The Corpse Bride and Groom

March 17th, 2010

The Corpse Bride and Groom - Wedding

Nobody forbid these two to marry, but they decided to poison themselves anyway.

(submitted by Jake)

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  1. Cara says:

    Looks like a high school photography project. I guess that’s one way to save money for your wedding

  2. Laura says:

    That is SOOOOO funny. The caption absolutely cracked me up!!!

  3. Ka says:

    looks like the result of a terrorist attack

  4. Jeannie says:

    And they paid for this? Wondering who would think this is a good set up and what the rest of the pics look like. Wow

  5. ScoutC says:

    Oh-oh! Neither one is able to awaken the other with love’s first kiss! I guess they’ll just have to lie there until the snow falls and maybe that will wake them up, like it did for Dorothy and Scarecrow. Maybe it is a fairy tale wedding, after all.

  6. LisaPizza says:

    They look like Yin and Yang.

    We were married at a winery and had most of our photos taken before the ceremony. My husband and I were so nervous about our nuptials that we did just about any “arty” shot the photographer suggested, short of stomping grapes and barreling the juice. One of the photos he took reminded me of an ad for a feminine napkin or FDS. I think photographers have a “snicker” file that they open up after a few beers to give their friends some laughs.

    P.S. It’s refreshing to see a bride who is NOT wearing a strapless wedding gown.

    • sarah says:

      Thats a good point, and I understand not wanting to be rude, but if someone told me to lay in the grass wearing the most expensive thing I would ever put on I would have to put my foot down.

  7. dave says:

    Temple weddings are exhausting

  8. Theocentrica says:

    But the prince was hungry, so he took a bite of the apple, too. And so the dwarves found them.

    • Alan says:

      Oh,no,Theocentrica….the “Spelling Police” are doing their rounds of this site…..quick,change dwarves to dwarfs.

  9. Denise says:

    I see dead people.

  10. Dana says:

    They get extra special bonus points for the amazing fade around the edges of the frame…

  11. Crankynurse says:

    Oooops! that’s the “bride’s” corpse, I mean.

  12. Crankynurse says:

    Well, since we’re all about grammar, today: It’s “lying,” East of Eden, not “laying.” I’m lying on the ground. I’m laying the brides corpse in the dress box. It lay around the attic for a hundred years. Just sayin’……..

  13. East of Eden says:

    I have to laugh at this picture more than the rest of you…I got married at this same venue in Mesa, AZ. The place where they are um, laying, is perpetually muddy. I wonder how bad her dress was after she got up, and if her mother strangled the photog.

  14. Peter says:


  15. Lillian says:

    “Till death do you part”
    They didn’t want to wait that long after the ceremony to fufill that one.

  16. Alan says:

    At the movies this summer…”Death Fog”.
    It floats. It poisons. It gives us awkward photos.
    See it, before it kills YOU!!

  17. Leslie says:

    Her lower half didn’t disappear, she’s just incredibly thin (still is after a bunch of cute roly-poly babies)

    Her dress wasn’t grass-stained…it was gorgeous.

    He’s not 10 feet tall, but he does have monkey arms and legs (sorry bro!)

    I like the “boog check” comment. Hilarious (and not entirely improbable with these two)!

  18. Bruce says:

    So I guess the throwing of the wedding bouquet is out of the question. And, what shall we do with the gifts?

  19. MaryCherry says:

    Stop, drop and roll.

  20. parrothead says:

    Grass stains????

  21. Wizzy says:

    Most photographers carry blankets or throws with them so people won’t get their clothes dirty.

    That said, the groom definitely looks like a corpse, he’s so stiff. Nobody relaxes on the grass looking like that. The vignette is of course a standard wedding photography trick.

    This was a poorly exectued, but kind of cute, idea.

  22. coNNie says:

    In love? check
    Nice wedding? check
    Homeless? check

  23. Bosco says:

    Simultaneous boog check… “yep you’re good, now how ’bout me, yep you’re good too, sweet, now lets get serious and take us some photos!!

  24. Jeeps says:

    What bride would be crazy enough to lay on the grass in that expensive dress?

  25. Dorothy says:

    “Til Death Do Us Part” came a little quick….

  26. Uncuw Biww says:

    Now that’s a relaxed groom.

  27. Mary says:

    Has anybody noticed how LONG this guy’s legs are? He must be 10 feet tall! Maybe that’s why they are laying down. They couldn’t fit him in the picture standing up!

  28. Mary says:

    Geez, are they “tired” of each other already? Sorry, couldn’t help it.

  29. j9 says:

    Are they trying to do a Romeo and Juliet scene, or were they really tired, and took a nap before the reception. What was the photographer thinking? I bet this photo is framed and resides above their mantle ready to creep out guests.

  30. carol says:

    The caption is hilarious!

  31. willow says:

    … at first glance I though it was smoke, so it looked as though they died in a fire? … odd indeed lol

  32. rebelle says:

    The photographer couldn’t afford live models so his buddy, the undertaker, lent him some who would work for free if the photog designed a flier for the 2 for 1 special being offered to married couples.

  33. m says:

    No one is safe from Carbon Monoxide, the silent killer.

  34. Jill M says:

    I got nothin…..

  35. Tim S says:

    The tux rental shop couldn’t figure out why there were grass clippings in the cummerbund.

  36. silvapain says:

    FYI, it’s forbade, not forbid. Forbade is the past tense.

  37. j-lu says:

    what’s important here is that HE went down first (maybe it was the poison tree shadow). she followed – to listen for the heartbeat, to support the neck/remove chicken bone from the passed apps – THEN her lower half actually disintegrated into the lawn.

  38. Tina says:

    Every mother dreams of passing on her grass stained wedding gown to her daughter…

  39. yolanda says:

    Heaven, I’m in heaven, and my heart stopped beating so I cannot speak. Oh I seem to find the happiness I seek, when we’re laid out on the lawn, cheek to cheek!

    • Partheni says:

      LOL, I was thinking the exact same thing! I didn’t know other people (under the age of 60) knew the standards. πŸ˜€

      • yolanda says:

        Of course there’s plenty, that’s why they’re “standards” aka classics! LOL But I *might* be over 60. (not yet)

        • Atahualpa says:

          I’m 27. I got it. Thanks to Ella and Louis on the Verve recordings, I don’t think that one will be forgotten too soon.

  40. Chad says:

    Even the edges of the photo are a little hazy signifying that they are both gone.

  41. Renegade-Hamster says:

    Oh wow, this photo is so beautiful. I really like the blurry effect around the edges, and how it’s been taken on a university’s front lawn.

  42. DMF says:

    It does not bode well for the honeymoon if you fall asleep during the ceremony…

    • A Nonny Mouse says:

      I think they misunderstood the advice they got from Uncle Tim. He said, “It’s important to sleep together before you get married.”

  43. jmo says:

    HAHAHAHA! Wow, yeah, this is awfully awkward. Terrible idea for a wedding photo!

  44. Miss Jane says:

    Oh, AFP. How I love thee. You are a guaranteed laugh every day. And whoever writes your captions is pure genius.

    • MKWB says:

      Forbade. The past tense of forbid is forbade. It would be funnier if it was spelled correctly.

      • bob says:

        Came here to post just this. And, just for the record, it’s pronounced “for-bad,” even thought probably only you and I care about that fact. πŸ™

        • spellingbee says:

          GET IT RIGHT PPL………… is FORBID


          β€’ verb (forbidding; past forbade /forbad, -bayd/ or forbad; past part. forbidden) 1 refuse to allow. 2 order not to do.

          (also forbad) past of FORBID.

          • Hardvice says:

            Bzzzt! Fail!

            It’s the past tense. In other words, “Nobody refused to allow these two to marry”, not “Nobody refuse to allow these two to marry.” (How would that sentence even make sense in the present tense? “Quick, nobody forbid it!”)

            The past tense of forbid is, as your cut-n-pasted definition says, “forbade”.

          • Angilita says:

            Why can’t people just be quiet and laugh about the dang picture instead of complaining about the tense of a word. You guys knew what they meant. Relax and just laugh already…

      • scruffy says:

        I’m in a really bad mood but that photo made me smile.

        And I got a huge laugh at the linguistic debate over forbid/forbade. Wow, with all the bad to stupid verbiage that flows through cyberspace and this is what you criticise? The use of language changes language. The rules change through time. And don’t forbade me to say it.

  45. iLOLd says:

    Reciprocating head-rests: Because arm-shelf’s are mundane and exhausting.
    “Bride to late to save drunken Husband”: Ansel Adams’ long-lost masterpiece.
    In health and in sickness, In the shade on the front lawn sleeping it off…
    I’m offended this is here! Narcolepsy is NOT a laug…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. Brooks says:

    I think the worst part about this picture is the circle soft focus filter. Why do people want their pictures out of focus.

  47. taino sam says:


  48. Richard says:

    High school production of Romeo & Juliet in modern dress? Too tired to go to the hotel after the party? Was this the photographers idea? If so, why would you hire him?

  49. Tripp says:

    The soft focus around the edges makes me feel like I’ve been poisoned too.

  50. beegeek says:

    I would’ve poisoned the photographer after I got my proofbook back for this picture.

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