The Gift

June 1st, 2010

The Gift - Christmas

The real question is… what are they doing in boxes?

(submitted by Louisa)

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  1. hahaha says:

    i go to school with the youngest kid! they had one more kid, a little girl, so maybe this was their announcement? hahaha i love this family!!!

  2. Stephanie H. says:

    Everyone in a box and a close one with a question mark… pregnant. Had to be.

  3. Tracy says:

    Another Christmas brought to you by The Gap!

  4. rancher8 says:

    Perhaps they thought it was their destiny to be in the box. Anyway if they wanted their family photo taken why would do it while inside boxes? It must have been awfully confusing when they sent the photo to their family and all they saw was the white background.

  5. steve z says:

    Can I get a gift receipt?

  6. siepri says:

    Oh my gosh that is Steven R. Covey and his family!! haha too funny. I think they ended up having like 8 or 9 kids so I bet that IS the announcement of a new baby.

  7. aSHlayy says:

    i loove how the couple is in a box togetherrr. lol too funny!

  8. matt says:

    I hope they kept the receipts.

  9. Bodysnatcher says:

    That boy in the back has such a gangsta pose. πŸ˜›

  10. Missy says:

    Dear Valued Customer,
    Please accept our gift of this random but fully denim family as our gratitude for your business. And a Happy Holiday season to you and … well these people.
    – Levis

  11. Katie Swim says:

    This is cute! Um…but the question mark…would someone who knows please tell us??:)

  12. Jeff says:

    Step 1: Cut a Hole in a Box

  13. TAO says:

    The real question is..Did they keep the sales receipt? lol

  14. CC says:

    Maybe they move frequently and decided living OUT-of boxes was overrated.

  15. Scott says:

    What’s in the box? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

  16. Fanboy Wife says:

    What’s in the mystery box? Is it the pet hamster? A baby?

  17. Imma HotMess says:

    The real question is: can this gift be exchanged?

  18. Audrey says:

    The real question is, where are all their legs?

  19. Joanne says:

    I don’t get it. I think they put the question mark there just to mess with people’s heads!

  20. Alan says:

    It’s a photo for the dad’s business card. He’s recently be promoted to Senior Shipping manager at United Parcel service.

  21. Heather D says:

    This is what you call a gifted family πŸ˜‰

  22. Straw says:

    This is a classic example of being able to tell that the setting was Mom’s idea (note the satisfied happy smile) and everyone else (with forced smiles) went along with it so as not to tick her off.

  23. Jon says:

    An alternative explanation would be to say this is a response to all the relatives asking what they are getting for Christmas: a big fat nothing!

    Also, this is totally bucking the tradition of these pregnancy photos of late. There must be some skin showing somewhere.

  24. Dora says:

    I think there is a little dog in the box, there are already enough children, so this is the way to tell the family there’s a puppy on the way.

  25. Anne says:

    They sent this photo to Marnie, seeking approval of their regulation attire and gift boxes for the next holiday visit.

  26. meansheep says:

    Waiting for Boxing Day, so I can exchange this weird family that I received for the Wii that I didn’t get….

  27. Mike L says:

    The best is that young boy in the back. He looks to be desperately trying to maintain his street cred under the most difficult of circumstances.

    • david says:

      Too funny, had the same thought but wasnt sure how to express it!

    • Melissa G says:

      That’s what I was thinking. He’s also cast off behind… like he doesn’t quite belong lol. My fave is the smallest kid in the front, he looks super excited, as if he’s being replaced by the question mark.

  28. carol says:

    Kind of cute.

  29. gregorian says:

    I imagine that there are 4 members of the family that are really shy. They don’t want to come out of their boxes for the photographer.

  30. Mah says:

    Ginger, The Professor and Mary Ann…and the rest.

  31. Laura says:

    Hahah I love this blog…just stumbled onto it today…these photos are soo funny and made me smile. Yes what are they doing in boxes…classic awkward moment

    Laura x

  32. DMF says:

    I think the question mark is because mom is pregnant with The Riddler.

  33. PB in CT says:

    The littlest boy is in a BUCKET!

  34. Jacobunny says:

    The question mark on the central box in front seems to indicate that the family also don’t know what the crap this shot is really about. Like, what is the significance of the “Male = Shirt, Female = Skivvy” fashion regime, and the white-on-white-on-white colour sceme?

  35. M says:

    This photo was snapped before they tragically shipped themselves to Grandma’s for Christmas, thinking it’d be cheaper than plane tickets and would give Grandma a happy surprise. Sadly, the shipment was temporarily lost at the warehouse and the bodies weren’t discovered until Easter.

  36. Margo says:

    Is this the family Christmas card for the year or something and their creative way to announce that another one is on the way?

  37. Tim S says:

    Now that’s thinking outside the box! (I bet there are lots of comments just like this one.)

  38. Bea says:

    And does the question mark mean that #5 child is on the way?

  39. Kate says:

    Is the question box because shes pregnant?

  40. CarrieM says:

    Let me guess. Mom’s expecting, and the box with the question mark represents the fetus, which is wearing jeans and a white top for the occasion.

  41. bRETT says:

    Why is there a question mark on the box… Are they trying to say thier will be a new child on the way and they haven’t named it yet or something.

  42. Ali says:

    I wonder what’s in the ? box. Gramma? Fluffy’s ashes? Maybe this was a clever way of announcing they’re pregnant? Bizzaro.

  43. binkymae says:

    Is this how they announced the new pregnancy to the family… with a Christmas card? Every child born is a gift…and there’s a mystery package on the way!

  44. Whozat says:

    I actually think this one is pretty cute, assuming mom is pregnant. She’s not showing, so maybe this was a combination Christmas card / pregnancy announcement. I like it.

  45. DrStrangelove says:

    Instant Family-in-a-box. Some assembly required. No instruction book.

  46. cobayashimaru says:

    what they are doing in the boxes? every family member is in a box, so what is in the “?” box? don’t you see? MOMS PREGNANT!!!! ..or becomeing a grandma…

  47. kim says:

    Santa really messed up my list this year!

  48. Carrie says:

    the older kid looks like he’s being lifted out of the ground… and I want to know who they stuffed into the box with the question mark on it!

  49. Candy says:

    Maybe they are going to have another baby and this is how they chose to announce it??

    • gregorian says:

      Well that is what my mother told me. That’s where babies come from.
      They are delivered in a box.

  50. CB says:

    Maybe they think they are God’s gift to the world…..they are really just conceited! πŸ˜‰

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