Uncle Jack

April 19th, 2010

Uncle Jack - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

It’s just for the weekend.

(submitted by Jack)

181 Responses to “Uncle Jack”

  1. saraphim33 says:

    This the BEST pic, hands down, that I’ve seen on this website. I would trust Jack 100% with my kids. I’ve been “that aunt”.

  2. Lindsay Brown says:

    I just showed this picture to a two-year-old and she gasped and said with serious concern, “Look! That man-girl got that baby!” It was so random, I think I’m going to die!

  3. Vi says:

    He may be scaryish, but u can tell he loves that baby from his proud smile

  4. Freddy Krueger says:

    That’s Robert Smith! On his uncle Jack’s lap.

  5. Steve says:

    Is it just me or does that really look like a goth Jason Segel

  6. Kayla says:


  7. adam says:

    25+ yrs fan of the Cure, and I can assure you this is not Robert Smith.

  8. Guyonearth says:

    This is cool. Uncle jack is cool.

  9. Jackal Ray says:

    I never submited this but it was me and my X wife Karlyre and a baby named Ravynne!

  10. indra says:

    OMG Jack this is awesome! xo,i

  11. sarah says:

    it must take him hours to get ready every day.

  12. jonny rocket says:

    hey, isn’t that robert smith???

  13. stefano says:

    hahah i want this uncle!!

  14. meafind says:

    Finding a last-minute babysitter is a crapshoot.

  15. Krow says:

    Ten Years Later: “Mom, I had that nightmare again!”

  16. LisaP says:

    The moral of this story: dress like evil and everybody will love you forever

  17. The Great Excelcior says:

    “You can just call me Jack. Mr. O’Lantern sounds so formal.”

  18. Rachelanne says:

    Oh Jack…. I so flippin’ love you. Best picture ever.

  19. lorri64 says:

    I think this was one of the guys who originally auditioned for the lead in “Twilight”

  20. Daniel says:

    I used to DJ at Beauty Bar in SF and Jack was always the bouncer for that night. I always enjoyed chatting with him.

  21. Smartazz says:

    Jackals recipe for baby back ribs:
    1 baby (leave back bones in tack)
    3 cloves imitation garlic ( most vampires cant stand real garlic )
    cover with aluminum foil, in 13″ x 9″ pyrex dish ( size approved by Marney )
    Heat oven to 350 degrees, bake for 2 hours.
    Serve with cole slaw and children of the cornbread… 🙂

  22. Cam says:

    This baby’s mama was in desperate need of a babysitter!

  23. Ravenne's Mom says:

    One of these days days you’ll get to meet him again and discover what a fantastic person he is! If you ever go back to SF that man will watch your back 😉

  24. Ravenne says:

    …..really? this is me when i was little..and thats uncle Jack back in san francisco..maybe this will prove to my mom how awkward and weird her friends aer 🙂 <3

  25. chanda says:

    I LOVE Goth dudes!!!

  26. Harley 883 says:

    He’s thinking “Where’s my cookbook?”

  27. chickybooboo says:

    Hey!! I know this guy!! seriously.. he is awesome. he resuced me and another girl at Rodericks Chamber (goth club in San Francisco) when some a**hat decided to spray mace in the womans bathroom!! LOVE IT!! you go Jackal. 🙂

  28. Abby says:

    i would love this guy to be my uncle…

  29. Voltron says:

    It’s pictures like this that make this website pure genius. Thank God for AFP 🙂 Hilarious!

  30. PapaBear says:


  31. Christine the strawberry girl says:

    Oh. My. Gawd. Becky, look at his hair. It is so big.

    This was soooooo amusing! Thank you! My stomach aches from giggles.

  32. Elizabeth! says:

    Poor baby!

  33. PhillyDarkDevil says:

    That is adorable!

  34. Kitty says:

    I actually used to know that guy. That fact makes this all the more funny to me. He’s great with kids though, better than he is with adults.

    • chickybooboo says:

      totally agree!! i know him too. well, a long time ago, but still. he is a total nice guy. (i always wondered if he was tall, or if it was his hair.)

  35. Cure Fan says:

    That is not Robert Smith from the Cure. This person is too young, he is in his 50’s. Just some other guy, trust me.

  36. Joanne says:

    And the baby’s other uncle is Marilyn Manson!

  37. Senorabrown says:

    What a lucky kid…

  38. VelmaDinkley says:

    Sigh… I wish he were MY uncle. Most people are so boring.

  39. me says:

    That has GOT to be Robert Smith-I’d love to have him for an Uncle!

  40. More like Uncle Robert Smith meets Insane Clown Posse

  41. Aussie Robbo says:

    erm…I hope there’s a Cure…hehe

  42. Aussie Robbo says:

    Some people just can’t let go of their dead relatives..(

  43. Awkward Turtle says:

    I have 5 uncles, and not one of them ever held me as a child. I would have LOVED to have this cool guy as MY uncle! He’d be the kind to catch you stealing cars or something but never rat on you.

  44. jeremy says:

    Giving a baby to a vampire is not a good idea. Don’t give the uncle a snack!

  45. Sara says:

    I wish my uncle was that cool! 😀 It would account for my appearance, that’s for sure!

  46. Buzz Fugazi says:

    The funny thing about all the Robert Smith comments is THAT REALLY IS ROBERT “Uncle Jack” SMITH.
    Yes, he’s put on a few pounds since the 80s. Most of us have. But he’s still a very talented singer and performer and it was nice of the family to share this glimpse into their private lives.

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