The Cure

June 22nd, 2010

The Cure - Prom


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  1. fantastickilljoy says:

    Uber tease O_O

  2. Annette says:

    Too darn funny!

  3. Marlon says:

    Gary Got the last laugh and the last of the hair spray!

  4. AJ says:

    Ummm…Isn’t those the same kids in the ”Twilight” photo a couple pages forward?? And you said that would be last time he’d be wearing white??

  5. Sophia says:

    Holy Hell

  6. Cynthia O says:


  7. StainOnTheMemory says:

    Just like heaven xD

  8. Karen says:


  9. Not Lou Reed says:

    Looks like The Doctor went back in time to take a portrait with The Cure. How cute!

  10. katscratch says:

    The kid in front is *so* a young Matt Smith….

  11. Smartazz says:

    I think the 4 in back are from the band…” Human League” and since they havn’t gotten any gigs in years, they are rented out at proms and the couples lay in front of them and use them as a prop…..but thats just my guess 🙂

  12. BarleysMom says:

    This looks like iot could have been a movie poster for some John Hughes movie…..all we need is Molly Ringwald and Duckie and we’re set!

  13. JENo.O says:

    Isn’t this the same group from the Twilight photo posted on here?

  14. Omi says:

    Hey, are these the same guys from the TWILIGHT photo, the early years?

  15. The other Sarah says:

    The one in the grey suit is a real rebel

  16. JEN, JENNY says:

    this is an awesome photo. more like conditioner to smooth it out!

  17. mjp says:

    Sing it… “And I ran, I ran so far away… couldn’t get away!”

  18. mt says:

    never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

  19. dianne says:

    Hey, it’s a Flock of Seagulls

  20. mrsmarvel says:

    I think I went to this prom.

  21. AmberJayne says:

    Pfft, who cares what’s in style??? Why is everyone so set on trends and what other people tell them it’s “okay” to wear or look like? I STILL want hair that big; unfortunately my hair is just frizzy and ends up looking more tangled than wispy. 🙁 Boo. And hooray for Nina Hagen, as a side note. 🙂

  22. Amy says:

    This looks like something out of Degrassi High, the original 80’s version.

  23. melissaky80 says:

    The Cullen family circa 1985

  24. SoMuch2Say says:

    I kinda miss the eighties!

  25. Kitty says:

    I love this picture.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Shampoo ????
    Hairspray !!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Tiff says:

    I love this picture!!!

  28. LS says:

    Wow, just- wow. Of course, in the 80’s I would have been jealous. I was always trying to get my hair to do that. The dude in the bow tie was probably someone’s younger brother tagging along.

  29. azoolap says:


    More scary: I have pictures of me and my friends that look like this.

    • Jennifer says:

      Me, too. I have a great picture of me posing with a friend of mine much like this. We thought we looked SO great.

  30. Brian says:

    The leaning young man in the gray was the first to try out the invention that would change hair forever: conditioner.

  31. Andy says:

    I wanted hair that big so bad in the early 80’s.

  32. MariaA says:

    This must be detention, because new-wavers and preppies did not mingle. But who here is serving detention? pondering…

    • Coll says:

      The “mingling” involved me (the guy in the front, tenth-grader) dating the tall guy in the back (senior). So nope, no detention!

  33. Bucksnut says:

    I would totally rock this look if it came back in style today. 80’s fashion…loved it!

    • beat says:

      why does it have to come back in fashion?

      damn i rock it by doing my hair ausgang-style. i’m 23. but i’m kinda glad it’s not mainstream.

      fashion is temporary, style is forever.

      great music was done in the 80s.

  34. CarrieM says:

    Sometimes I achieve this look accidentally by riding in a convertible without a scarf.

  35. Pixipetal says:

    I love this so much! And the gingers are totally hot, the one on the right looks like a weasley twin

  36. grinningpik says:

    Say what you like because boys don’t cry.

  37. HeatherW says:

    Anyone seen my Kajagoogoo cd?

  38. Steph says:

    The two on the bottom should have known they’d be really embarrassed by this later on in life.

  39. Aoife says:

    SO thankful I didn’t go the big hair route in the ’80s.

  40. LAWB says:

    I believet the red haired kids (and yes the other red haired kid is the square in the front) are siblings…that is the only thing I can think of that makes sense. Otherwise, I see the back 4 (aka Robert Smith/Flock of Seagulls) completely ignoring the two in the front when walking down the halls of highschool…

    • Coll says:

      I’m the guy in the front – not a redhead, and an only child. I did once put my hand on the redhead’s knee at a Nina Hagen concert, though…

  41. Who knew Prince Harry(far right) was a former member of Echo and the Bunnymen?

  42. Carolyn B says:

    Scary. And what’s scarier is that I still see people stuck in the style of their high school graduation year. The only thing worse than my big-haired neighbor is the 70-something with the white lipstick and heavy black eye makeup I see at the grocery store.
    The poor kids in this photo thought they looked great when it was taken, but I bet it sends chills down their spines now.

    • Coll says:

      Nope. I’m the guy in the front, and am still in touch with at least a couple of the others (I was dating the tall guy in the back at the time). We all think it’s pretty awesome that we’re on here. And I don’t think any of us would have done anything differently if given a chance!

    • b says:

      i see that as devotion. isn’t it boring and stresful being like everyone else?

      i wouldn’t even know how.

  43. Matt says:


    During those years I felt out of place because I couldn’t pull off this look. (And I mean EXACTLY this look, since these are friends of mine.)

    Retrospectively it feels like I dodged a bullet.

  44. Be3t says:

    Rock On, Kids! (I’m still waiting for oversized jackets with pushed-up sleeves and really flat shoes to make their big comeback. When they do, let’s all go out together!)

  45. Margo says:

    I can’t help it, I find myself humming this Sesame Street song: “One of these couples is not like the other….” I have to admit, I hope the big hair of the 80’s never comes back in style.

  46. muse7 says:

    Two of these kids just aren’t trying hard enough! Keep growin’!

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