April 22nd, 2010

Cakefingers - Birthdays

The start of Danny’s Bar Mitzvah hepatitis scare.

(submitted by April)

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  1. Goofball says:

    The only awkward and funny thing about this picture is the fact that they are ” Bar Mitzvah Crashers ” instead of Wedding Crashers…they do this all the time !!! they show up and eat all the Lox and Bagels and dip their fingers in the cake and RUN !!! 🙂

  2. keil says:

    i just dont get it. who would be like OOOH YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE A GREAT PHOTO OPP!?! IF WE ALL DIPPED OUR FINGERS IN THE CAKE! OH IT WILL BE A GAS! no. nobody does that. except these people. and you know what they have now? a strange picture and a finger smeared cake.

  3. Sarah says:

    This makes me think of the scene in the Breakfast Club where Benders imitating Brian’s family life:

    John Bender: My impression of life at Big Bri’s house, “Son?” “Yeah, Dad?” “How was your day, son?” “Great, Dad. How’s yours?” “Super. Say, how would like to go fishing this weekend?” “Great, Dad. But I got homework to do.” “That’s okay, son. You can do it on the boat.” “Gee.” “Hon, isn’t our son swell?” “Yes, dear. Isn’t life swell?”

  4. Alekx says:

    Hahahaha, the caption is great.

  5. kristinak says:

    i dont see the awkwardness :-/

  6. FlonkertonChamp says:

    i (like SteveB) am wondering why the kid and the father aren’t wearing yarmulkes.

  7. Tahome says:

    They look like prince Charles and lady Di.

  8. ScoutC says:

    Hubby’s cousin confessed to me years after our wedding that he has done this to every wedding cake at every wedding he’s been invited to since he was a little boy. He’s 40+ now and still does it! He makes sure to get the side toward the wall so it doesn’t mess up any pictures. I guess it’s better than getting stinking drunk and picking fights with the groom or something….

  9. SteveB says:

    Wouldn’t even not-very-religious Jews be wearing a yarmulkah if they went through all the trouble of a bar mitzvah?

    Maybe that’s where the awkward is.

    And, bar mitzvah parties without glow sticks just aren’t the same. . . .

  10. Dennis Karaskiewicz says:


  11. shannon says:

    i’m a huge fan of the site and i love most every post that gets made but this one is lame. not funny or awkward at all.

  12. Melissa says:

    “Smell my finger…”

  13. hknsmama says:

    “did you wash your hands before you came out of the john just now?”
    “no, did you?”
    “nope… groovy!”

    yummy :/

  14. smurfie77 says:

    Looks like the kid from ‘Never ending story’.

  15. seagreen says:

    how is this for the awkward factor everyone seems to be missing? who want to eat that cake now? “Thank you for sharing our special day. we are going to drag our dirty fingers through this and then invite you to partake.”

  16. keepin_it_real says:

    Danny’s probably psyched his parents are co-anchors of the 6 o’clock news… and that he just did a rectal exam on the stay-puff marshmallow man

  17. Great Job! says:

    So let me get this caption straight: Danny is the kids. The Bar-Mitzvah is assumed from the Torah-shaped cake. And the hepatitis is coming from the cake that’s been infected somehow.

    I don’t know man. Somehow it works. Totally awkward post.

  18. Joyful says:

    How about this caption: “Forever traumatized by his bris, Danny forbid any knives at any celebration attended by his rabbi.”

  19. Joyful says:

    Agreed. Somebody should photoshop some humping animals in the background…

  20. Harry says:

    Not awkward at all.

  21. j-lu says:

    i agree: caption funny; picture pretty standard. there are only SO many things you can do to liven up cake shots and this ranks low on the oh-no-they-didn’t’s.

  22. m says:

    I didnt think this was awkward at first…but then I remembered a previous photo:
    Click on the birthdays tag and compare this photo, Cake Fingers, with the photo below it, Birthday Casual. The cake in Cake Fingers appears to be completely intact, but the cake in Birthday Casual appears as if somebody, or three people, stuck their fingers in it. It also explains why the people in Birthday Casual are not very happy. Very awkward indeed.

  23. JJ says:

    You can totally see that the frosting is ‘shopped. And the lighting is all weird.
    Well someone had to say it because “where’s the awkward?” was already taken.

  24. John III says:

    The comedy is in the title more than the picture. Ewww!

  25. Bella says:

    I am just wondering, where were those fingers last? and who is going to eat that cake? thank God i was not in that akward position…..jig..

  26. Pookie says:

    growing up – it was not a real birthday cake unless there were finger gouges all around the bottom of the cake.

  27. That looks just like Justin Bieber at his bar mitzvah

  28. Dan Brennan says:

    That really looks like the Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, CA.

  29. Amused says:

    Heh heh … pull our fingers … heh heh

  30. wizzy says:

    LOL I thought it looked like Princess Di too!

  31. Alan says:

    Friends & family were disappointed when Danny’s statement of ”I sing” was actually ”icing”

  32. Markus says:

    At least they are not using their middle fingers for this. That would have been REALLY awkward.

  33. Natty says:

    It was nice of Princess Diana to attend, but her behavior here is not so royal.

  34. All I see is some major league flipping off. Quality!

  35. Lisa says:

    Really confused. Where’s the awkward?

  36. Anna says:

    Mazel tov

  37. Mollie says:

    The caption makes the picture for me!

  38. JoEllen says:

    Why is this awkward? So what, they all stuck their fingers in the icing. Lame post.

  39. cranky says:

    Today, I am a man. And I shall prove it by enlisting my parents’ help in painting a giant handlebar mustache made of frosting across my face. One…two…

  40. meri says:

    “Danny” looks like a young Davy Jones “I’m a believer”.

  41. cody says:

    did they lick each other’s fingers too?

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