Rain Or Shine

February 16th, 2010

Rain Or Shine - Family Portrait

This family works as a team. Literally.

(submitted by Anne)

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  1. CreativeDiva says:

    Isn’t that bad luck?

  2. charlie says:

    anne I think I went to school with you. I’m charlie brown and went to central kitsap in 99 and 00.

  3. Joe says:


    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
    Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong?
    If you guessed this one is not like the others,
    Then you’re absolutely…right!

  4. MachW says:

    Missing from photo: Son Julien, after proclaiming, “I’d really like to take an art class this year”.

  5. K says:

    So there are blonds and redheads from two parents with black/dark hair?

    • Madeline says:

      Yep, it’s possible. People with dark hair either carry two genes (one from each parent) for dark hair, or one gene for dark hair and one gene for fair hair. Because dark hair is dominant, it negates the fair hair gene, and thus the person will have dark hair. If two people with dark hair who both carry the recessive fair hair gene have a child together, they may each pass on one of their fair-haired genes, resulting in a child that has two fair hair genes and thus has fair hair.

      I know plenty of people (including myself) who have fair hair and two dark-haired parents. They’re not all the product of fooling around outside the marriage. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. BSB says:

    HAHAAHAA I know this family… well, not very well but this family lives next door to my cousin!

  7. Joanne says:

    Now that it’s raining more than ever
    Know that we’ll still have each other
    You can stand under my umbrella

  8. connie says:

    They actually paid someone to take this photo?? How about actually taking the picture outside on a soccer field?? The family looks great, but the background is horrible!!

  9. Rebecca M says:

    The most awkward thing here is what’s implied, not what’s shown — these kids play on four different teams, and it looks like it’s four totally separate clubs. These parents; lives are a living hell of schedule conflicts and shuttling from games to practices to home to other games and other practices.

  10. Richard says:

    somehow this couple managed to crank out a blonde, a red-head, a brunette, and a dirty blonde. …quite a feat given they are both brunettes…..

  11. NorandaPete says:

    Meet the Socker’s!!!!!

  12. Nate says:

    Vickie says:
    February 17, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    They tackle in football. Our football here is a lot like rugby there. Your football is our soccer and we donโ€™t tackle. You get carded if you do. Itโ€™s just the way the game is played.

    I think besides the cultural differences between Sergei and the Americans, there is a difference of terms. Tackling in football is different than the tackling in American “football”. Slide tackling is just as important to the game of football as tackling is to American “football”.

  13. Gene says:

    Hey, I know these people! What are you guys doing on AFP??

    • Julie K says:

      Letting strangers trash talk our photo… while learning about the differences between American Soccer , American Football, and British/European/South American/ everywhere else on the planet Futball/football

      Sesame Street, Futball, Infant development & weather discussions is this site great or what?

  14. Kit says:

    With the boy on the far left, we have a matching jersey / umbrella set

  15. Taylor says:

    Weird! I totally live right where these people live, and played Chico kid’s soccer! Kitsap County all the way!

  16. Amy says:

    The Dad sure looks like Keith Hernandez (made an appearance on Seinfeld- remember?)
    I posted last night but it didn’t show up. ?

  17. Joey says:

    Pele’ meets Gene Kelly.

  18. Eric says:

    They should have known that opening the umbrella indoors was bad luck…

  19. I think this would have been a really sweet photo outdoors. Sort of one of those impromptu soccer practice day shots, and then the other kids gathered from their respective practices. Indoors its just a little odd with the umbrella and the olan mills-like background.

  20. lavagirl says:

    why the umbrella???

  21. Leslie says:

    Epic Stache dad…Epic.

  22. Julie says:

    I don’t know, I think it’s kinda cute. At least it appears that their kids play sports and they are involved parents…too many kids sit in front of the TV or computer all day while their parents work 100 hours/week to support their cable/satellite/cell phone/internet habits.

  23. dave says:

    its definitely got to be an advantage for your kid brother to be the Ref

  24. ladibug says:

    I guess my only question would be why is little sis down on the ground when the rest are standing?

  25. PromisedPlanet says:

    Hey Anne, you here! Your dad looks really familiar … I think I went to high school with him!

  26. Frank says:

    very nice picture, nothing awkward whatsoever.
    It seems awkwardness is hard to find these days!

  27. Sergei says:

    1. the game itself is called ‘Football’ not ‘Soccer’! ๐Ÿ˜€
    2. love the ill fitting kit on the kids… they run more risk of injury through tripping on the oversized shorts than they do of being injured in a tackle
    3. lol @ JB’s ‘mom’ (mum?) interpretation FAIL – even as a ‘Britisher’ I can see that Scott wasn’t being malicious.

    • TMPhil says:

      In the good ‘ol USofA (where the photo was taken), it’s SOCCER!!!
      And little kids don’t TACKLE. We’re a little more civilized about the game than those accross the pond! ;-P

      • Sergei says:

        ha ha haaaa!!

        i think its painfully obvious where the photo was taken. where the game was invented and is currently played properly it is Football!!

        why don’t the kids there tackle? what is wrong with them? is this some kind of health and safety thing that means they have to give the ball to their opponent if they smile at them? I have never heard of anything so ridiculous! In fact… in fact it is so funny that it goes a long way to explaining the photo!

        • Hugo Galletas says:

          Well in Mexico and South America we call it both ways, sometimes soccer, sometimes futbol…

          I fail to understand why childrens in USA donยดt tackle…

        • Vickie says:

          They tackle in football. Our football here is a lot like rugby there. Your football is our soccer and we don’t tackle. You get carded if you do. It’s just the way the game is played.

          • iLOLd says:

            Nearly gagged on a Dorito reading this.
            Just wanted to say that some Americans know that “tackle” in soccer (or futbol) means taking the ball from the opponent with your feet, not grabbing them and throwing them to the ground-that’s wrestling, which in the USA, we call, um Judo… No, wait…

          • Vickie says:

            I’m glad I could make you choke. :-/

          • iLOLd says:


  28. Perelandra says:

    Cute photo!

    The awkwardness may simply be the backdrop, which isn’t very sporty, or maybe just refers to the superstition that opening an umbrella indoors is unlucky.

    The family itself is darling.

    • Chris says:

      Agreed… its very cute. I think the kids will go through a phase of being embarrassed by this picture, but then in time come to recognise it as great. Nice one family!

  29. melba says:

    Sorry, not awkward. Perhaps the photographer could have gotten the family better centered in the frame, and the umbrella stem is a tad close to mom’s face. But those are mere trifles.

  30. MH says:

    Dad’s got a pretty sweet ‘stache.

  31. jitterbug says:

    I think this one is cute.

  32. ant says:

    jb’s mom: Sense of humor much? While Scott’s comment and observation wasn’t particularly enlightening, it was in no way rude, nor was it immature. It was just silly. Who’s the only one making immature and rude comments here….. oh, it’s you!

  33. TEC says:

    Every good soccer mom has an umbrella! In AZ you need it to keep the kids shaded!

  34. jb's mom says:

    Scott, besides being a master of the obvious, you are just plain rude. The pic may be funny, (but it isnt really all that awkward anyway).
    And for you to point out something that is, by the way, not at all awkward about the picture, is just plain immature.
    No one wants to “play your game” .

  35. bmj2k says:

    The family itself is very cute, but who’d pick such a dark and drab background for an outdoor-sport family???? That explains the umbrella- it matches the background, which is about to rain!

  36. Shawna says:

    The disturbing part is that someone came up with this idea in the first place and THEN everyone else agreed to it!

  37. Tim S says:

    If you’d ever played soccer in Kitsap County, Washington, you’d know what the umbrella is for!

  38. Scott says:

    5 of these things belong together. 5 of these things are one in the same. But one of these things does not belong here. Now it’s time to play our game. It’s time to play our game…

    • Pret24 says:

      You must be referring to the mom? She’s wearing gray while the rest of the family is wearing white, black, and/or red. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ranger says:

      Dad! He’s the only one with a mustache.

    • Boppie says:

      I think it’s the UMBRELLA – my superstition gene is screaming right now. The sight of that unfurled umbrella is like the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. And why is it even in this picture? It’s making me very cranky…

      • Ego Nemo says:

        Clearly the umbrella is intended to be a symbol for how the team works — and to show everybody what Dad has allowed Mom to contribute to his team.

      • scruffy says:

        I so agree with Boppie. It must be something which has meaning to them. By the way, Mom’s the person who holds the group together.

    • db says:

      She’s the soccor mom, if you been to a Saturday game, thats what soccer moms look like. Sitting on the sideline in their fold up chairs holding umbrellas just like that. Usually not paying attention to the game and gossiping to the other moms about what was on Oprah the day before. LOL

    • Mistydawne says:

      The Asian daughter? blond- blond- strawberrie blond- ASIAN!

  39. rj's mama says:

    red, white and black. the 3 colors that babies can recognize. you will soon see this picture in crib mobiles

    • MH says:

      Nice job knowing stuff about infant development! (This sounds facetious, but I promise it’s not. I just hardly ever come across anyone who know that newborns see black, white, and red best! Followed of course by other bright and contrasting colors!)

  40. Amy says:

    I don’t think this is awkward….just cheesy.

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