Sisterly Love

February 1st, 2010

Sisterly Love - Behind The Awkwardness

“Red-Headed Crying Girl: Just got kicked in the head by accident.
Father: Mad that his daughter is overreacting about getting hit in the head.
Mom: Fake smiling for the camera and trying to pretend everything is fine.
Brown Hair Girl (me) – Smiling at my sister because I know that this is going to make a great picture.”

(submitted by Kaitlin)

114 Responses to “Sisterly Love”

  1. Kerri says:

    Yey Kaitlin, that was great! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    This photo is like American Gothic meets Norman Rockwell. Pure poetry.

  3. Steph says:

    And the family still took the picture? Why?

  4. DonnaLee says:

    I love this photo! The comments are a great read – so much better than whats on TV!

  5. Jeff says:

    I love the look on Kaitlin’s face! Either that or terrified by it. hehe

  6. John says:

    Dad looks creepy lol

  7. jitterbug says:

    After reading the story I think it’s cute…but sorry you got your head hurt little redhead girl. I have a little redhead girl myself and her brother would be looking at her the way your sister is looking at you. 😉

  8. Tiffany says:

    I read an article a few months ago saying a study showed that red heads are more sensitive to pain then anyone else. Maybe she isn’t overreacting after all.

  9. Amanda says:

    I just love this picture, it kills me. Every expression is priceless. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Pookie says:

    Steve, Kaitlin & Ashley – you should send this out as next yrs Xmas photo.

  11. Steve says:

    Hi! I’m the father in this picture. Everything is portrayed basically correct, but be careful with Kaitlin. See the glint in her eye. She is older now and a freshman in college but she sometimes fails to show empathy for her dear sister Ashley.

  12. LV says:

    The mother looks just like a girl I went to school with named Gaye. Could it be?

  13. Chazlette says:

    My sister slammed my head in the car door when we were about 9 and 11 years old. My mother showed the same emotions this family had, only all at once.

  14. Orionova says:

    Boot to the head! (Na Na!)
    Boot to the head! (Na Na!)
    Boot to the head! (Na Na!)
    Boot! To! The! Head!

    I remember when stenciling was the big decorating craze. When we bought our house in 2000, I had to redo the kitchen because the previous owner had stenciled everything that wasn’t able to run away from her. It was ghastly.

  15. Fanboy Wife says:

    The story makes this photo even better.

  16. LuLu says:

    great back story! thanks for filling us in.

  17. Sammy says:

    Kaitlin & Ashely – it’s awesome that you guys are here to explain this, it makes the picture that much more fun (especially because poor Ashley seems so upset – good to know it was just one of those things). What year was this picture taken?

  18. bubbrubbbb says:

    Dad looks like the kind of guy that really, desperately wanted at least one boy.

  19. JustMe says:

    Aside from the head kick and the wailing child, I think this is soooo cool. I always wanted my own play house. I had the play stuff to populate it, but had to use a corner of the garage behind the camper. It just wasn’t the same. At 7 I’d have gladly taken a kick to the head for my own little piece of paradise. And. sadly, I’m still that easy to please.

  20. I bequeath my vast, entire, boot-to-the-head.

  21. Uncuw Biww says:

    pictures like this remind me why I never had kids…

  22. Boppie says:

    I think Kaitlin’s smile is pure self-satisfaction – it belongs on a movie poster for one of those evil orphan or demonic child movies. No one was meant to see it, and the fact that it was captured on film has shifted some harmonic balance…. {do-do do-do, do-do do-do}

  23. Adam says:

    I love how pleased the brown hair girl looks. She thinking, ‘that’s right cry and make me look even better than i already do.’

  24. Darryl says:

    @Tom: Good guess, but you could’ve saved yourself (and us) some time just reading the comment immediately before yours from Kaitlin the submitter. Or from Ashley (red haired girl), higher up.


  25. Tom says:

    Just a guess – maybe they were using a timer to take the picture. Dad set up the camera and while he was hustling back to his spot, he kicked red in the head. Being on a timer, the picture was taken anyway. It could happen …

  26. Kaitlin says:

    Ha! This is my awkward family photo (I’m brown haired girl) , and what really happened was that my dad had set our family camera on self timer. So he set the camera & had to run and get behind my sister before the flash went off. Well, he didn’t mean to but he kicked my sister (totally accidentally)on the way to get to his position…

  27. mrs5180 says:

    As a photographer, this phot makes me cringe. LOL There is something about kids knowing that they are getting a photo taken that makes them over-react to everything to show their momentary “power” over their parents. The parents can’t get too mad because they need to keep the kids from getting too upset & the kids know it! LOL

  28. Juno says:

    All of us younger siblings can understand that pleased, evil little smile. It’s just so GOOD to see the older sibling suffer for a change.

  29. Peedrpants says:

    Honestly. People who get upset by these photos are, I guarantee you, childless. Sigh.

    • Boppie says:

      Seriously. There’s a reason kids’ are born with soft heads that only harden as they grow older. Our monkey ancestors fell out of trees all the time onto their heads, and we all turned out fine…

        • Boppie says:

          I’m just saying, evolutionarily speaking, we are all born with soft heads, to fit thru the birth canal, and then it takes years for the head to harden up permanently. I think it’s meant to let us survive life’s little accidents without major brain damage – survival of the fittest, etc.
          So Red cried, but didn’t suffer any lasting damage, from the inadvertent kung fu on the steps.
          And I was also making a joke about us being descended from monkeys which maybe you didn’t get, or didn’t think was funny. Either is possible, I suppose… 😀

    • Tiara says:

      I dont even have kids and these things dont upset me (I did work with kids for five years though). I was not a graceful child and ran into/fell from/stubbed/broke with my head/stuff all the time! It’s a part of getting your bearings in life. The more you freak out the more they do. Mom and Dad were probably employing the “pretend it didnt happen and they will too” reaction.

  30. Heidi says:

    Naw, see, it seems to me that if she really did get kicked in the head, it was probably dad who did it accidentally. Look at how scrunched they are there on the stairs. Dear old dad probably accidentally popped her on the head while trying to get his own leg in place.

  31. Dan Brennan says:

    The oldest are always the drama queens.

  32. Tiggergirl0325 says:

    I am SO glad my daughter isn’t the only redhead that overreacts. I can SO sympathize with the dad (and the mom pretending it’s not even happening) and Kaitlin’s smile could be a carbon copy of my son when his sister is pulling her drama routine (not that he doesn’t have his own moments of performance).

  33. Amy says:

    Dad says “take the damn picture so I can get the hell outta here.”

  34. Heather says:

    Notice how mom is gripping the dad’s arm – looks as if she’s holding him there and saying “just leave her alone and smile for the damn picture” through gritted teeth.

  35. darlean says:

    Dads can be jerks, sometimes. He could have easily said, “Let’s wait five minutes before taking the picture.”

    And moms can be wishy-washy and say nothing. I’d have told the control freak husband to stuff it.

  36. SassIfashion says:

    Such illuminating insight within the soul that her smile reveals. It stirs within me an empathatic bond for her and memories of past times when I enjoyed the delicious sweet savoring whenever my siblings were struck by the just hand of karma that brought balancing retribution upon their deserving heads. Even now, years passed, one cannot let go the emotional torment caused by being forced to sit next to someone that, only by accident, shared the same parents. It is almost as if the crybaby was not sitting still for the photo and needed her head yanked back into submission like a little two-year-old boy…

  37. Susan says:

    Brown-haired sister, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to really cry about!” Strange thing, right after crying red-haired girl, all I noticed was the lovely chain-link fence in the background. Nothing says nature than chain-link fence………..

  38. Jorie says:

    I have one question: Where are they and why are they posing on what looks like a rickety shack with strange patterns on one side?

    • Kaitlin says:

      It’s a tree house my dad built us when we were little! It had like a fake plastic kitchen & loft bed & everything that’s cool for a tree house when you’re 7

      • Denise says:

        Ooooh, my inner child is soooo jealous! You guys had a tree house? With a flippin’ plastic play kitchen AND loft bed??? I have no sympathy for Ashley’s crocodile tears now…and don’t give me some sob story either about being the youngest, Kaitlin. I was one of 2 middle siblings (even had to share middle child status, for Christ-sake!). I used to walk 12 miles uphill to go to school you know. Dangit, my eye’s twitching now…

        • Robin says:

          I agree, having a playhouse is a great thing, but that does not make it a good picture backdrop! And, when I first saw it, I thought, “Is that an outhouse?”

          • Skipping Lunch says:

            Hey Robin – so did I
            and then—-why in the world would anyone want a family photo in front of an outhouse???

  39. Nancy says:

    A lot of different emotions going on in this Brown hair girl cracks me up though. Her expression is like I am the good child.

    • Kaitlin says:

      I am definitely not the good child in the family…i just was really happy that I wasn’t the one to get kicked.

      • Anne says:

        OMG. You are soooo the good girl of the family. You look so goody two shoes and has that “butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth” look.

        Please don’t tell me that you were called Kitty !!!!

  40. John says:

    Hypothetically speaking, if it was little sister’s foot:
    Big Sister: Frustrated at not getting enough sympathy. She always gets in trouble when the brat goes crying to the nearest parent after something like an ‘accidental’ kick to the head. It’s just not fair.

    Dad: Peeved. If it isn’t one of them trying to even the score card, it’s the other.

    Mom: I love my children. I love my children. I…

    Another Kaitlin: I win this time. Two more wins in a row and I’ll finally be even.

    From a father of four girls who turned out surprisingly well, after all.

    • AGinNEIowa says:

      from a father of 6 (two girls), who grew up with 6 siblings

    • RBX says:

      John, you are seriously making me re-think this starting a family thing that my husband and I are considering… I grew up the youngest of four (and my husband is the youngest of three), so I don’t know why we don’t know better!

      God bless you for having four well-adjusted kids, especially four girls!

  41. Jenny says:

    Oh, anything’s possible when it comes to siblings…..

  42. Yves says:

    Aw! That’s kinda sad.

  43. Awkwerrrd says:

    Heheheh — It’s like me and my sister,.. but switched!

  44. Kath says:

    thinking maybe brown hair girl had something to do with ‘accidental’ kick in the head?! dad has seemingly no interest in photo ops or keepsakes whatsoever. mom’s the one who looks like she has finally checked out after dealing with brown & red hair girls & apathetic dad day after day after day after day…..

  45. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the explanation, Kaitlin. It made the photo so much funnier!

    I had an older brother who used to pick on me so I adore that smile on your face. So satisfying!

  46. Melly says:

    I think the composition of this photo is adding greatly to the awkwardness!

  47. Maura says:

    Steph.? You were an only child, correct? It’s easy to get kicked in the head my mistake when you live in a large family 😉

  48. Steph says:

    How do you “accidently” get kicked in the head?

    • Jessica says:

      Looks like maybe she was sitting between dad’s legs and the photographer asked him to put them both to the same side?

    • dono1 says:

      Maybe somebody aimed for the groin and missed.

    • Carrie says:

      My kids somehow kick each other in the head all the time. Or bump heads, or ram into something. They are like walking accidents. I can definitely see how dad’s movement of the legs would hit her. And being a red head, their emotions are always right there ready to come out. I know. I have two nieces that have the red headed attitude. 🙂

    • Ashley (red haired girl) says:

      So I’m the red haired girl in this photo! The reason I got accidentally hit in the head was because may dad had set the timer on the camera for a very short amount of time. In order to get into place before the camera went off, he had to set the camera and then run to the stairs and this get between me and my sister. Well, when he was trying to get between me and my sister his leg hit my head causing my head to hit the railing on the steps. It was totally accident.

      • dori says:

        High-fives to you and your sister! That is soooo funny! It’s great getting to hear the back story. Your mom has a very good fake smile.

      • hs says:

        AHAHAHAHA!! Doubly hit on the head

      • dono1 says:

        Your head is much higher than the railing. I think you were faking it just for the attention. Then again, your dad DID get a time out from the camera.

        • Ashley (red haired girl) says:

          I HATED getting my picture made. Plus it was early in the morning (for me, at least), so I definitely did not want to be outside crammed on the steps of our playhouse… which probably why I overreacted. This picture was supposed to be for our family Christmas card that year.. yeah.. it didn’t make it into the card..

          • wax lion says:

            Bravo, red-haired girl! 🙂 That’s got to be one of the most hilarious family photos I’ve ever seen…

        • Sharon says:

          What a mean thing to say. Grow up!

          • dono1 says:

            Ashley got the joke and wasn’t offended by my post, Sharon, so no need to be scolding me (unless, of course, you’re my mom, in which case let me say “I didn’t mean it, mom, I swear! Besides, she started it!”).

          • mary says:

            agreed, wondering what the ‘joke’ was….

  49. BJMallory says:

    Dad’s thinking, “I picked a helluva week to quit drinking.”

  50. brittany says:

    haha great!!! 🙂

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