Bunny Ears

May 27th, 2010

Bunny Ears - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

Sometimes, imagination just isn’t enough.

(submitted by Josh)

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  1. jennifer light says:

    I thought they were dressed as a human heart at first not a bunny lololo

  2. lynette says:

    is this reallllllly for real. omg! what r people thinking when doing stuff like this? does he really think he resembles the easter bunny? not by the kids face he doesnt.

  3. Laura says:

    if that’s the easter bunny, then i’m telling santa!

  4. Jason says:

    Apparently the bunny’s ears aren’t circumcised.

  5. Tammy Nagel says:

    I don’t think those are carrots in his nose. I think they are large green onions.

  6. Rose Connett says:

    Just plain wrong on so many levels…

  7. Ursa says:

    I’m slightly scared of it too.

  8. bassman21 says:

    The 70s was a scary decade!

  9. Skittles says:

    Looks like Hogwarts. Seriously. Is that where they film Harry Potter? o_O

  10. hkb says:

    I have never been to this site before and I am literally laughing so hard I am crying. This is a weird mix of funny and scary, but, wow, this site is hysterical.

  11. Melissa G says:

    Ok, that scares the crap out of me…. just a little. Obviously scares the kid too!

  12. Rich says:

    O MY GOD! Thats the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.

  13. Yunsu says:

    haha very fun!

  14. kusz says:

    Wabbit “If you tell your pairwents, I’ll wub you the wong way!”

  15. dkjyy says:

    Poor kid, probably realized the Easter Bunny is definitely NOT real at this point. Kinda like the first moment you find out Santa isn’t real. Too funny.

  16. aSHlayy says:

    ooooooo this is hilariouusss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. amy says:

    Is it an unfortunate shadow or did that rabbit pee itself a little but?

  18. Jerry says:

    I think the creepy bunny just walked up to the kid and took away his basket of eggs for the picture. No wonder the boy is crying.

  19. Katie Swim says:

    Disturrrbing homemade costume; or at least I hope it is a costume, not his everyday wear.

  20. macey says:

    love this photo so ya i just dont get this photo this photo

  21. Katia says:

    Is the kid about to cry, or trying not to crack up?

  22. MEB says:

    And then there’s that church behind them…

  23. delaine says:

    or is that coo coo ka choo

  24. Sidekick says:

    This photo justifies my firm belief that ALL Easter Bunny costumes should be banned from now on!!!

  25. Kate says:

    Ahhh, this is where the main idea of Donnie Darko comes from!!!

  26. CC says:

    So THAT’S where they got the idea for the scene in A Christmas Story

  27. Becky says:

    Okay, I don’t want to sound overmean, but this reminds me a bit of that horrible scene in the Shining where the beautiful naked lady turns into the ghastly old and dying old naked lady…I don’t know, something about the fleshy colored bunny suit and the way it hugs her crotch a bit too much and oh my. I cannot believe anyone let her out of the house that morning. Old people get to do whatever they want, it’s awesome.

  28. michelle says:

    will somebunny please explain. No don’t bother I’m too afraid to know, better to be weft in the dark !!

  29. meansheep says:

    Despite years and years of intensive therapy, little Elmer was scarred for life. He drifted wildly from job to job, and spent his later years wandering the hills of his small, sad town with a shotgun and a speech impediment, in a delusional search for the cause of his misery.

  30. KE says:

    “Pants on your head, Pants on your head. Lookin’ like a fool with pants on your head”

  31. Jeff says:

    It’s Rip Taylor. And that basket is filled with confetti. Run, you little blonde moptop! RUN!!!!!!!

    • LisaPizza says:

      You are SO funny and so right! Your remark took me back to the late 70s when Rip Taylor was the host of Chuck Barris’s $1.98 Beauty Pageant. The thing is, when he’s not throwing confetti, he’s a good character actor.

  32. JerseyPam says:

    Isn’t there an urban legend about a Bunnyman? We could be looking at proof he’s real…. he’s certainly creepy enough and I think he’s known to capture kids.

  33. JajA says:

    Scarier, is that *no-one* is looking at the wabbit.

  34. boredatwork says:

    I used to think that Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko was the creepiest bunny ever…..I’ve changed my mind…..

    • jess says:

      Holy Crap! You are amazing! It’s lovely to know that I’m not the only person who compares every creepy bunny I see to Frank. I seriously just finished posting this photo to one of my friends facebook profile pages saying I never thought I would see a creepier bunny, but I was wrong. You just made my day!

  35. SoMuch2Say says:

    What the h*ll???

  36. James says:

    Don’t worry, Billy, the geezer bunny is just as scared of you as you are of him…

  37. I love that picture so much. The poor kid. I can sympathise, it’s actually making me feel awkward just looking at the boys embarrassment….

  38. Steph says:

    Why is no one in the background staring at this guy?

  39. Jak says:

    I think the kid’s expression nicely summarizes the moment…

  40. Shan says:

    I can’t tell if that is grandma or grandpa bunny but I’d cry too.

  41. Caroline says:

    What I want to know is what is so much more distracting than Mutant Bunny that the four guys in the background are watching it instead?

  42. Melissa says:

    Poor Ralph he dropped the “y” to try and avoid being typecast. Sadly, however, the only work he could find was back in the bunny suit for the sequel…”A Christmas Story-Raving Rabbits Revisited”.

  43. gregorian says:

    I think the bunny suit / undies doesn’t leave enough to the imagination at all.

  44. skyeleo says:

    Lol-well he’s not exactly hoppin’ down the bunny trail. Can’t blame that little boy! The ears are pretty awkward.

  45. Jackie says:

    Carrots up his nose… pants on his head… longjohns… that poor boy’s gonna have therapy!

  46. Anne says:

    Looks like David Soul (from Starsky & Hutch) and Serpico are in the background … they must be investigating this for the crime that it is.

  47. Carolyn says:

    What’s up Doc?

  48. Cindi says:

    I am digging the cowboy in the back of the picture!

  49. Alan says:

    *sob*…but Grandpa said he had a surprise for me when he comes to the Easter gathering…*booohoooooo*

  50. KE says:

    I hope the bunny kept the back buttoned up.

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