January 27th, 2010

B-day - Birthdays

Who wants a slice of beans?

(submitted by Karis)

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  1. Becky says:

    It’s obvious that the little girl, jealous of her brother’s birthday attention, is trying to upstage him by suggesting he pull her finger, thus making the situation far more awkward. And smelly.

  2. Ronnnn says:

    That’s a frito pie idiots… and It’s amazing. Good choice kid

  3. Addy says:

    Will someone please find this guy in the present day so I can marry him? I don’t know about that sister-in-law though.

  4. Coll says:

    My ex-husband always got potato salad for a birthday instead of a cake. I carried the tradition on while we were together, although I’m sure my versions were way better than his mom’s (’cause the gays, we can COOK).

    Still, I have to say that a bowl of refried beans is a little sad. Although on the other hand, a kid should get to eat what he wants on his big day! And nothing’s worse than cake when you don’t have a sweet tooth.

  5. Kathe593 says:

    I say….. Yummm! Hate sweets. Always have. My last birthday was a wheel of brie with candles. My next birthday will be a vat of refried beans!

  6. pl says:

    Reminds me of when I was …around 10?
    I was the only one in my family who liked (canned) ravioli, so for a couple of years I usually got a can (amongst more “regular” birthday gifts).
    …but I got cake _too_ (and I usually ate the ravioli on another day).

  7. Kazz says:

    Mexican food for a birthday? That’s an epic win in my book-I’d just ask for a margarita to go with it. Obviously, this lad’s a little young for that…

  8. Señor Loco says:

    That little girl on the left is the star of “Damienne: Omen VI.”

  9. RBX says:

    Btw, I think you can still get those watches. I know a 30-something-year-old woman who wears one (but unlike me she can get away with it).

  10. RBX says:

    OMG my parents have those plates (still)!

    This looks like it could be one of my birthdays (not that I’m a boy, but you get my point). My birthday is smack in the middle of my sister’s and my mother’s, plus Mother’s Day was always in there. Since so many things fall during that time, too, my birthday often was forgotten, plus I wasn’t the type of kid who did the birthday countdown thing. My 12th birthday was forgotten (it was Mother’s Day and my oldest brother’s college graduation day), and so at lunch I happened to mention it, and my parents scrambled to try to get the restaurant to do a piece of cake with a candle, but they didn’t have any desserts like that (weird, I know). But had we had a candle, I’m sure it would have gotten put on my meal.

    18th birthday was also forgotten, but by then I was used to it!

    This one’s not so much awkward as funny w/the sister’s funny expression and the boy’s cool pose with the Casio calculator watch. They’re cute kids, too.

  11. MM says:

    I was (and still am) one of those cake-hating kids; I’d guess he didn’t want cake, so his parents said, “What do you want for your birthday dinner?” and he said “TACOS!”

    I hope that somewhere, he’s still rocking that watch.

  12. LB says:

    Lima, lentil, soy and pinto. Navy, northern AND GARBANZO! Kidney and frijioles negroes, I LOVE BEANS! I love beans, WOO WOO WOO! I love beans, how ’bout you? High in fiber, low in fat, ahhhh YA GOTTA LOVE THAT! When I eat beans, I sit in my own little cloud. Nobody comes to visit me…. in my little cloud! I don’t know why, maybe cuz I’m CUTTIN MUFFINS.

  13. Candy says:

    Looks like he is sporting one super-cool Casio watch.

  14. ohmy says:

    beans beans the majical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot, the more you toot the better you feel. I eat beans at every meal.

  15. CATrina says:

    Cool calculator watch!

  16. Tim says:

    “Go ahead Sis…keep laughing” thought Timmy just as he unleashed a gaseous “birthday present” of his own…

  17. Crimson says:

    I effing love those plates. Do want!

  18. Hazel says:

    Beans, beans – the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot! The more you toot, the better you feel. So, have some beans at every meal! 🙂

  19. durhay says:

    I wish I was half as cool as that kid.

  20. AFPL says:

    ”…you guys won’t be laughing when I’m counting my abs and all you have to count are you rolls from eating birthday cake….yeah, eat it up.”

  21. wvufan says:

    Forget the beans, forget the sister…The fact that the kid looks so cool while rocking what appears to be a calculator watch is AWESOME.

  22. Gregorian says:

    I just thought it was a fun little gag photo. (And it looks more like Ravioli to me).

  23. Barbara says:

    OMG< I remember having those yellow dishes when I was a kid-and that was a long time ago,lol

  24. El & Mo says:

    I know the farting jokes are getting a little overdone but little sister better watch out– she may turn from vixen to victim! Ever have a big brother hold you down and fart on your head?

  25. Vin says:

    I love the look of delight/shock on the girl’s face.
    “Timmy got BEANS!”

  26. Jess says:

    He’s obviously having taco’s for his bday dinner.

  27. Fawn says:

    I use to have plates like that, well not me but when i was a kid i had plates like that in the house. and i guess you’d cut the beans with umm…yeah, a spoon

  28. kate says:

    Can anyone else see the girl in this picture or is it a demon from my imagination?

  29. Don says:

    From that smile on his face, the accusatory pointing of his sister, and the moving curtain behind him, it appears the beans are just what the birthday boy ordered…if you get my drift…and I think you do.

  30. Minnie says:

    Yep, just me and my Ortega. Life is good.

  31. bmj2k says:

    That kid is so cool he makes a bowl of birthday beans look hip.

  32. tmeals says:

    Dont light that candle!

  33. Rachel says:

    Apparently his sister does…

  34. For much of my sister’s childhood, whenever she was asked what she wanted to eat for her birthday, she would answer “corn flakes.”

    But I’m sure she would have settled for a slice of beans.

  35. Virginia says:

    Why, oh, why does he have beans for a birthday cake? Is he allergic or not like cakes? So curious.

  36. ME1 says:

    “Let them eat beans!” it just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

  37. carol says:

    Mmmmm. Maybe he was such a brat mom didn’t want to make him a cake?

  38. Caryn says:

    Not that awkward…… just one of those rare kids that doesn’t like cake.

  39. Brady says:

    Little girl says, sucks for you mug.

  40. weirdo103 says:

    I think cake would have been better.

  41. Kristen says:

    Isn’t he a bit young for Atkins?

  42. cinnamon says:

    he better blow out that candle….with his mouth!

  43. Jim says:

    Mexican food for a birthday party? I APPROVE!

  44. Wow, the first 7 years must’ve been pretty rough to deserve that.

  45. Frijoles! says:

    Beans, beans, good for the heart…beans, beans, they make you….

  46. charmy_canuck says:

    No one wanted to stand down wind at johnny’s party…

    • charmy_canuck says:

      in other news the fire department was phone after Johnny took the dare from his sister Jenny by blowing out the candle by breaking wind over it…no animals were harmed, however there was a singed bumm and extensive damage to the dinner table was involved.

  47. Kev says:

    Bean there, done that?

  48. Marisa says:

    that is so sad!

  49. Holly says:


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