My What Big Teeth You Have

July 7th, 2010

My What Big Teeth You Have - Behind The Awkwardness

I was 3 yrs old. My mom said I was fascinated with the Big Bad Wolf. I loved pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood and singing that song ‘Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?’ So she took me to see him. She says I peed on him because I was so scared he would eat me. Note the boy pointing. He was laughing at me. All the other girls have pictures with Snow White and Cinderella. This is my happy picture to remember our trip. My question is: why was this freak walking around at Disneyland?

(submitted by April)

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  1. Gossamer Axe says:

    I LOL’d all over my desk when I read this! Fantastic, thanks for sharing it! :~)

  2. Susie ! says:

    this is too funny… it’s an odd photo to begin with but once you read the caption it’s hysterical! the kid pointing is so funny. as someone who had siblings and knows that they’ll point and laugh at you instead of helping you makes it even funnier.

    thank you for posting this, it gave me a HUGE laugh today

  3. Tiff says:

    TThis happens all the time with Santa and the Easter bunny, and the kids parents still make them take the picture anyway. I have never seen a parent rush over and save their kids from Santa Claus, lighting up its life and the parents knew she wasnt in real danger. I can understand if the wolf was really trying attack her but he wasnt. My son is afraid of chuchky at chucky cheese but that doesnt mean I never I take him I rather he go around him more to see that chucky is harmless.

  4. Jeff says:

    April, you rock! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Denise says:

    that wolf still has nothing on the easter bunny, though.

  6. missy says:

    These comments are entertaining as heck. I am loving reading how she was “mistreated” for being held by a big fluffy disney character. I can’t wait until the Santa pics come around. OR the Easter Bunny. Then we can read about how the parents were abusive again. Love it. This is what our world has come to.

    Attention – that is a character from Disney cartoons. THAT is why he was there. Sheesh.

    I want to give some serious counseling to so many right now.

  7. Cephisso says:

    What I’m wondering is how many poor Disney workers go to the break room at the end of their shift, remove their stuffed heads, sit down at the cheap folding tables and say “Had another pee-er.” It must be a pretty common thing, excitement or fear that you find yourself suddenly being held by a giant mouse is enough to make any kid wet themselves.

  8. Katie says:

    HAHA! So sorry you had to go through that, but it makes for a great addition to this site! LOVE it!

    Reminds me of my trip to Universal Studios when I was 5. There’s a picture of Woody the Woodpecker hugging me while I’m all scrunched up and about to cry. My genius dad thought I was scared of him. I wasn’t scared. The truth is, his giant pointy beak was made of really hard plastic and it clunked me in the head so I started to cry. That freakin’ hurt! The things we get subjected to as kids…at least we can laugh about them later though! 🙂

  9. Meg-o Meg-o says:

    When I was four, my first ride at Disney was the Snow White ride. My parents didn’t realize that this would be a scary ride with screaming witches, etc. Afterwards, I cried on any indoor ride, including It’s a Small World, Spaceship Earth, the Movie Ride, the Mexico ride, the Norway ride, and none of them were scary. I rode Snow White ride again as a 10 year old. It was still scary. A few years later, they changed the name to Snow White’s Scary Adventures and the surprising witch queen is not as loud, so I suppose a lot of other kids were scared too. I’m in my 20s now and honestly, the funniest stories and pictures are when kids are scared at Batman or some other costumed person.

  10. Em (Rocks) says:

    Haha poor April. You are sharing a childhood treasure and these people are ready to burn your mom like a Salem witch.

    I am definitely the parent that puts my daughter into minor scary situations, so I respect your parents for taking a pic of this mini trauma. It’s better to show them harmless fright because they learn that even though things can be scary, they can also be fun and a great memory later. Plus, they realize they are not actually hurt by them. At Disneyland this year I took my 7 y/o on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, both of which she was initially terrified by. But you know what she said when we were coming home? “I think I could ride those again. They aren’t that scary.” Mission accomplished.

    You people who want to put blinders on your kids and only let them play with soft toys that have nice names are creating a society of adults who cannot cope in the real world. Bad things happen. Scary things happen. And we move on! It’s life.

    The picture is adorable/hilarious and you sound like it didn’t cause any lifelong damage. =)


    • Sonn says:


      I’m also willing to bet most of the people who are all up in arms over this are not parents. If they are, I hope they realize that they are doing more damage to their children by not teaching them how to deal with a full spectrum of emotions and experiences than they would be by introducing them to a favorite character at Disneyland, even if that character looked a little scary. For heaven’s sakes.

      April rocks. She shared an awesome photo and memory. We’ve all got a moment like this in our past, whether we have the picture or not. Thanks April!

  11. MM says:

    The magic of Disneyland…scaring little kids for a photo op.

  12. LadyMalchav says:

    I was traumatized by the exact same character when I was 2! Now I’m afraid of any of those giant character costume things. I call them ‘puppet people’. I almost had a panic attack once in Islands of Adventure when I got caught in the middle of the toon parade. It was not good.

  13. Kalendi says:

    I wish I had a picture like this of my terrifying moment! I remember my Dad carrying me through a haunted house while I bawled. He kept trying to comfort me that the ghosts were Casper the Friendly ghost (who was my imaginary friend). It didn’t work. I was traumatized but laugh at it now! Thanks for sharing April!

    • Shannon says:

      My mom took me through a haunted house like that when I was a kid and I was so traumatized by it that to this day, over 30 years later, I won’t go through any kind of haunted house. I love horror movies and books and such, but I will not even consider haunted houses. I believe this was the same trip that produced my Mad Tea Party ride trauma.

  14. Amom2two says:

    There are more uptight commenters on AFP than there are awkward pictures. Jeez guys, take your seriousness to … it’s around the block and to the left.

  15. Margo says:

    I have a similar picture of an extremely unhappy me on an amusement park ride I thought looked fun until I got on it. I swear parents take pictures of these moments to prove to us later that they were right and we were wrong.

  16. Rose says:

    I bet the “laughing” kid would not have been laughing much longer if the BBW reached for him next. Now THAT would have been a funny pt. 2 picture!

  17. Eves says:

    I am absolutely terrified of wolves and it all stems from a childhood dream I had about 20 years ago where I was being chased around a town by a cartoon wolf. THIS cartoon wolf.

    Years of repressed fears bubbling to the surface. I won’t sleep tonight.

  18. taino sam says:

    as soon as the paramedics brought me around after i passed out, i agreed with everyone else. who in there right mind would have such an attraction?! what next, the exorcist exhibit at DISNEY?!

  19. April says:

    It was not my moms fault I got scared. You guys are crazy. Kids cry. Get over it. She comforted me after. Not a big deal. My mom is great and meant absolutely no harm. Geez.

    • Ursula says:

      It’s a great photo, and thanks for sharing it! Don’t sweat the sensitive types who probably still think there are monsters in their closets!

    • Hexipooh says:

      I bet these folks don’t let their babies taste lemons and laugh at their expression either.

      Discuss THAT amounst yourselves 🙂

      • Janellionaire says:

        hee i did that yesterday. she wouldn’t leave the lemon wedges alone, so i let her taste one! i gave her a cherry right after though, and she forgave me.

        • MissyK says:

          OMG! My dad used to do that to my son (now 21) when he was about 2! It was hilarious. But my son LOVED the things & kept coming back for more. Each time he would make that face then right back. He would actually cry if my dad told him no more. LOL!

    • Shawna says:

      I LOVE this pic! You are right, too many parents are afraid they will traumatize their kids for life if they let them be uncomfortable for any period of time! Too many overprotected children these days!

    • chris says:

      I totally understand. My daughter LOVES the movie Chitty Bang Bang but when I took her to the traveling broadway version she became upset because the cannon shots reminded her of lightning, it was dark in there, etc. My parents brought my brother a toy fire engine for Christmas one year, thinking he’d adore it. He was terrified of the siren and shrieked when he would see it. You just never know.

  20. Jennifer says:

    All the comments prove that this is an awkward moment, and it clearly reminds many of us of similar awkward moments. Success!
    Mine was at the circus. Evil clowns threw a bucket of “water” right in my face. It was really confetti, but from that moment on, clowns became as evil as devils.

    I second Hexipooh’s statement: The world is a scary place! It’s also awkward, and fun. So relax and enjoy it whenever you can.

  21. Jeni says:

    I actually think its the bad guy from Pinnochio, the one who makes Pinnochio miss her first day of school to join the circus.

  22. Tiffani says:

    OMG I have a photo of myself just like this, only it was REALLY funny, and less actually traumatizing. I was being held by my dad while Goofy had his arm slung around my brother. I looked terrified LMAO! I think I was waiting for him to bite my brother’s head off LOL.

  23. Sue says:

    I guess you should have listened when mom said to stop singing that insane song so much. I guess you didn’t sing it after this!

  24. Donna says:

    Parenting. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

    • missy says:

      Surprised social services haven’t confiscated this photo for evidence of … I don’t know… being hugged by a disney character … or … well, I am sure they can find something to destroy a family about. Just look at this horrific image.

      (Please note sarcasm, I don’t want a bunch of people saying they agree with me that this girl was mistreated. That is stupid. She freaked out like we all did. Get a grip everyone.)

  25. gregorian says:

    The BB Wolfs mouth is actually big enough to fit the kids head in.

    If I was the Wolf and things were getting out of control, and I reckoned I was going to get fired for this, I’d think “What the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose…”

  26. Disneygal says:

    **My question is: why was this freak walking around at Disneyland?”**

    Probably because
    “For the rest of that decade, a Disney cartoon won the Oscar every year. The most sensational one was released in 1933 — Three Little Pigs. This was a breakthrough in character animation and provided something of an anthem for fighting the Great Depression � “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” The animated short was so popular, it sometimes was listed above the feature film on theater marquees”

  27. Connie says:

    HAHAHA…ok people really…it’s funny and I am sure the person is over it since SHE is the one who shared the picture! It’s like all of the Christmas photos you see of kids screaming on Santa’s knee! It’s a good keeper for when they are older. Stop taking this site so seriously!! It’s for a good laugh and not to dissect the WHY a parent took the picture. 🙂

    • April says:

      Thanks, Connie. I am the one that submitted it and I think it is great. My mother did not mean any harm to me whatsoever. People shelter their kids WAY too much, apparently. I was only in his arms for a few seconds.

  28. Mary Lou says:

    In 1974, Captain Hook stole my purse with his hook and wouldn’t return it for the longest time. I’m sure he thought he was being hilarious, but I was seriously looking around for help because I was terrified. Especially since the characters don’t talk and he wouldn’t respond to me. I feel so sorry for the little wolf girl. What a traumatic occurence!

  29. Harry says:

    I’m an adult and that wolf is scary to me.

    Completely inappropriate for a child.

  30. Marty says:

    I have a similar experience with my now 14 year old daughter. When she was 2 she was obsessed with Elmo. I took her to a mall knowing Elmo would be there. She did not stop screaming for 2 hours, and would not watch Sesame Street for months. She actually had nightmares!!! At least she forgave me for it and we’re still on speaking terms-lol

    • Some chick says:

      It’s probably worth noting that this is pretty much the reaction you can expect from kids when they meet a costumed version of their favorite fictional character. Doubly so if said character must be represented by a big, awkward fursuit. To a child, seeing a fictional character in person isn’t usually a delightful romp; it’s more like their minimal but still pretty reliable understanding of reality is being ripped out from under them (“Holy sh**, Santa is REAL!!??”). On top of that, I’m betting that there was probably a big, BIG difference between the cute little Muppet you knew and the giant gaping goggle-eyed red *thing* you saw at the mall.

    • woohoo! says:

      I think this is a great way to wean kids off those stupid kid shows and movies!

  31. Donna Sue says:

    Awww. The Big Bad Wolf was my favorite character when I visited Disney World in the 80s. Granted, I was a few years older than you, and the costume was way less scary. He also didn’t pick me up–just came up and switched my and my sister’s Mickey ears.

    So yeah, not the same experience at all. This is a fantastic photo/memory, though.

  32. Be3t says:

    I have one of myself bawling on Santa’s lap. And Santa looking so helpless.

  33. Sonn says:

    I would pee too, that is one scary looking wolf!

  34. Kelli says:

    When I was little, I was terrified of bees. So naturally my dad made me stand in a field of flowers. Of course there were bees everywhere. I have a picture similar to this one. I feel your pain.

  35. A Parent says:

    I hope you are not still scarred by this incident in your life. It was NOT horrible of your parents, it was pure comedy then and pure comedy now. Didnt you trust your parent would keep you free from harm?

    • F'Amos says:

      A lot of parents don’t do the greatest job of keeping their kids free from harm. Besides that, 3 is a pretty young age at which to expect that a child’s trust of their parents would override pee-inducing terror. Perhaps from this child’s point of view, her parents DIDN’T keep her free from harm — they handed her over to a scary stranger in a giant toothy wolf costume and took pictures while she cried.

      It may be pure comedy now to an adult now, but it sure doesn’t look like that little girl was laughing back then.

      • Missy says:

        LOL, harm. LOL, she was definitely in desperate harm of being harmed by the big bad wolf wasn’t she? Reality check here please people?

        • April says:

          I’m sorry, F’Amos, but I AM this little girl and you are COMPLETELY off base and out there somewhere. WOW.

  36. Scott says:

    Cured you of that big bad wolf obesession though, didn’t it?

  37. IndyClick says:

    And now we know what started Lil’ Danny Bonaduce into his downward spiral….

  38. Don says:

    Anwer to your question: I’m sure he was there with his family enjoying the sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom…whoops. Sorry, you were referring to the wolf not the kid laughing and pointing.

  39. Phrankeh says:

    lmao there is a similar story (sadly without picture :P) of me with clowns, no one really knew I was afraid of clowns till I actually met one, and I promptly threw up on him. Been terrified since then. lol

    • Spookedkid says:

      I STILL hate clowns. When I was 2 my mom decorated my entire room in a clown theme with a 4 foot clown sitting in a rocking chair by my bed. I get disturbed every time I remember.

  40. John says:

    That is so funny. Still it got you over your obsession. I know they still have the Wolf in Eurodisny

  41. Mary says:

    Why did they let him hold you!?!?!

  42. Lisa says:

    OMG! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  43. jen says:

    I have an almost identical picture with this horrible wolf! around 1982/83

  44. CK says:

    He was a naughty BBW. My mother has a picture with him and he was pinching her butt! I think that was his role in the 70’s. I think it’s great. To hell with PC!

  45. CarrieM says:

    There ought to be a page in the Disney manual that says “Do not grab children that are screaming in terror at the sight of you.”

    • Mabel says:

      Most of them don’t…we have annual passes to Disneyland and go all the time…most characters back off if they see a kid is scared.

  46. Vera says:

    i think under that costume there is an evil smile on some middle aged man’s face.

  47. PK says:

    That freak would be the wolf from Disney’s (now red-headed step child of sorts) “Song of the South”. I’m guessing he’s not still around these days.

    • Celeste says:

      Hey PK I’m pretty sure that wolf is from Disney’s version of the Three Little Pigs and not Song of the South. Tha t being said I had a similar experience with Santa. Mom took me to see him and the whole time while waiting in line, I was calmly going over exactly what I was going to say to him. Then it was my turn and I took one look and threw myself on the floor screaming in terror. My mother had no idea where her practical calm little girl had vanished to.

    • XJ says:

      Song of the South? You’re thinking of Brer Fox. He’s a FOX, not a wolf. 😉

  48. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for this! I almost peed my pants reading your caption!

  49. Bunnyluv says:

    I’ve never seen this one at a Disney attraction. Betcha anything they retired old Mr. BB Wolf from active duty that very day!

    • Alex says:

      They still use him here and there but usually just special occasions. We saw him 2 years ago bu.t my daughter had no desire to meet him so I have no picture

    • Ally says:

      Oh no, he’s still out there. I know that I have seen him out and about in Animal Kingdom in WDW. He’s also in the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parade.

  50. Nik says:

    This isn’t funny, it’s really horrible of your parents to do this. You were so terrified of him you involuntarily peed. They should be ashamed.

    • Smlhjackson says:

      It’s only not funny if April still pees when she sees a person in a wolf costume… otherwise it’s pretty dang funny!!

    • Kra says:

      Well, when I was three and I went to Disney World for the first time, I was so happy to see Mickey Mouse that I involuntarily peed. Kids pee – and apparently because of Disney characters. :\

    • Hexipooh says:

      Well, I find the story and the picture hilarious! Hate to break it to ya’, Nik, but the world IS a scary place!

      April, thanks for sharing.

    • Sonn says:

      They didn’t know she would be so scared. She was fascinated with the Big Bad Wolf – so when she had an opportunity to ‘meet’ him they thought she would like it. Turns out she didn’t. Kids are like that! I’m sorry April was so scared and DEF sorry some kid laughed at her for being afraid, but her parents had no way of knowing that is how she was going to react.

      • Mary says:

        Sonn, totally agree: you never know how a child will react. I have a picture of myself screaming my head off on Santa’s lap. Not only was I not traumatized forever, I have no memory of it. I think this picture (& my Santa picture) is funny.

      • nicswife says:

        wait… so they give her to the wolf, she starts freaking out… and they decided to take a photo. once she started reacting to the wolf that way, they could have taken her back from it instead of grabbing a photo. just sayin.

        • Tony says:

          Who knows, the whole process could have taken 5 seconds and they grabbed her after they took the photo, noticing how she was reacting.

          Not like we were there.

          • April says:

            I’m glad my mom took the photo. You can’t shelter your kids from everything. If you do, it’s kinda sad for them.

    • Rae says:

      I completely agree.

    • Jp6871 says:

      I agree. I am so sorry! 🙁

    • Nicole says:

      Oh I agree, poor April I feel sad for her 🙁

    • Miffy says:

      I agree IF April was forced into his arms. If she was hesitant and scared and they made her get her picture taken with him, that would be cruel. I also would get my kid back from whomever when it was obvious she was so scared. 🙁 Poor little girl.

    • Mary says:

      Gotta agree with Nik on this one…not a parent’s finest moment, scaring the pee out of their child.

      • April says:

        My mom did not purposfully “scare the pee out of me”. I’m surprised at how some of you people think life is all candy and rainbows all the time. NEWS FLASH : It’s not. I feel sorry for children that are sheltered from all the scary things in life. They grow up to be fearful of everything. I do understand where you are coming from, but trust me, it is 25 years later now and I am not traumatized by the situation. I survived just like the 5 million other kids that probably cried when they saw him.

        • marilee says:

          Most parents see their kids cry, take a picture, and THEN take the kids back. It’s a funny memory and the kids will be fine! People who are the most horrified, usually aren’t parents..

        • Mabel says:

          The caption doesn’t give the impression she is glad her mom took the picture.

        • Lily says:

          April, just ignore all these super-sensitive, feel-good hippies.

        • MM says:

          Just because people don’t find this funny does not mean they think the world is all rainbows and such. News flash: Not everyone has the same opinion. That’s reality.

    • missy says:

      I peed reading this and I am 35 years old. You should be ashamed frightening me like that.

      NOTE: This is NOT a real wolf people.

      I am certain if it was a real wolf – people would be claiming that the wolf was being assaulted however. LOL. With pee.

      Sheesh, all of you keep coming on here discharging child abuse claims, it makes me wonder if you are the type of people who call social services about kids taking a bath together in a picture. (Walmart is that you?)

      R.E.L.A.X. with exlax. It helps relieve the tension that is causing you such distension. 🙂

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