March 1st, 2010

Punked - Family Portrait

And one of them grew up to be a priest. Guess.

(submitted by Lea)

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  1. Jeff says:

    This was my Jr. Hi Band Director. You should have seen his “Christmas” pants he wore to school. Great guy. One of the best teachers I ever had.

  2. Gogit says:

    The parents were able to get them into suit clothes for the photo so that’s a step!

  3. Llamas says:

    Homestead Heights Swim Club Represent

  4. scared says:

    wow that mother sure looks proud…

  5. Liz says:

    I’m marrying the green mohawk child in this picture next summer. I’m super conservative and laughed out loud when I saw this picture. I told him, “good thing we didn’t meet back then,” I’m not sure if I’m as sweet as mom and dad. A stellar family! 🙂

  6. Dan says:

    The middle child almost makes me believe that the Roswell stories are true. So they had cameras at area 51!

  7. jenny says:

    mohawks are hottt i dunno why you ppl are s******g on them i loveee them

  8. Mia says:

    I’m with everyone else. This family is adorable. The boys aren’t sullen or despondent-looking about having to give up an afternoon to dress up for a church directory picture, and the parents aren’t ashamed to have them photographed. I imagine they all have a great deal of respect for each other. Mom and Dad, you done good. Love it.

  9. Ro says:

    A Judas Priest??
    Looks like a cool family, really.

  10. Donna says:

    Randy, thanks for pointing me here! Now I know all those stories about “mohawks matching the church hangings” were completely true! Love the pic.

  11. Lin says:

    the chronicles of what? narnia who?

  12. Kelly says:

    First, I think it’s cute that the parents are comfortable enough with their style to pose with them in a family pic… BUT, the mom’s face sure does look apolegetic!

  13. Joshua says:

    I fail to see the awkward in this photo… Looks like a cool family; & I’m not sure why everyone is making such a big deal over mohawks? I do live in Cali, but still…

  14. Lu says:

    Yeah I don’t think this is awkward, because they’re so comfortable together. But it is super funny 😀

  15. spark says:

    Yeah–I know the one in the middle, too. He’s an Episcopal priest now. In fact, he had that mohawk (which was later also dyed blond) into his 20s.

  16. lauren says:

    dad totally has an earring, fyi. at least he did last time i ran into him.

    so the rebel thing runs in the family.

  17. Bea Essen says:

    This is sweet. You can tell that mom loves those boys no matter what. I would have been mortified but laughing years later.

  18. brittani says:

    this is the awesomest family ever. everyone here’s totally right, they’re mom’s probably the best!!

  19. Gail says:

    Why is anyone smiling in that photo?

  20. Michelle says:

    Um..I am 99% sure the dude on the right is in my college writing class. It HAS to be him! And he still has the mohawk.

  21. dstroud says:

    I went to school with the guy in the middle! He’s the priest. Wow, never thought I’d see anyone I knew on here…

  22. loveit! says:

    Love this picture! Great example of freedom with limits! Kids are allowed self-expression but still expected to be a integral part of the family. More parents need to learn this balance 🙂 Glad to see the post from the kids in this picture.

  23. asoanyway says:

    Compared to so many grumpy family pics, this pic is Suhh-weeeet. They look happy.

  24. Maureen says:

    I know these people!!!!The green-haired future priest was a straight-A student, all-state band musician, and track runner when he had his mohawk. The dad was band director at my daughter’s middle school in Durham. He was wonderful, but pretty weird, so I think the kids had to be a little extreme to rebel.The dad was not rented, and they were not photoshopped.

  25. JME says:

    Y’all have to remember that this was in the late 90’s. There was a lot of ska/rudeboy/punk crossover action going on. Chris and I loved wearing suits back then and it really doesn’t take much arm twisting to get either one of us to wear one now. Especially Chris.

    • JME says:

      Also it’s pretty hilarious to see people refer to our dad as “straight laced.” I’m pretty sure that tie he’s wearing is beyond tacky and was probably referencing a beatles song.

      • Chris says:

        I’ll point out that I wore James’ three piece suits, or a two piece with suspenders every Sunday to church for years. Willingly. And I influenced a number of my contemporary co-religionists to do the same. Just sayin’. Oh, and I recognize dad’s tie – it is, in fact, absurdly tacky, does, in fact, allude to a Beatles song, and is far better covered by my mohawk than shown in public. Mom may have asked that we be posed this way for that reason. I love you, Dad.

  26. Deb Barnett says:

    The best part is that mom & dad look Amish and a little embarrassed.. love this.

  27. Josiah says:

    OH MY… And i do know the kid in the middle. this was taken around 1997 I think.

  28. Jaime says:

    Hahah this was the band teacher at my middle school! I remember his sons having Mohawks. At one time, one of his sons had a double Mohawk.

    • Alison says:

      I recognized Mr. G immediately too as our LGMS band director! I’m pretty sure he had this picture framed over in his desk area!

  29. Tammy says:

    Love love love this! So funny (and touching) in so many ways. Some of our uptight relatives could learn a lot from these folks.

  30. laurie says:

    Mom’s thought- “TIES > hairstyles”

  31. Robbie Sadler says:

    The model for a typical middle American family

  32. The Bottom Line says:

    This photo makes me so happy, because you can feel the love in this family. I adore that the parents are so straight-laced, and yet are proudly posing with their kids, who are a little out there, and I love that these parents didn’t try to contain their kids’ personal expression.

    I would totally like to have these people over for Thanksgiving dinner, and I would not even complain if they forgot to bring their offering in a container WITH A LID, NOT ALUMINUM FOIL!

  33. Palila says:

    Oh, hey! It’s my cousins!

  34. hcw80 says:

    Looks kind of like an Amish family (except Dad) welcoming their off-spring back from Rumspringa.

  35. Liz says:

    The boys went on to form Judas Priest.

  36. Jen says:

    I adore this picture! Makes me happy! <3

  37. carol says:

    Mom looks like she’s on the verge of laughter… like she knows there will someday be a website devoted to the very photo she’s having taken at that very moment…
    The priest can look back and laugh (hopefully he has a sense of humor).

  38. scruffy says:

    These are good parents both are proud and happy to have this precious photo to blackmail the boys when the boys have kids of their own.

    Can you imagine that anyone ever thought that this looked good. Aside, of course, a Mohawk warrior 150 years ago.

  39. PromisedPlanet says:

    Now THAT is awkward!

    All hail AFP … WIN!

  40. magillicuddy says:

    I am amazed at the number of people on this site who actually know people in the pictures… what is it with that? but I do love this photo and bless those parents for accepting their kids as they are (I was one of those kids too… the Dead head in the family reunion pix…)

    • Tracy says:

      I also admire the parents for letting their kids be themselves. You can tell their mother really does love them. I allowed my 2 kids to expirement and be who they wanted to be. They are now really great and respectful adults.

    • rhiannon says:

      I imagine that once the picture gets up and the people who are in the picture see it, that they tell their family and friends 🙂

  41. HomoDM says:

    Guy in the middle became a priest, but guy on the right is cuter.

  42. phunky says:

    how old is blonde mohawk guy now, cause he’s SO cute!!

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