t see why it was so bad. Just like there is racism, sexism, etc.
      I actually love to read books about these “insane masterminds” because I learn from it. These are people who actually have some good ideas, then manipulate other around them and turn everything around, hurting everyone. We need to read, learn and UNDERSTAND how come someone like Hitler even got to where he did. Understanding someone’s sick mind will prevent you from making BAD choices, and reading people better. I for one can say I would be careful when voting, when picking a leader – I wouldn’t want to be responsible for putting a creep into power.

  34. Steve says:

    Whatever you do, don’t take down the picture! (Unless it’s along the lines of “The Wonder Years”… while that one was a classic, it deserved to go!)

    • skydala says:

      Which one was “The Wonder Years”? I remember a while back that one I had seen was taken down, but I don’t remember what it was a picture of…

  35. MCR says:

    The image is shocking and disconcerting, IMHO, and obviously is causing controversy. I think the folks running the site put a lot of thought into the images, titles and captions they run and I’m sure they were aware that this one would cause a wide range of reactions. But the bottom line is that this is a humor site. Is the photo funny? Is it going to turn people away? Is that what the proprieters intended? Some things to think about.

  36. Meredith says:

    As others have said, there are dozens of totally legitimate reasons why this book would be in the house that have nothing to do with racism or someone’s political persuasion. As a scholar of German history, I’ve read parts of “Mein Kampf,” although I do not own a copy. That said, it would have been very beneficial to have some context for this photo. I can see why some are offended.

    To respond to a comment above, this book was not “a big part of why Hitler got elected.” Maybe read up a bit on the 1932 German election and Hitler’s subsequent rise to power before saying so.

  37. darkshines says:

    Wow, geez. I own Mein Kampf and I am an extremly liberal, pansexual female from a mixed race family. I don’t agree with Hitler’s terrible ideas, and I hate the fact he killed millions of people, some my relatives, with his plans to conquer the world. But I swear, my children WILL know who Hitler was, they WILL know the face of evil, and they WILL know the facts about the war and how it changed my family, our history and the world as a whole.

    It is important children know about the past, both good and bad.

  38. David says:

    The fact that this photo IS posted serves good by reminding us that this part of history should never be allowed to be repeated. Should we never view footage of the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11? Sometimes it helps to be reminded of what is evil to prevent future evil.
    IMHO I think it should be allowed to stay on the site.

  39. Rupe says:

    Her parents must be so proud, she’s reading at a third reich level.

  40. Perelandra says:

    I don’t think you should take it down.

    Many people have “Mein Kampf,” as many people in this thread have already said, because they want to find out what went wrong in Germany so that it never happens again, anywhere, to anyone. It may be banned in Germany, but it is not banned in the U.S.

    This photo is funny because the children have no idea what it is or what it means, and it is also sad, because they… have no idea what it is or what it means. It’s an ironic photo; adorable children innocently playing with a symbol of evil.

    (This device was also used, and very effectively, in “The Giver” when author Lois Lowry described children playing gun games without ever having seen a gun, or knowing what a gun was.)

    I also believe it wasn’t posed. I think an adult saw the girls playing with the book, ran to get a camera because she thought it was funny (and sad) and took the photo. Because it’s ironic.

  41. Shocked says:

    Oh my gosh! I am in shock at the number of people who are saying this photo should be taken down! When I clicked to read the comments I honestly didn’t expect to see those kinds of things being said. That kind of ignorance is dangerous. Just because someone owns a book, it doesn’t mean that they are supporters of its purpose. I never thought I would actually have to explain that to anyone. How on earth are we (humans) supposed to learn from history, if history is ignored!

    • Nate says:

      Agree, I own the book and I am not a racist. We have to learn from history….

    • ~L.K. says:

      I’ve known a lot of people obsessed with various ‘failed’ leaders, such as Stalin or Hitler. I was personally obsessed over Vlad Tepesh. It’s not like I think we should impale people or start up national kolkhozy.

  42. Craiggles says:

    I bet this is fake.

  43. Sassy says:

    I think the responses here have proved the photo to be awkward and site worthy.

    History is something you learn from, not run away from.

  44. Serenity says:

    I usually don’t get easily offended, but making jokes about a book that led to the murder of millions of people…..well, it is not funny. Owning a copy of Mein Kamof doesn’t mean that you are a Nazi. There are legitimate reasons reading such a book. Unless this child is being raised to be some sort of KKK member, she clearly doesn’t understand what she has in her hands. Perhaps this is not the best place for this photo.

  45. marci says:

    I read daily and have even had a family photo published here but never leave comments. But I’m gonna chime in. I agree that there are a million valid reasons for having this book around. And honestly, I lean towards thinking that this family falls into one of those classes because frankly I think there are probably very few true white supremacists that would read this…it’s a BIG book.

    But the fact is that the ONLY awkward thing about this photo is the title (and content it implies) of the book. So no matter WHAT the reason is the book was ACTUALLY in the home, at this point it is being used as the butt of a joke. The only way there is any thing “humorous” here is if we are sort of ‘pretending’ that she was reading the book with racist intent. If it was a less offensive book it would just be a cute picture but not at all awkward.

    So…in my opinion…fine for the home where the background is known by all who see it. Here…offensive and inappropriate. I’m giving the site owners the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t realize the impact this photo would have. But now that they have seen the offense it has been to many of their readers I hope they will do the right thing and remove it with apologies to those they’ve offended.

    • Cyberg00se says:

      I agree with @marci. It’s all about context. Without the context, it’s offensive and it can’t really be argued otherwise.

      Now if some context is posted with the pic, that’s another story, but as it is. Poor taste for this site to post it. It’s not too smart to say “Bah! Don’t look at it!” Because you sort of can’t avoid it if visiting the site, at least until it’s off the front page. I think anyone past the age of 3 knows this.

      If no context is given, and the photo isn’t removed, then we know what this site is all about, and what’s the point of remembering such a site’s URL?

    • Ami says:

      I fully agree. I don’t think it is funny one bit. Everyone who is old enough to know of the author knows the evils behind the man and literature by him is not amusing nor truly educational on any level. Racism is not awkward or funny AT ALL.

  46. Candy says:

    I think it is an amusing picture. It just goes to show you that kids will pick up ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down. Why it was documented in a photo will forever be a mystery.

    We can all agree that Hitler was a bad man. Probably 90% of us can agree that this is one of the most BORING books ever written. I have read many comments on here about how this picture “offends” so many people. You have a choice. Either look at the web site or don’t.

  47. tony14 says:

    I think the picture was taken because the parents had the book around for whatever reason, the daughter picked it up and carried it around the house, the parents thought it was ironic that their beautiful innocent child was carrying around such an ugly hateful thing and took a picture of it.
    I’m guessing after the picture was taken they took the book away and put it on a shelf somewhere. I doubt that the parents sat the child down on their lap and read it to her.
    It is hateful and a bad book but I don’t see any ill intent either by the people that took the picture or the people who posted it on the site.

  48. Chaotic says:

    My daughter, as a toddler, carried around my copy of “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” (which was a banned book in it’s day) and “Cane River” (among other books)….was she being taught to have an affair on her future husband or to be a slave owner? No, she was building a house for her Barbies and her brothers’ Hot Wheels cars.
    If you don’t know the backstory, judging and ssuming the family is racist is just as bad as if they really are.

    • tsuyoikuma says:

      Did your daughter also carry around a copy of Mein Kampf, because of course you, like so many people, had a copy laying around the house?

      • Bettie says:

        I’m not the OP, but I DO have a copy of Mein Kampf laying around. I also have copies of the Communist Mainfesto lyring around. Does that make me a Nazi or a Communist? No. It makes me a ex-political science major.

  49. marlene says:

    I’m a little sad today as I came to this site looking for a laugh (which never fails), and the reason I’m sad is how some people have over-reacted. I thought this pic was hilarious!!!

    How can you ask to take down this picture??! It’s not as bad as people are saying… and here’s a thought: you don’t like it? stop looking at it! Get over it! Move on…

    I thought this site was for harmless tongue in cheek fun… it seems some of you didn’t get the memo this time… my opinion.

    • ~L.K. says:


      Besides, its horrendous to think a book like this to be banned. Failures of the past should remain in memory so others do not repeat it. (Although why Hitler attacked Russia is a mystery to me. Obviously Napoleon failed, and what did Hitler do? The same thing. Not that his generals told him it was a crappy idea…)

  50. Tim says:

    Yes, who needs Dick and Jane when you’ve got Adolph and Eva?

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