Read It And Weep

April 14th, 2010

Read It And Weep - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

He decided to imagine them as bookends.

(submitted by Emily)

121 Responses to “Read It And Weep”

  1. AnnLaurelB says:

    I’d cry too if I had to wear terry cloth with jogging shorts.

  2. I'm to awesome for a name says:

    I’m going to be very original!
    I’m going to talk about Spock and his death grip, no.

    I thought this was funny. Is that better?

  3. VibroCount says:

    “Why does he get two buttons on his shirt? I gotta button three!”

    “Why does he get three buttons on his shirt? I only got two!”

  4. Regina says:

    This made my evening!! Terrific-

  5. Buttons to the top. Never a good call.

  6. meri says:

    Oh my gosh, he is using the Vulcan Death Grip!

  7. Zach says:

    I can’t help imagining that he just knocked their heads together and then smiled…

  8. michael says:

    Spock always hated his Human twin brothers.

  9. Alan says:

    The parents chose the library for the portrait because they thought it would be a ‘novel’ place to show off their ‘characters’. Well that is to ‘catalogue’ story short.

  10. Ginny says:

    Mummy , see I am the best.

  11. Kross says:

    Oh, Spock, you little charmer, you!

  12. Rob says:

    Vulcan Death Grip!

  13. Big Bird says:

    … one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belong …. doo doo doo doo

  14. TwistedSista says:

    The twin on the right looks like a screamer. Glad I’m not there!

  15. KJB says:

    Good call, Aimes. You must have had older brothers growing up! So funny.

  16. lizzie says:

    The books are fakes.

  17. James says:

    Am I the only one troubled by the middle brothers non-caring attitude, and Stepford-like smile! And as for Eric and the preceeding comment, they may have said it 23 times, but you’re the one who counted how many times it was said. That is as sad as the myopic look on the older ones face!!

    • mrs5180 says:

      he does care–he’s annoyed as heck that he has to try to keep his smile while these two force them to stay there for a half hour trying to get one photo!

    • HomoDM says:

      I noticed that too. It’s unsettling that his two younger siblings can be howling up a storm and yet he can produce a picture-perfect smile on demand. It’s even more troubling if he did something (e.g., “nerve pinch”) to elicit their tears. Does he also torture small animals, set fires, wet the bed?

      • karenina says:

        Imagine that you are the only child – the apple of your parent’s eye. Then along comes – not just another baby – but TWO, twins! You are no longer the center of attention. And not only that, they have something that you can’t even COMPETE with – twin-ness. And you are ALOOOOOOONE in your one-ness, so it double-sucks for you. Seriously, I feel like I can see all that in his expression, LOLOLOL

    • andi in NC says:

      I’m totally with you – he’s like a robot!!!

  18. Eric says:

    Let’s see how many people can use the term “Vulcan Death Grip” apparently without realizing that it has already been used 23 times!

    • Tim says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s one thing to be caught unawares; it’s another to do so willfully.

      P.S. Same goes for the bowl haircut comments. It was only funny the first time (if that).

    • Rev says:

      Actually, it’s 22, plus one “valcun mind meld.”

    • DaddysSister says:

      But wasn’t it just a ‘knock-out” grip.

      Notice I didn’t use the word ‘Vulcan” — Damn!

      • That’s seven including when we first came in and you asked Mr. Vernon whether Barry Manilow knew that he raided his closet.

      • CB says:

        In defense of people who seem redundant, this site doesn’t always show all comments on a new photo, it seems…..and for most of these people, they probably didn’t see the previous comments already stating what they were thinking….cuz it happened to me–haha.

  19. Mrspics says:

    They are so cute!! Poor little darlings!

  20. jnmcnally says:

    talk about contrast!

  21. Kazz says:

    I always love a good bowl haircut or three, and some vulcan death grip action.

  22. he is so cute though!!

  23. tiasharon says:

    The big brother is trying so hard to be perfect for mom and dad. Too much competition with twins.

  24. Chuck says:

    after being laid off from work, Freddy Krueger got a job @ a photo studio.

  25. carol says:

    There really is such a thing as the bad seed.

  26. Katie says:

    Aww, poor twins, haha. This is so awkward and cute at the same time!

  27. m says:

    Assuming the crying boys are identical twins and are being pinched, do you think they feel pain in both shoulders?

  28. Aimes says:

    After several minutes of taunting and saying “I’m not touching you!” as his hands hovered over their shoulders, big brother put his hands ON their shoulders just as the photographer snaps the picture and his little brothers scream, “He’s touching me!!!!!”

    Good timing kid.

  29. durhay says:

    “Hey, do you want to pretend to be cymbals?”

  30. Jeff says:

    Naw, I’m sure their tantrums are blue shorts-related.

  31. Jackie says:


  32. April says:

    Maybe they’re crying because the older brother is using the Vulcan death grip!

  33. MissEllie in MO says:

    Looks like the big brother may have just given them the Vulcan death grip!

  34. CB says:

    He’s actually trying to give them the death/sleep squeeze thing on their shoulders…..he knew they would cry, but that’s so he could be counted as the good one…..

    • CB says:

      wow, it’s amazing how “behind” this site is–there were only 4 comments when I commented, and at the time none of them reflected what apparently was a popular thought…..which is what I stated above.

  35. 2dogMaxx says:

    clearly, he’s giving the twins a painful version of the vulcan hold.

  36. Cowboy says:

    Ahh – The Mr Spock death grip – Oh NO! Dont hurt us again!

  37. first timer says:

    cry guy sandwich! this is one of the best on here in awhile.

  38. Sulu says:

    Spock as a young child, demonstrating the Vulcan Death Grip. Apparently it works!

  39. Brandi says:

    Oh my gosh! LOL My favorite picture so far!

  40. Chop Chop says:

    One bowl – Three haircuts

  41. Paulie1968 says:

    LOL Bad day for them.

  42. Stacia says:

    I’d cry too if someone knocked over my faux books.

  43. Whoa says:

    How come BILLY gets to unbutton his shirt and we DON’T???

  44. missedarling says:

    Looks like the Vulcan grip really IS painful.

  45. TwinHappyJen says:

    OK, so twins aren’t ALWAYS happy… :-p

  46. tzb says:

    He busted out his best pressure point fighting techniques for the pic.

  47. Jeeps says:

    why do I get the feeling he just told them that Mommy was going to give them away after the pic was taken

  48. Susan says:

    Is it just me, or do those twins like the kid who played Gage in Pet Sematary?

  49. dog barf says:


  50. Valcun mind meld and shoulder pinch

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