Venus De Swamp

May 1st, 2010

Venus De Swamp - Pregnancy

Because there’s nothing as fertile as the swamp.

(submitted by Anne)

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  1. pudge says:

    She looks a little like a very pregnant Charlize Theron. Did not know she was a method actor.

  2. DevoutTerror says:

    Swamp thing…. You make my heart sing!

  3. Amy C Camacho says:

    Ok I get that they’re are better places to have taken the photo but if they’re both excited about their baby, let then be happy gah there’s horrible people that abandon their babies as if they were a piece of paper.

  4. lisa says:

    Pop just shot out of my nose! Means it’s a keeper.

  5. geekgirl70 says:

    You kiss the chick, I’ll watch fer gators…

  6. Chula says:

    Now the only thing to decide is do I sent a secret link to this website to them, LMAO

  7. Chula says:

    OMG I know this couple! They live here in Hawaii! This is hilarious. With all the places you could shoot in hawaii they pick the mangrove swamp. Classic. And yeah they have been over the top gaga about this pregnancy from the git go!

  8. LisaP says:

    It would be perfect if it weren’t for all the gator poo

  9. The Great Excelcior says:

    Okay, honey, first the photo shoot in the mangrove with the shiny metallic fabric that looks like that coloured Saran wrap stuff, and then you can go kill some shrimp with your crowbar – I’m starved!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Is it just me or is that Rich Christensen (Host of Pinks). Google him I swear it is…

  11. Rory says:

    I thought this was a sexy photo until I realized she was wearing what looks like a tarp (I don’t care WHAT that fabric is!) and that they’re standing in murky water.

  12. Julian says:

    Her name; Ally Gator.

  13. big dave says:

    don’t they know that kissing is how getting pregnant starts?

  14. Jaki says:

    Toga party!!

  15. anna67 says:

    Except for the swamp and the unflattering outfit,this is a lovely picture. The mom is very beautiful.

    • candace says:

      who knows why they chose the swamp, maybe one of them have a background in the louisiana bayou and this was a taste of home….reguardless if it is a tarp of sorts i think its put together fairly well..i like the blue, it may not be “flattering” but shes still beautiful. Shes pregnant, shes the living vessel that houses another life.. i swear people dont have it in them to see anything deeply or with meaning at all..

  16. joyana says:

    i thought this was a gorgeous picture except for the scenery so i amateurly changed it.

  17. customcartoons says:

    Wow. Just. Wow, where to begin?

  18. Bill Jetter says:

    Any snakes around? ‘Gators?

  19. Rosie Nealon says:

    Oh hey, you’re right. I don’t get the awkwardness of the photo at all. I think it’s lovely.

  20. Bleeb says:

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, she is wearing a soft fabric with a metallic sheen. Yes, they do make fabric like that; no, it’s not plastic.

  21. jade says:

    She looks like Angelina Jolie with bleached hair.

  22. Rosie Nealon says:

    I think it’s beautiful, though I’d love to know why she is wearing trash bags. Other than that, it’s really a fascinating picture. I love it. There’s something deeply emotional about it.

  23. Lilli says:

    You guys look so romantic together awaiing the birth of your son.

  24. This is us, and we are in Honolulu.
    We tried for a waterbirth ( in our Jacuzzi ) but had to get a C-section – now we have lovely Dakota born April 4th.
    We are very honored to be on this site – yes, even we, are awkward !

  25. Anna says:

    Uh, wow.

  26. cammy says:

    Blue Lagoon

  27. mw says:

    Lol… Born on they Bayou… or instead of “smoke on the water” “Afterbirth in the Agua!”

  28. Patricia says:

    And she’s wearing recycling bags, why?

  29. MEB says:

    Bayou Baby!

  30. Daisie says:

    This is why the sequel to the Little Mermaid was never released in theatres.

  31. Jeeps says:

    and why is she wearing colored saran wrap?

  32. Denise says:

    If these are their standards, I hope they’re not planning a waterbirth 🙂

  33. Blueskies says:

    She’s wearing the Laura Palmer line of maternity swimwear.

  34. coNNie says:


  35. Snowrider says:

    Wait a minute! “Submitted by X”? As in Ex? Uh oh…..

  36. Ego Nemo says:

    Son of a gun, they’re having big fun on the bayou.

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