February 9th, 2010

Eyeline - Siblings

These brothers see things from different perspectives.

(submitted by Samara)

86 Responses to “Eyeline”

  1. devtrev says:

    These guys are definately on the “no fly” list.

  2. Marlon says:

    No No My Left Guys, My Left.

  3. ANONYMOUS says:

    Well, obviously. They are looking at the same object. A fly directly in front of them. Think deep people! Deep!

  4. Rob says:

    looks like a before and after shot.

  5. Rachel says:

    They are obviously “two WILD and CRAZY guys!”

  6. Jeannie says:

    I particularly like the “dirty tape mark” at the top of the picture. Looks like someone thought this was good enough to put up and display!


  7. nerkls says:

    This looks like a state pen. picture.
    1 cheesy background….CHECK
    2 guy clad in all denim….CHECK
    3 denim hotty letting his “guns” show so no one messes with him
    4 beard guy looking at the hottie visiting inmate #5642 at the adjacent table.

    just my personal thoughts :o)

  8. Jenners says:

    backdrop/shower curtain = same thing

  9. Mabel says:

    Free love, people. Don’t mess.

  10. Mom to the fifth says:

    great example of why you should NEVER have fake scenes behind you, in any circumstance no matter what age you are. It so takes away from the people.

  11. Syd says:

    Man1: When we get our picture taken, we shouldn’t look at the camera or even in the same direction.
    Man2: Why?
    Man1: Because we’ll look waaaaaay cool.
    Man2: SWEET!

  12. kyla cerrelli says:

    sis if you myde this am happy

  13. Mindy Looo says:

    It looks like Lake Tahoe.

  14. Jane says:

    These captions really made my day 🙂

  15. glasstabletop says:

    LOL I love the caption.

  16. gregorian says:

    What could have been great was for the photographer to ask them to hold that exact pose as he drops in different backgrounds.

    “Brothers by the Lake”
    “Brothers in the Snow”
    “Brothers go to New York”
    “Brothers visit the the Death Star”

    It’d be a great series of snaps.

  17. Nikki says:

    They’re just keeping a look out. I think I see Nessy sneaking up behind them.

  18. Jules says:

    Two wild and craaazzeeee guys!

    • Modine says:

      That’s what I thought. Maybe they’re two wild and crazy guys cruising successfully in a photo booth in the mall somewhere. A vacation highlight.

  19. hahaha says:

    One’s a little bit country, the other is a little bit rock n’ roll.

  20. doreen says:

    It appears as if they inadvertently wandered into a diorama at the local museum and struck a pose.

  21. Clifford says:

    I’m convinced it’s Dweezil and Omit Zappa before Omit shaved his head.

  22. themissmeg says:

    Okay, don’t look right at the camera, look just off to the side…

  23. bmj2k says:

    Two guys got stuck on a tiny deserted island, one guy blamed the other, and they never spoke to each other again.

  24. shauna f says:

    They are trying to figure out which one will part the sea.

  25. F'Bank says:

    OMG…it’s like they couldn’t afford or make the trip to Lake Tahoe and used a “Tahoe” background. *sob* That lake doesn’t deserve this. I mean, at least they could have had some silly Paddlewheel Life Ring with “M.S. Dixie” written on it and pretended they took the Emerald Bay tour.

  26. EKW says:

    The shadows are my favorite part!

  27. jlouise says:

    I think they were both photoshopped into that picture. Not that it matters, they’re hotties if I ever saw hotties.

  28. Mike says:

    “The Lookaway” is a classic that I often demand of friends posing for my own comedic purposes. It is pulled off brilliantly here.

  29. Alan says:

    ”OK,guys,watch the birdie”
    ”Hey look…….,something bright & shiney”

  30. sockmonkey says:

    When “stoic” goes terribly, terribly wrong.

  31. Noneya says:

    Do these two even like each other? There doesn’t seem to be any connection. Plus, they’re dressed so differently that it doesn’t even look like they were expecting to have a pic taken together.

  32. Philip says:

    I think their shadows are big as the backdrop is just that. A picture on a wall. Probably softer lighting could have reduced that effect.

  33. Fleabitten says:

    This reminds me of photos taken in foreign countries….I am sure I have seen a picture like this taken of two brother somewhere in the middle east…..

  34. Pret24 says:

    It’s a ‘find what’s unusual’ game!! The guy in the blue is missing a leg and, as noted above, half his mustache. If it weren’t for the white rock by his knee he’d look like he was rising out of the water like some kinda Denim-Merman. The man in white (who conveniently matches the rocks) is missing a pinky finger and part of his ring finger too. And they are casting their shadows against what is an otherwise believable *eyeroll* background. Okay….your turn.

  35. Franklin says:

    The guy on the left couldn’t have tucked in his shirt?

  36. craig says:

    Double-blind photo shoot!!??

  37. Samantha says:

    Well…if they both faced the same direction, that would look silly.

  38. lavagirl says:

    The far away look…. niiiiiccccceeeee!

  39. Valentine says:

    I wonder about the “professional” photographer, who from the many backdrops available chose this one. Then after who knows how many poses he ran them through, put them in this one and thought,”Aha! Perfect! It’s THE best shot we could possibly have. Beautiful, now hold still”

  40. Leslie says:

    I keep having this image that one guy showed up and got all into place, posing for his one-person-only snapshot. And the other guy showed up and posed for HIS, but neither noticed that the other one was even there.

  41. bmj2k says:

    The problems of hiring a cross-eyed photographer.

  42. Tim says:

    Looks like they’ve BOTH got a little “Captain” in them!

  43. Em says:

    am loving the hands on the hips! a cool, I don´t care kind of look. just hanging by the lake on a breezy day – ever so cooly leaning against a rock after a hard days work. have to say though the guy on the right isn´t even trying to look outdoorsy. the other one did at least pop on a jeans shirt…

  44. j-dizzle says:

    it may just be a shadow from the horrific lighting, but it looks like “mr.denim” is missing half of his moustache…he appears to have the left side, but the right side is still en route to the photo shoot…

  45. Penny D. says:

    I feel so masculine right now.

  46. Eric G says:

    Wow that guy almost rolled the sleeves up into a wife beater. Stop at the elbows next time Charlie!!

  47. John says:

    a lil too old for a “kid” picture no?

  48. m says:

    Two cool dudes…hanging out…sporting knee shelves so cool that at least 3 photographers wanted their photo. Unfortunately Samara did not get either of their attention.

  49. Chris says:

    Those are some awfully big shadows they leave on the “water” behind them!

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