Saturday Night Fever

February 27th, 2010

Saturday Night Fever - Family Portrait

Disco will never die for this groovy bunch.

(submitted by Jason)

73 Responses to “Saturday Night Fever”

  1. Gogit says:

    Mom+Dad are wondering where can they get a transfer back to 1955!

  2. feldman says:

    is that uma thurman?

  3. pepsibookcat says:

    This picture is made of pure awesome!

  4. Nerdboy says:

    Could you bring me my chapstick?

  5. Cris says:

    I am the dude in the photo with the arms crossed. I was 15 or 16 at the time. My shoes were brown platforms with two inch heels. The last supper I won as a door prize. The carpet was green. Believe it or not we did not like disco. I am now a battalion chief in a small town fire department (Ocean Springs,Ms)

  6. Gail says:

    Why does the guy in the middle have such an attitude? What could he be mad about?

  7. Ugh! says:

    Texas tuxedos!

  8. Marylee says:

    Am I the only one who hears the theme song to Family Feud when looking at this picture?

  9. Candy says:

    Oh, I wish wish wish I could see their feet. Earth shoes and cork soled sandals were sure to be in attendance.

  10. cristy says:

    It’s not the clothes so much as the people.

  11. Tracy says:

    wow. that’s a whole lotta denim suit goin’ on

  12. Daniel says:

    Hey, I’m an old coot: This stuff NEVER looked good.

    Will someone please pull the poor guy out of the sofa before it eats him?

  13. candytree says:

    how funny…i have 5 boys and 1 girl, with another boy due in a few weeks. i thought we were the only ones cursed with an inability to produce females.

  14. Deepak Seifert says:

    Good Lord, how many leisures had to die to clothe this family?

  15. KC says:

    Where is Fez?

  16. skyeleo says:

    It’s the Swedish junior mafia!

  17. Em says:

    They all have the same nose. Cute!

  18. El & Mo says:

    Big collars, loud prints, Napoleon Dynomite hair; those were the days!

  19. David says:

    How many arrowhead chains are being worn around these guys necks would you guess?

  20. Mel says:

    Do you know how many polyesters had to die to clothe that family? Where is PETA? Do they not care that so many innocent creatures were slaughtered so that family could dress like that??

  21. Jermainia says:

    This is an awkward family photo because leisure suits didn’t make anyone automatically cool, even when they were in fashion. Only the brother in the middle with his arms crossed is coming close to pulling if off, but he’d look cool even if he were wearing a t-shirt and jeans. And, oy, how awkward to have such hip parents!

  22. binkymae says:

    This was the early pilot for the Partridge family, but test audiences suggested not to have a older and a younger set of sibling, and more girls were needed. They also suggested replacing the metalic Last Supper decor on the wall with a cool trendy house.

  23. iLOLd says:

    What you doing in the back? AAAAhhhh!!!
    What you doing in the back?
    You should be dancing, yeah!
    You should be dancing, yeeeeeeahhhh!!!
    Dang falsetto gets me every time!

  24. Et says:

    Wow. It’s like only Grandad and Nan are the only ones who could pass modern fashion…just. Has to be a first. And I adore the ‘jeans-look’ leisure suits. They’re *always* cool.

  25. phoebe winterbottom says:

    “Would ya just watch the hair. Ya know, I work on my hair a long time and you hit it. He hits my hair. “

  26. Pret24 says:

    The guy with his arms crossed in the middle resembles Jeff Daniels a little. Otherwise they look like some Wiiiild and a-craaazy guyzzz. And why does sister’s arm look like it’s being swallowed by her dress?

  27. cheez_wiz says:

    Can you say “Angel Flights”!?!

  28. James Flynn says:

    ……lol. Great pic

  29. Bill Dub says:

    These Guys put the L in Leisure Suit

  30. sean says:

    Why is there always someone who says “gee, it isn’t awkward, it’s _____” … I say, who cares? cuz they’re all funny!

  31. Boppie says:

    That is a WHOLE LOTTA polyester! Drop one match in that room and you’ve got a…DISCO INFERNO!

  32. AmyT says:

    How is this awkward? Assuming it IS an old photo, as it appears, that was the fashion at the time.

  33. Jenn says:

    OMG! It’s the attack of the LEISURE SUIT!

    I think I had the dress the girl is wearing.

  34. Tim S says:

    My outfit was just like the guy second from the right. We were stylin’ and profilin’! Outtasight!

  35. allison says:

    that’s a lotta kids. why do they all look the same age??

  36. Tedward says:

    Damn, you can go hang gliding with those collars!

  37. Adrienne says:

    Disco is NOT dead!

  38. CB says:

    Those guys could poke someone’s eye out with the length and sharpness of those collars–yikes!

  39. Bearkitten Sundeen says:

    Not really awkward, just dated.

  40. scruffy says:

    Everyone in the photo now laughs at how they looked back then except for the dude second from the right. He thought he was “too cool to be true” then and he still does. He probably still has the shirt.

  41. zepplinhall says:

    who says the leisure suit couldn’t bring a family together

  42. D. McEntire says:

    Poor girl. 6 brothers to 1 sister; Bet she had fun growing iup!!!

  43. meve76 says:

    Disco Stu found love and happiness I’m so happy!

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