January 27th, 2010

B-day - Birthdays

Who wants a slice of beans?

(submitted by Karis)

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  1. ish says:

    I have those plates!

  2. Haley says:

    The little girl’s face in he background is funny. espicially her eyes

  3. MD says:

    Maybe it’s just a bowl of icing. He didn’t like cake but liked the icing? The caption as-is is much funnier, though

  4. platypusmh says:

    Look at that little girl!!!! She looks like she’s going to go on rampage any second! Haha! This is a funny (And midly depressing because they made him beans and not cake) picture.
    Thanks for the laughs!

  5. netkook says:

    “Who wants to see a blue flame????”

  6. Stupid says:

    Uhh, guys? That’s pasta. And the kid is in a wheelchair… How is this funny?

  7. cheryl says:

    I bet this was the last time mom gave him a choice of what he wanted!

  8. cece says:

    I’m dying! That kid is the best! And his sister can’t wait for him to eat the poison! “happy birthday brother, now I will get all the attention! Eat up…….yes, eat up.”

  9. Alyssa says:

    I don’t know why but this picture mixed with the caption just made bust out laughing…maybe it’s the smug look on the kid’s face. (wipes tears away – lol)

  10. Joi says:

    I want a feast! I want a Bean Feast!

  11. Josh Reiter says:

    Scotty likes beans…Don’tcha Scotty?

  12. Emma says:

    He looks awfully content with his bowl o’ beans… little sister looks slightly demonic, tho!

  13. ckirk says:

    Why re fried beans?! I must know!

  14. Antikythera says:

    I had pudding for my birthday one year. Didn’t want a cake. Maybe it’s pudding.

  15. binkymae says:

    Bud plans ahead for his birthday sleep over. The farting contest will be an easy win.

  16. Manatee says:

    I still see those plates in thrift shops. They may be indestructible. Also, I never liked cake, even as a small child – I would have been SO much happier with refried beans!

  17. Wes says:

    boy: “Oh Yeah! I’m gettin’ beans for my birthday!”
    girl: “Wow! look at that big bowl of beans! I hope I get some for my birthday!”

  18. TJ says:

    Is that a bowl of refried beans? That kid is gonna be wearing a colostomy bag by the time he’s 10.

  19. Mary says:

    Everyone should get what they want to eat on their birthday. I remember getting fig newtons one year when I was five because I asked for them and that is what dad got me instead of a cake.

    • ReginaPhalange says:

      “…one year when I was five”

      How many years were you five?

      Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

      • CurtCarroll says:

        every one was five during two years, you are any given age for a time in two calendar years unless your birthday is the first or the last day of the year. Think about it!

        • amanda says:

          did you really just explain that? honestly…
          you explain why roadrunner cartoons make no sense don’t you?

  20. Kevmansmom says:

    Yea, I’m eight. What of it?

  21. JustBrowsing says:

    When will the madness and punishment stop? It’s not his fault he’s left handed!

  22. blueMagoo says:

    I think I had a head of lettuce cake one year as my either Mom forgot to buy it or we really couldn’t afford it at the time as I was the oldest of seven, living on one salary, and Mom’s didn’t generally go to work back in that day.

  23. tiffaroo2606 says:

    Goodness. I hope that kid doesn’t have top bunk 😉

  24. Amanda says:

    the little girl’s face is hilarious!

  25. Lee says:

    He left the fart, not me

  26. SOOZN says:

    They forgot to bake the cake

  27. HK says:

    The Chicago shirt says it all…

  28. Suzanne says:

    My grandparents had those plates! Thanks for the memory!

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