There Is A Horse In The Living Room

July 8th, 2010

There Is A Horse In The Living Room - Pets

You may be too old to ride one, but you’re never to old to have one over for tea.

(submitted by Allie)

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  1. Susan says:

    I wonder, what is that wooden thing before the pony? Could it be a stuffed pony on rollers?

  2. josh says:

    that is the funniest caption i have seen

  3. Bec says:

    *too* old to have one over for tea

  4. Lee says:

    So … what does the floor wind up looking when you let horses inside your house?

  5. cowgirl says:

    Notice the graying forehead on the horse. Probably in both of their younger years, that might have been grampa’s favorite horse. I agree w/ Holden Back that this was a visit home for gramps and son in law had to re-unite the two old friends.

    I hope to be re-united w/ my old friend one day over that rainbow bridge.

  6. jacki says:

    Oh that Grandpa and his Nags!

  7. LMR says:

    Oh, sure! They pay attention to the horse but completely ignore the elephant and the 500-pound gorilla!

  8. sandcastle says:

    You never outgrow that “I want a pony for my birthday” stage.

  9. Dave says:

    “No grandpa, that’s not a dog….”…

    It isn’t son…?…Are ya sure ??…!!!…

  10. Ricki46 says:

    They asked gramps what he would pick for his birhday. He thought they said “…fix for your birthday” and he said “Charlie Horse! Charlie Horse!”

  11. Modine says:

    Family and friends, make a mental note! I want a pony in my dining room when I’m that age! This is an awesome picture!

  12. Mrs. Woofruff says:

    What horse?

  13. Ben says:

    No shoes in the house!

  14. ErpInBurp says:



  15. Holden Back says:

    Maybe my family are just odd about horses, but having one that small inside is nothing. My sister actally has had two who have to be resrained from coming inside.

  16. eghjk says:

    WEIRD I actually KNOW the girl who’s photo/family this is and we both went to Lakeview… rando

  17. JerseyPam says:

    Surrounded by the ladies! The old guy is still horsing around.

  18. Melba says:

    A therapy pony, perhaps?

  19. Marie says:

    The lady with the Lakeview shirt is the only one that looks like this isn’t a good idea for a horse to be inside the house.

  20. iLOLd says:

    Just wait til the pony gets out of that headlock!!!


  21. Mary says:

    All his life, he’s been waiting to get that pony for his birthday! Finally happened!!

  22. Richard says:

    both gramps and horsey are on short reins. and who is cleaning up in case of an accident – for both?

  23. carlie says:

    I love this pic. For an equestrian, there are special bonds between them and horses. This man obviously has been especially touched by this visit. It looks like it has been a wonderful visit for him.

  24. Sean O'Brien says:

    She kind of looks like Calista Flockhart from Ally McBeal and Brothers and Sisters. The girl on the right that is, not the horse!

  25. Sashi says:

    Yeah, this one just makes me smile. He looks SO happy! Whatever the reason for the pony to be inside, I’m glad it made the grandpa this excited. 🙂

  26. Ducky says:

    It’s a seeing-eye pony!

    • ScoutC says:

      There is a guy in our neighborhood who has a little “support pony” who wears little horse tennis shoes so it won’t slide on tile floors. I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it; I thought it was an especially big Great Dane. He has some sort of neurological disease where he gets weak spells and his legs go weak. When he feels a spell coming on, he uses the pony as a support and leans on it until he can get to a place to sit down.

  27. Holden Back says:

    Does anyone else feel this one from the inside?

    The grandfather has been a farmer all his life working with horses, no in an old folks’ home, and his son-in-law has brought the family pony inside during a lunch visit to his old house. He is delighted to touch a horse again. They might have a cat at the home . . .

    • Brian says:

      With that perspective, this picture went from a head-scratcher to a tear-jerker. Seriously, what an awesome moment! Pure joy.

    • Jen says:

      I thought something similar. The older man is just so excited! Maybe it was even a horse he had previously taken care of, but had to give up to his son. Not awkward!

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