Awkward Family Story: Dessert Anyone?

June 28th, 2010

When I was 12, I got my first period. I was so embarrassed and had to work to get the nerve to confide in my mother. When I told her, she seemed very excited and oddly proud of me. Later on that day, I joined my mom, dad and younger brother at the dinner table only to be greeted with a cake that was decorated with the words ‘Congrats on your 1st Period.’ That’s right, my mom had baked a celebratory menstruation cake.

(submitted by Annabelle)

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  1. photolover says:

    Mine was incredibly low key, which I’ve always appreciated and been quite greatful for. I was 11 or 12, don’t remember which. I don’t even remember which season it was, but I do know there was no school that day. I remember that I hadn’t felt well the night before, and had fallen asleeep in my parents’ bed, as they were out most of the night. I woke the next morning, went to the bathroom, and discovered it there (actually, one of my little sisters pointed it out).
    I was the oldest of five, at that time. My mother had never sat down with me and ‘had the talk’, but my mother has never been a discreet person, nor a ‘motherly’ type person. I’d learned most of what I needed to know by listening to the adults talking and joking, and the rest by myself later. Thankfully, I was able to talk about these things to my younger sisters when thier times came.

    When it was discovered that I’d got my first period, my mom came into the bathroom, said ‘here’ and handed me the pads. I already knew how to put them on. That was that, except that she did tell a few friends and relatives, which embarrassed me mor than just a little. Thankfully, they had enough sense not to make a big deal about it. Young girls are quite sensitive about that in the beginning. It’s an awkward and embarrassing matter to most.

  2. MissyAnn1015 says:

    I thought my mother was the only person who “celebrated” periods…I was a very young 10 when I got mine the first time, and I can remember my mother calling people and saying, “she’s a woman now.” WT*??? I was 10. She had to go into the hospital about two months later to have my baby sister, and sure enough, I got it the day she went in! I had to go shop for feminine hygiene products with my step-father! UGH! He kept trying to help me and I was MORTIFIED. He says I just grabbed the forst box of whatever I could and threw them in the cart and kept on walking. He had to sneak back and exchange them, as I grabbed a box of super plus Playtex tampons…I am 43 now, and he STILL tells this story!

  3. monyhoney says:

    For my husband’s 14th birthday is dad asked him, “so do you have any hair cropping up in strange places? We only have two more years to go to ask our oldest the same question!

  4. Marcie says:

    Ooof. Poor OP.

    I actually thought my first period was a severe case of E. Coli and that I was bleeding out my intestines. I guess that’s what happens when you stick your fingers in your ears and hum during 5th grade health class…and read stories about food poisoning before going to a Don Pablo’s…

  5. kIkI says:

    I was about 12 when this happened & thankfully my step-mom at the time didn’t make a big deal out of it. Luckily for me I have 2 boys and will never have to worry about them starting. They know all about The “great aunt flow” and know that I am not nice at least a week out of the month. One of them(he was 9) was at work with me one day and we were in the bathroom, and he said Oooh look I want to buy a napkin. (it was the pad machine) so I went to get some change imagining what his face would look like once it dropped that pad out of there!!! I couldn’t contain myself and kept on laughing. Unfortunately for me the machine was broken.. he figured out that they were actually maxi pads and not “napkins” God love my boys. They’re gonna be great boyfriends & husbands one day I hope & understand what a woman goes through. I don’t think I’d ever throw a party or bake a cake because once a girl realizes how awful periods are they’re gonna hate them!!

  6. Anne says:

    My first period wasn’t that bad. It was during that summer, but I first realized when I went to the restroom. I called for my mom in a terrified voice and the next thing I hear is, “Did you get you period?!” yelled from the next room by my older sister. She was not taking it as seriously as I felt it should be taken at the time. I was freaking out. She then proceeded to make fun of the horror that was in my voice as I called for my mom. It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t go to a public school so I hadn’t had sex ed. I wasn’t fully prepared. But that was no cake and nothing in front of friends or classmates.

  7. Donna says:

    My mom told me that when she was about 12 or so (1925) She was playing out in the back yard with some friends.
    Someone noticed some blood and told her “oh your bleeding” She panicked and went in the house. All her mom did was get her some towels and told her to never let a boy touch her.

  8. Vanessa says:

    I cannot believe that this whole “celebratory cake thing” has happened to others. My parents are divorced. I always lived with my mom, but in seventh grade I went to live with my dad and step mom for about a year. Whenever I got my first period, I did’t want everyone making a big deal out of it….I mean good god, they beat that crap into your brain at school, so I knew how to handle it. I got some of my step mom’s “items” out of her bathroom and took care of it….abba dee abba da, life goes on right? Of course not, she noticed the wrappers in my bathroom trash and told my dad who called my mom and my grandparents which led to two akward and unwanted phone conversations (my mom was all crying and stuff) and then my dad was skipping around the house like a happy little leprechaun (literally…no exaggeration) going on and on saying, ” We need to bake a cake. Aren’t we supposed to bake a cake?!!” I put a stop to all of his talk about cake baking with a quickness. So, even though a cake was never baked…I was mortified. Why couldn’t everyone just leave me alone…sheesh.

  9. Caity says:

    My mom did the exact same thing. She baked me a chocolate-on-chocolate cake, and in red frosting wrote “Happy First Menses” on it. …My mom is a nurse, and uses random proper terminology for things. And of course used the writing on the cake as an opportunity to educate my little brother. XP

  10. yeahhh says:

    when i first got my period i cried because thought it was some kind of infection …

  11. scruffy says:

    All I have to say is, ā€œAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!ā€ This is the best story post on the site here and these are the most horribly awkward comments that Iā€™ve read here. This is super. I love this site.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, ā€œAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!ā€

  12. miss 13 says:

    well all these r lol funny. mines not that bad but my brother yelled out that i needed pads and on my birthday (which was a month l8r) sings happy birthday then suddenly yells “and ur pads mean ur bleeding” how does he know all this anyway even when im not on my sister says do u have on a pad when i say no when im not on she says y and im like cuz i dont need one then she acts like she knows all about periods and says well u need to all the time. im like no i dont and it goes on like that for a while. i just so happen to be on right now and noone knows but me and my mom for once. i know this is long but my mom just told me how to put one on when i knew already she hasent told me about tampons but i know about them i think she thinks im not ready oh well any way thanks for reading my extra long comment that took me one min. to type. im so proud of myself. bye

  13. anonymous says:

    At least your mother’s didn’t offer to help you put the tampon in! Yes, I am a neurotic adult. I do my best.

  14. cmn says:

    Wow . . . my mother was so the opposite of excited for me. In fact, I think it seriously depressed her. She was the skinniest thing ever and hence was quite the late bloomer, so she was not at all prepared for me to get mine at 12. She kept apologizing to me — as if it were her fault or something — and giving me these pitying looks. I pretty much had to comfort her, rather than the other way around. LOL!

  15. Julia says:

    These are all funny… but I think mine tops them all. When I first got my period, it was during school and I had to go make the morning announcements because I was on student cousel. Well me (and my best friend who also did the anouncements with me) were chatting quietly before we turned on the intercom to do the anoucements. I turned to her and told her I was now officially a woman because I had gotten my period. To my horror the whole school heard because the intercom was actually on, not off. I kid you not.. it was utterly and horribly the worst day of my entire life. I still haven’t been able to live that one down

    • LC says:

      Please tell me this is a true story. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who has done something mortifying. =)

    • Lisa says:

      Julia ~Thank you for sharing your experience.I found it so hilarious.I’m sure you were horrified at the time like you said.You gave the whole school something to really talk,laugh,and all the girls something to relate too.You never know how many girls you helped later down the road.I love all the shares.I am a mother of two daughters.They are both grown.I put a candle on a cupcake on there day.I wanted them to celebrate there womanhood.The older sister comforted the younger one and told her I did the same thing to her on her day.I get more Mom what were you thinking on the Mullet haircuts when they were in elementary school.
      You get my vote for being the top share.

    • Lil says:

      You poor thing!!! I just wanna hug you! How embarrassing!!

  16. Smartazz says:

    I just found out why schoolhouses are Red….because they have 7 Periods a day !!! sorry its juvenile, but I couldn’t resist šŸ™‚

  17. burgundy08 says:

    I was 12, in the kitchen getting ready for school. It started HEAVY. I made use of some paper towels and shouted to my mom (who was doing her hair in the bathroom) that my period had started & I needed the bathroom NOW! She told me I’d have to wait. Strangely out of character for my Mom. She didn’t seem to care at all!

  18. Rory says:

    I think if my mom had baked me a chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing and chocolate ice cream, I would have been VERY happy!
    Instead, she exclaimed I was a woman now and handed me a ton of tampons and pads. And showed me where to find the aspirin. I guess it was practical. But chocolate and a day off from school would have been nice. I felt like I was wearing a freaking diaper.

  19. Miranda says:

    Oh god. I am so glad my mom was low key about it. I was 14 so I knew what was going on and had been anticipating it for a while, and I just told my mom and she gave me some pads. No ~you are a woman now~ speech or calling of relatives. I can’t believe some mothers would put their daughters through that! Besides, the miraculous feat of bleeding is not going to suddenly make you a woman. Not a big deal :/

  20. Soquel says:

    Well let me add my menstration story!
    I started on a day I was also home for school.. I think because my dad was in town visiting.. I woke up and was totally shocked.. we had just had “sex ed” so I knew what was happening but still scared crapless.. I knew I had to call my mom, my dad was coming soon and my mom was at work 30 minutes away! I heard my brother outside the bathroom on the phone and I asked him who he was talking to and he said “why?” I told him I needed to call mom.. and he said he was talking to her but I couldnt talk to her until I told him why.. this went on for a few minutes (in which time I should have realized he wasn’t actually on the phone with my mom) until I was in tears and yelled out “BECAUSE I STARTED MY PERIOD” he than starting screaming into the phone.”EWW> DUDE MY LITTLE SISTER JUST STARTED HER PERIOD. Ya, she’s all crying on the toilet.. I guess I need to call my mom I will talk to you later.” After calling my mom she said she couldn’t leave work and I would have to ask my dad to buy me pads.. So when my dad got there as soon as he parked my brother ran out yelling “Dad you need to go buy Soquel pads, she just started her period!she’s still on the toilet!” across our apartment car port.Yes, he was that loud, I could hear him inside our house!…I cried for the rest of the day… My brother was such a douche!

  21. missyrunyon says:

    …”celebratory menstruation cake” – omg, I have been laughing my fool head off! My parents absolutely LOVED me, but in a million years they would not have done this. And if they had I would have crawled into a hole and never emerged. Ever. “What’s your daughter doing these days?” “Oh, she lives in that hole over there.”

  22. malee says:

    My mom was discreet when I got mine at 12, but when my younger sister got her’s at 13 (by then I was 16) I had to talk her out of baking a cake and throwing a mini party to announce it. It took nearly an hour to talk her down from this idea. It was worth it because my little sister might have committed matricide if she arrived home from school to a surprise party celebrating her entry into womanhood.

  23. Ari says:

    This makes me so glad I was 13 (instead of 10 or 11) when I got mine. My mom only used tampons, so we had to find a free sample of pads and then go get some after school the next day. I switched to tampons by the 2nd or 3rd month though! (or what my friend calls “happy plugs”)

    • Annie says:

      Ohh, all the men reading that must be cringing; but the “happy plugs” part made me lol out loud! My friend used to call them “pon-tams” to thwart potential eavesdroppers.

      • LOL says:

        My friends called them “Party Poppers”.

        I refer to it as “Aunt Flow is visiting” to drive my dear daughter nuts.

  24. sasha says:

    was it red velvet?

  25. Marissa Dutton says:

    Am I the only one that can’t see the picture? It’s just showing the caption..

  26. lise says:

    in Kuna Yala tribes in panama they have a party for this. everyone in the village knows, and you chew up corn and spit it into a jar. let it ferment all together and then drink it as alcohol. there is dancing and everyone celebrates your journey to womanhood

  27. Nemad says:

    I just choked on my delicious Almond Snicker in mid-laughter! I mean, REALLY?!?!

  28. Kee says:

    Grossed out says:
    July 12, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    That is just a disgusting story. I canā€™t believe anybody would willingly share this. AFP is ridiculous. No profanity or anything like that, but please feel free to talk about you periods.

    I agree with the poster who said TMI. Gross.

    but you read thru the list of 192 comments before you felt compelled to leave a comment….. LMAO!

  29. Dan says:

    Thought I heard all the weird stuff I was going to in my and profession but I guess this story had a new ways to embarrass a teen. WOW

  30. Jenny S says:

    My dad was big on celaberating all milestones with a dinner out. When I got my first period we went to the local family resturant where my dad told the waiter, loudly, why we were there. Years later when I hung out at the same resturant with friends the waiter called me period girl.

  31. Meredith says:

    Mine was when I was 13. I went shopping with my older sister that day, so I told her about it and then she called my mom at home and told her. Then she took me to a candy store and bought me some chocolate and said “You will need this, trust me!”

  32. Grossed out says:

    That is just a disgusting story. I can’t believe anybody would willingly share this. AFP is ridiculous. No profanity or anything like that, but please feel free to talk about you periods.

    I agree with the poster who said TMI. Gross.

    • Sandy says:

      Then why are you reading them?

    • Vanessa Conde says:

      oh why don’t you go bake a cake?! Grossed out! haha šŸ™‚

    • Not Grossed Out says:

      Why is that disgusting? It’s something natural and not gross at all. Don’t be such a prude.

    • Rebeck says:

      You have issues. Thats like saying that yawning is gross. It happens and you can help it, but because yawning happens to EVERYONE its ok. Are you male?

      And I agree with Sandy. If you dont like it, dont read it. Its simple.

      • photolover says:

        I agree also, Grossed Out. It’s a natural thing, despite the way various cultures might see it. It’s also a private thing, but if one can find humor in it, so what? Humor makes some things more bearable, including humiliation, lol.

        Besides, why is it seen as ‘disgusting’ for a woman to relate the tale, in this anonymous setting, of the day she left childhood behind in the way all women do at some point, yet it’s conidered acceptable for men to go around- in not so anonymous ettings- relating to anyone within earshot the overly ambitious tales of thier sexual conquests as if they are signs of what ‘MEN’ they are, rather than disgusting truths about thier inflated egos?

  33. KSo says:

    I don’t know what our mothers were thinking! Mine sang “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” all day long…To this day I can’t hear that song without cringing.

  34. Linny says:

    OMG-all these stories are killing me!
    Mine is similar to many and oh so awkward.
    Was home sick w/ the measles and got my 1st period so I told my mom that afternoon. We owned (and lived upstairs from)a restaurant and older boys from my school worked for my dad in the kitchen. Later that evening, I went down to the kitchen for a snack and my mom tells my dad in front of the workers! It was all over the school the next day! When I got over the measels and went back to school, I had to walk through the halls while older boys(who were bullies) chanted about my period.
    As if I wasn’t already dorky enough!
    And somehow I did not commit matricide…although I sure did dream about it!

  35. dianeebananee says:

    My Dad announced it at the dinner table to my brothers that they had to watch out for me now.

  36. Blossom says:

    OMG! The same thing happened to me, only instead of my mom it was Mrs. Huxtable.

  37. Shannon says:

    Ok, that was funny. My first period, I happened to also be home sick with strep throat. I called my Mom at work and she goes “hmmm I guess that’s why you’ve been such a B the last few days.” NICE.

    Still, the cake would have mortified me!! I feel for you! (and totally laughed at your expense!!)

  38. Mudhooks says:

    One day, my little brother, aged about 7, came up and handed me a package of multicoloured notepads. I looked a bit mystified and he said “I heard you tell Dad you needed some pads!”

    I laughed and said “Not those kinds of pads!” Poor kid burst into tears…. He had no idea what I really meant but figured it was something “grown-up” and “embarrassing” and wouldn’t talk to me for the longest time.

    • Caitie says:

      Aw, that’s cute! Makes me wish my brother was still that age. He was a lot cuter back then too.
      Not surprised he burst into tears at that, he was just trying his best to help you out is all. You should’ve thanked him anyway, it’s the thought that counts, right? Not his fault he didn’t know what you meant.

  39. period hater says:

    Girls have it worse then boys and it is annoying. By that I mean when we reach our women hood or manly hood.

    • katie says:

      totally agree.

      • CajunRick says:

        Actually, while I know that having a period must be a pain, it’s a clear and succinct sign that yesterday you were a girl, and today you’re a woman. Boys don’t get any sign that is that clear and sudden. Hence, lots of boys never grow up, because no one ever tells them that they’re supposed to be men now.

  40. Anne says:

    I got my first period during my math class. I asked to go to the bathroom and thats when I found out. I didn’t know what to do so I ran straight to the nurses office. The nurse was very nice and had plenty of stuff to use and she let me take some pads home. When I need more supplies I have to go to the store with my dad.

  41. Kiki says:

    I thought I had a bad “1st period” story. My mother worked at my school so the day of my first period, every time I walked into a class, in front of everyone, every one of my teachers said something like, “Congratulations on becoming a woman” or “Your mother told me you finally got your period!” After the first three, even my friends were snickering.

    I’d rather have had the cake.

  42. RubysArms says:

    I too got my first period when I was 12. It was summer and I was all set to stay a week with my grandparents alone at the beach. Full of embarrassment, I swore my Mom to secrecy and let her know I didn’t want to go on vacation anymore. Ever the slick cat my Mother is, she informed my grandparents that my “pet rabbit had died” and I couldn’t go on the trip. Now, years later, should my mood not be up to par – I am asked “What’s wrong with you? Did your rabbit die?”

  43. Jess says:

    I feel this story – when I was 12, I got my first period on a camping trip in Canada with my Nana… she had to call home and inform my parents, so when she got my ‘dad’ on the phone, she gave him the whole story, or so she thought… luckily for my older brother, he was now old enough to sound exactly like my father… all he could muster was: “ew…”

  44. Leslie says:

    I got a dairy queen ice cream cake that said “way to go Leslie!”

  45. Brittany says:

    I hope it wasn’t Red Velvet Cake!

  46. WhyNotSmile says:

    I do NOT understand how mothers can do this to their daughters… having your first period is awkward enough without telling the world and then having to have a ‘celebration’ and eat cake while feeling icky.

    My mum was a bit awkward about the whole thing, but told me the basics and explained about pads and how to use them. Tampons were never mentioned as an option, so I didn’t discover them till later, but all in all it wasn’t a bad introduction.

    Unfortunately, I picked up that it was a bit awkward, so when I started I didn’t tell anyone for a couple of days. Thankfully my first one was quite light (with no cramps), so it wasn’t until my mum saw the stains in my pyjamas that she realised and asked me about it.

    • PicLuvr says:

      Ummm… T.M.I.

    • angela says:

      I don’t understand why we treat a natural function as a terrible event, especially for girls. Growing up is something to be celebrated…although perhaps cake is a bit extreme and not to everyone’s liking. šŸ™‚

      Privacy is one thing, but why on earth should we make young women feel ashamed for **gasp** having a period? Perhaps it wouldn’t BE so awkward if grown-ups didn’t treat menstruation as a dirty little secret.

      • Jenny says:


      • LC says:

        You’re right. In fact, to help make menstruation less awkward we should get each other gifts, greeting cards and hold office parties with red streamers for every woman’s “special day.”

        • D says:

          Not to be misunderstood, I’m all for equalty and stuff (dunno the correct terms, english’s not my native, sorry), but no matter that menstruation is a normal body function, it’s not exactly fun either, is it?
          It should be treeted seriously and sensible and not like a hush-hush thing when raising your daughter, best at around the age of 10, so she’ll be ‘ready’ for it. But a cake, gift cards and public celebration? Doesn’t seem appreciated by most of young girls, it’s a very private thing after all. Especially if there are guys around. I mean, we don’t get (and don’t want) our first awkward boner celebrated like that.

    • sam says:

      Jeeeeez. suuuuch TMI. lord…

  47. Jackie says:

    I suddenly feel much better about my first period…

  48. Jeff says:

    As bad as that was, at least your mom baked the cake rather than order it from a bakery. Imagine placing THAT order…

  49. Stella says:

    My mother was the happiest person when I got my period. she took me out to dinner, and then expected the waiters to sing to me as if it was my birthday, but instead of happy birthday, she requested that they sing happy period. thank goodness I didnt get any cake šŸ˜›

  50. Ennie says:

    Wow. Better than my in-laws. They took their kid to the emergency room. All my mom did was say “Yeah, deal with it, I got supper to make”. Thank God she didn’t fuss.

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