June 8th, 2010

Logjam - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“This is a photo of my dad (far right) and his three brothers. I guess the photographer couldn’t find a larger prop to set them on, and instead had them stradle and squeeze in.”

(submitted by Mandy)

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  1. Bec says:

    Aren’t they the Statler Brothers?

  2. Pikkewyn says:

    We hated Joe. They day before we had all agreed on white shirts and no jacket or tie. “Let’s keep it casual,” we said, but nooooo! Joe had to do his own thing and make the rest of us look like fools. He always thought he was so great what with his non-deformed right arm that he didn’t have to hide like the rest of us had to do.
    But I got Joe back. I sat close. Really close. Uncomfortably close. So close, you could see the discomfort in his face just like you could see the look of vengeance in mine.
    Never had to worry about Joe again after that. We never saw him again.

  3. cranky says:

    “Az you see here in ziz beauteeful time-lapse photograph, ze facial hair slowly continues its upvard migration over time. Beautiful, wild facial hair creeping slowly, slowly upvard from ze lower cheenlands until eet settles for ze long vinter beneath the gentle, warming breezes of Mt. Nostril.”

  4. Whole lot of handlebar mustache going on here.

  5. k says:

    I think one of them was my phy ed coach back in 5th grade.

  6. Candy says:

    Rockin’ mullet on the 2nd bro in line!

  7. Traci says:

    Um.. Looks like the Oakridge Boys to me! Before they were stars!

  8. Dibs says:

    From right to left its like the evolution of a beard starting with a ‘stach to a full blown beard.

  9. Kayse says:

    Nice photo Mandy of your dad, I’m sure he is excited that it was posted!

  10. Duncan says:

    Beards up front, ‘staches in the back.

  11. Tree Smith says:

    The brother in the front is clearly the rebel. The black sheep. The man who goes it alone…

  12. Carole says:

    I can smell the musk cologne from here. Somebody open a window.

  13. durhay says:

    I bet they got into a few fights over “tastes great” vs. “less filling”

  14. sarah says:

    i like how they are all trying so hard to not touch eachother

  15. MQ says:

    The evolutuion of facial hair

  16. Anne says:

    #3 “Eww, who cut the cheese?”
    #2 [Totally oblivious] “What?”
    #1 “Good, they’ll think #2 did it”
    #4 “Knock it off, guys – I’m trying to look cool here!”

  17. Lindsay says:

    This is great Mandy!! Hahahahahahaha! Wait until I email this link to my dad! I can’t stop laughing! At least your dad’s haircut has finally allowed him to “become a star!” Hahahaha!

  18. Gillian says:

    whoa, that is a whole lot of hair.

  19. Don says:

    “Uh sir, we know you have to take pictures of the hockey team at 4pm. Couldn’t we wait till our bobsled and spandex suits arrive to make this shot look more authentic?”

  20. armchair hero says:

    My heart’s on fire for Elvira!

  21. TailevuTorpedo says:

    “…and with their boys size underwear firmly in place, the Gibb Brothers suddenly broke out in a falsetto harmony.” Stayin’ Alive was born!

  22. Flying Manatee says:

    I love the “Name Belt” on the brother on the right. I’m not sure how pervasive Name Belts were in other parts of the country in the late 70s, but here in Texas every high school boy wore one. Your name was proudly displayed on the back of the belt, and on the front you wore a large buckle, most likely touting Colt guns or Lone Star beer.

    • John R. says:

      Just in case you forgot it come quiz time …

    • Ang says:

      It was the “in thing” here in the southeast, too. The belt buckles also touted Harley Davidson motorcycles or Ranger bass boats.

    • j-lu says:

      yikes…I bought my BF a name belt for hannukah last year – I’d never seen them before (NYers – no one has room for leather tooling…er…tools? in these tiny apts). He wears it daily. Should I tell him that’s wrong???!

  23. Kazz says:

    ♪ ♫.”Oh play me….some mountain music….like my grandma and grandpa used to play….”♪ ♫.

  24. binkymae says:

    Instead of”Log Jam”, how about “Spooning Siblings”?

  25. Penny D. says:

    Them thar’s some warwulves.

  26. WendyV says:

    Is that the Oakridge Boys?

    • Tim says:

      No, but if there was ever an Oaks tribute band…THIS would be exactly how their publicity photo would look!

  27. Stacy says:

    They don’t make ’em like they used to

  28. Stacy says:

    Ahhh….they don’t make ’em like they used to.

  29. Gina says:

    Omg, you titled it “Log Jam”? The photo is definitely awkward, but title is…. gross. Hahaha ridiculous!

  30. matt says:

    What 70’s band are they?

  31. DrStrangelove says:

    From the point of view of any given individual in the photo, only three of them are brothers.

    Oh, and the worst part of this entry, by far, is the title!! (And the pic is plenty awkward!!)

  32. Gabby says:

    Hey, isn’t that the Statler Brothers???

  33. Pete says:

    Hey, I think I have their album! 🙂

  34. powermuffin says:

    I’ll have the second one from the left, please. He looks like a Viking and I could use a Viking right about now.

  35. G says:

    Surely this is the cover of a 70’s music album. Early 80’s, even…

  36. Zoe-Lu says:

    The guy in the suit kinda ruins the all white shirts theme….

  37. John III says:

    The four Amigos: Kenny Rogers, Grizzly Adams, Tom Selleck and Charles Bronson!

  38. HeatherW says:

    After a tough day of sound tests and rehearsals, the country band Alabama thought they’d ease back and wax nostalgic for a few, preferably while almost sitting in each other’s laps.

  39. Skipster says:

    New game: ‘Stash The Log!

  40. Erin says:

    The Oakridge Boys….the Early Years…..

  41. DanielC says:

    Hop on board the moustache train!

  42. CarrieM says:

    I wouldn’t mind being the tomato in that club sandwich.

  43. Fanboy Wife says:

    I see that mustaches are required, yet white shirts are optional.

  44. Jill H says:

    It’s the Brawney paper towel model contest!

  45. linda says:

    nothing really awkward about this to me, but those haircuts will come back to haunt them for sure.

  46. Margo says:

    The shot we are not seeing is when one of these brothers got up and the bench flipped backwards….

  47. Don says:

    “Uh sir, we realize you have to take pictures of the hockey team at 4pm. Couldn’t we wait till our bobsled and spandex suits arrive to make this shot look more authentic?”

  48. North says:

    Barry Gibb would be proud…

  49. JAY says:

    Now that’s awkward.

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