The Great Outdoors

January 23rd, 2010

The Great Outdoors - Vacation

“Came across this in a box of family photos tonight… As I’m told, my mom was camping in Naples back in the early 80s and snapped this shot of another family on the campgrounds. Note the man in the green shorts who was clearly the first one to pitch a tent. ”

(submitted by Katie)

298 Responses to “The Great Outdoors”

  1. Kelly says:

    My eye! My eye!

  2. El & Mo says:

    I think the naked family with the leaves are easier to look at. At least dad isn’t standing next to a child!

  3. El & Mo says:

    I think the naked family with the leaves are easier to look at. At least dad isn’t standing next to a child.

  4. Allison says:

    Finally! Something that’s actually hilarious! This one is definitely AWKWARD!! Thank you!

  5. stephanie says:

    wow…i’ve never seen so many comments on a post. this is the funniest I’ve seen , though. I do agree that the person taking the picture must have been a hottie for both men to have, um, well, you know

  6. Skipping Lunch says:

    Maybe those 3 girls were the end result of previous camping trips, and this time the biorhythm chart said it’s the right time for a boy??

  7. Rebecca says:

    The VW offered such Good Vibrations on the way to the campsite, but who can turn down a ceremonious “We made it here!” family snapshot?

  8. Joanne says:

    Hey Jerry, just make sure you keep the mouse in the house!

  9. Jesse says:

    Just wait until Jerry’s coworkers/poker buddies/etc etc get a hold of that picture.

  10. For the love of God, I leaned closer to the monitor because thought it was something inside the van, and *it* almost poked my eye out!!

  11. tracy says:

    that is such a grandma thing to do – i’m out in the middle of nowhere, 10 miles away from the nearest person, but dang it i’m holding onto my purse now and always – you never know what hooligans are just waiting to take it from me!

    and can we even talk about how cute those three little girls are?

  12. Erin says:

    Like Grandpa, Like Son…look out grandson, your next!

  13. Kathy says:

    I don’t which is worse. The fact that he is standing next to a child with the “popped tent” or that Grandma is checking him out!

  14. Mav says:

    Mom seems to be hangin’ kind of free and loose herself!

  15. Nan says:

    Is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just glad to be camping?

  16. meesh says:

    nasty!!!! both of the men have wood!!!! FREAKIN GROSS!!!!

  17. Scared says:

    I find the fact that both of them are standing next to little girls more than a little disturbing….

  18. Bazza says:

    Looks like the little girl in the pink hat has a guilty grin on her face because she snuck viagras into her dad and grandpa’s breakfast.

  19. Bruce says:

    You know, if this picture stays here for more than four hours, he may need to go to the doctor. Yes, a Viagra reference.

  20. Jen says:

    I am more bothered over the fact that Grandma seems to have noticed.

  21. Roberta says:

    Goin’ “commando” with the kids and grandkids: the ultimate in tasteless. That’s just wrong!

    • Roberta says:

      And didja notice that young wifey has her own version of “commando” goin’ on? What, are these people allergic to underwear?

  22. Hans says:

    I’m driving a car like that, and actually I love it, too!

  23. Britt says:

    Even weirder, he just wandered into the picture from the campsite next door.

  24. Ry says:

    Look at grandma checkin it out! LMFAO!

  25. Lisa says:

    Jerry *really* likes camping I guess.

  26. Lynda Kaye says:

    I wonder who’s taking the picture? She must be H-O-T!

  27. Charmy says:

    Crossing your legs doesn’t hide the fact that you are seriously smuggling things…wow.

  28. Lea says:

    Anyone notice that BOTH guys seem to have the same problem?

  29. juantag says:

    That’s the best caption I’ve seen in a long. long time…

  30. Becky says:

    I am guessing gramma knows the warning signs… LOL!!!

  31. lindsey says:

    …and grandma’s checkin out the tent!!

  32. Dee says:

    What about the guy on the left in the shorts? Looks like he has something ready to pop out also!

  33. Deeg says:

    Maybe the lady taking the picture was hot? Both Jerry and Grandpa seem to agree!

  34. Charlene says:

    That’s…yeah, that one lives up to the blog name and more.

  35. Shushu says:

    The photographer must be a beautiful naked woman.

  36. Cait says:

    Guess some men just loooooove camping

  37. Jess says:

    Better up than down in those shorts..

  38. Tessa says:

    Something has caught grandma’s eye.

  39. Ladypimpslap says:

    It seems both those dudes are pitching.

  40. JMLHPG says:

    Wow. Thanks for that. I like to refer to those short sports shorts as “Magic Johnson shorts” because your Johnson looks Magic in them!

  41. Bill says:

    I guess he’s proud of it.

  42. Jeremy says:

    And what exactly is in Grandpa’s pocket? What a family.

  43. Dr Love says:

    Looks like Grandpa is smuggling a cucumber.

  44. PaulaSaintO says:

    Grandma looks like she’s getting an eye full!

  45. DD in DC says:

    OMG, I can’t tell if Grandma is intrigued or disguisted!

  46. Katie says:

    They kind of look like the crew from Little Miss Sunshine

  47. Bethany says:

    I think grandma noticed..

  48. Happymom says:

    …and Grandma is impressed!

  49. Hudson says:

    Ew. That’s just wrong.

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