The Boxer

June 10th, 2010

The Boxer - Pets

Even the boxer thought the boxers were overkill.

(submitted by Scott)

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Have to say, I think the picture is sweet. I cuddle my cat all the time in bed and there is nothing sexual about it. Gorgeous guy and beautiful dog. That’s it…

  2. kateabugs says:

    Very very nice and sexy….the dog that is lol

  3. wendy says:

    WAIT! There was a dog in that picture??

  4. Wendy says:

    I’d LOVE to take the place of that doggie (whatever it is)!

  5. Davey Jones says:

    COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! Stop complaining that the dong is not a boxer and just take in the beauty of this pictue! Stunningly HOT guy, and cute dog! what else could you ask for?

    • Mz Angie G says:

      Someone who doesn’t pay to have semi-nude photos taken with his pet. PASS!

      Also, loved the “dong” slip. Hehe.

  6. JM says:

    Someone send help for that dog! He’s in an Axe Body Spray commercial against his will!

  7. Lee says:

    Dang people … where does it say that the caption is referring to the dog?

  8. Soquel says:

    Had this picture been taken at his house, it would have been cute.. but the fact that he went to a studio to take a picture with his dog in his BOXERS is just odd to me..

    and like everyone else said.. it is a pit bull..

  9. irene kondor says:

    It’s a Staffie…….. staffordshire (sp?) terrier …….. close to a pit, different face. Pits have wide foreheads … wide set eyes. ‘Boxers’ on both or none at all on each,lol.

  10. irene kondor says:

    It’s a Staffie…….. staffordshire (sp?) terrier …….. close to a pit, different face. Pit has those wide forehead … wide set eyes……. boxers on both or none at all on each.

  11. Jon says:

    Not a boxer, it’s a pit bull (American Pit Bull Terrier if we want to get technical).

  12. Marie says:

    Damn i would take him is he single?? He is HOT>>>

  13. PAUL says:

    this guy is HOT the dog is cute too 😛

  14. RugbySkin says:

    I’m gonna tag in for the dog please. Thank you.

  15. DERPDERP says:

    its a pitbull

  16. crystal says:

    That is a cute lil pit bull puppy not a boxer..and wow the guys hot..

  17. Raven says:

    The joke would be funnier if the dog was actually a Boxer.

  18. Katie says:

    This guy could be cute if it weren’t for the fact that he’s chosen to have a professional picture taken of him spooning his dog in his underwear. There are plenty of other ways to express your love for your dog… I mean come on! Really?!?!?

    • DHACK says:

      Thank you. I am actually disturbed by the number of women on here who are all enamored with a guy who clearly has boundary issues with his dog. There is no way to look at this other than FRIGGIN WEIRD!

  19. Dianne says:

    Very good looking guy.

  20. amber says:

    ummm…. to bad the dog isnt a boxer

  21. Pikkewyn says:

    Crop tool, anyone? Just a bit on the right, please. Okay, just a bit more where you can see the dog’s . . . yeah, there.

    As for the “boxer” reference, why does everyone assume it refers to the dog? Or the underpants? The guy’s nicely cut, so maybe he’s the boxer! 🙂

    • Bebel says:

      Yes, and next thing we should all be putting pants on our dogs, too. 😀

      Sorry, I guess I just find it a liiittle silly to be all “ooh, my eyes!” about seeing a dog’s privates like that. It’s not like it’s zoomed in or anything, and most of the time you can see them anyways.

  22. Gina says:

    it’s not a boxer

  23. Modine says:

    Not the most flattering pose for either one of them, but that dog is gorgeous.
    At least he won’t be embarrassed by this picture later.

  24. Chelsea Winter says:

    That is soo a pit pup, and a beautiful one at that… but yeah, this is wrong on a quite a few levels.

    • Auryn says:

      it is NOT a pit. the jaw and forehead are wrong for a pit. it might be some other terrier or part pit, but NOT full. pits are prettier.

  25. Riss says:

    Why, of all possible things, does it strike me as awkward that it’s a boy dog?

  26. April Sheller says:

    I guess alot of people thought the same thing I did….boxer?? not so much..thati s a beautiful pittty baby!!! LOVE ‘EM!!

  27. Harry says:

    I’m seeing a bit more than I want to see!!

  28. Deb says:

    Looks like they both got a rise out of the photo op.

  29. Miffy says:

    They jus’ chillin’.

  30. maryjane says:

    That guy is yummy. It would have been awkward if he was naked with the dog- i wouldnt mind

  31. Frau Blucher says:

    it’s kind of silly…but the puppy is so cute and the guy aint’ half bad…at least he’s not some big hairy shlub.

  32. powermuffin says:

    Was this portrait done for use as a dating site profile pic? Will someone please tell him that he is handsome and sexy enough not to need a cute dog to attract women. Although maybe it was done for that dating site for pet lovers but even then it was cute overkill.

    Aww, what am I saying… I love it! A person who loves their pet so much that they will have their portrait taken with them is alright in my book.

  33. Luci says:

    Not a Boxer!

  34. This photo strikes me as all kinds of WRONG.

  35. Rox says:

    Not awkward I don’t think. Sweet picture of a guy and his dog, both of which are cute I might add lol.

    • missdisdain says:

      So, the purpose of this site is to dispute whether a photo is awkward or not. I thought it was supposed to be fun. Silly me.

      • New Tampa Leslee says:

        Rox, you don’t think that picture is awkward? A half naked man/in man panties, laying on the ground cuddling a dog for a prof. photo?
        You’re weird!

  36. His boxers just show off his doggy-style!

  37. Señor Loco says:

    Why does the dog have that “Why couldn’t we just do dinner and a movie?” look on its face?

    • Sunny Sequim says:

      ha! that should have been the caption.
      its a PIT BULL!
      you can’t make fun of people if you come off as uneducated yourself.

  38. Gordon says:

    Whatever the breed is, they’re both cute.

  39. Serpent says:

    That’s a pitbull!

  40. Shelby says:

    It’s a Pit Bull puppy…not a boxer.

  41. Ashley Wood says:

    that’s so not a boxer.

    and it could have been worse, they could have been tighty whiteys.

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