July 20th, 2010

Snakecharmer - Pets

She was getting bored of the same old bassinet.

(submitted by Martin)

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  1. Jenny says:

    I am a veterinary student, and I love snakes. However, it’s important to remember that snakes are not domesticated animals. While dogs and cats have been bred for thousands of years to live and interact with humans, these snakes still have wild characteristics, even though bred to become pets. I’m not saying that the snake is vicious and going to eat the baby. I’m just saying that if the snake were startled during the photo shoot, he could potentially squeeze or bite the baby out of fear and instinct (pythons kill by squeezing their prey to the point of suffocation). Adult python owners have been killed by their snakes, so it is not so far fetched that a snake could injure a baby. I would even be wary of a dog/baby photo shoot, where the baby is placed so close to the dog that the dog is uncomfortable. All pets have the potential to injure, and in most cases, it’s out of fear and discomfort, not aggression. I think a picture of the baby next to the snake, while the snake is safe and secure in his enclosure, would have been a better substitute.

    P.S. This baby appears to be very young…reptiles often shed salmonella and other bacteria as part of their normal flora. While this is fine for adult (or older kid) handlers, who can wash hands/maintain good hygiene, I would not want to expose a very young baby with an underdeveloped immune system to these pathogens!

  2. this is looking super duper fresh mega fresh at that

  3. BC says:

    The first 11 comments that I can see at the bottom are definitely full of bias and fear. I am not an animal nut, and I don’t like snakes, but view myself as basically impartial. I’m glad to see the more recent comments adding some well needed perspective to the matter……for those claiming “call child services/baby endangerment” I definitely make the same point as some others: would you say the same thing if the baby was placed next to a dog?? Man, there are lots of people who would let their young kids next to a giant dog, and that makes me WAY more nervous than seeing this picture…..

  4. Garnet says:

    It’s Sunny and the Incredibly Deadly Viper!

  5. Taylor Evans says:

    I own and breed many snakes, and not once have I been in fear about my child being around any of our snakes. Honestly, my husband has been attacked by 2 dogs, both were hospital trips. NEVER have either of us even been bit by our snakes. That child is in no danger. Plus that snake is a burmese python, they are KNOWN in the herp world to be gentile giants and never being aggressive. Beautiful snake and what a cute little baby! Great picture!

    • Russell says:

      These snakes ALMOST never attack. They are relatively safe as long as you respect them. You are never supposed to even drape them around your necks because they could casually choke you, and if you panic, which tends to happen when your air is cut off, they WILL clamp down. It wouldn’t take much for instinct to take over here. Saying the baby is in no danger shows me you had no business raising snakes.

  6. Annie says:

    These freaks & their snakes, I swear.
    Caption should read…We used to call the snake “Baby”, but now what?

  7. Sarah Asher says:

    I lost my boa Della in a fire a month before my son was born, so we missed the chance to try this. Looks comfortable, though.

    And no, of course the kid’s in no danger. Of course there’d be time to stop anything awful happening – even a bite is far more danger to the snake than the child.

    Any snake is fragile – far more fragile than either the kid or the grownups.

    I think it’s a perfectly elegant photo.

  8. Roarke says:

    Really, this is not a big deal. It looks worse, especially to those who have phobias of snakes, than it actually is. People take photographs of their infants leaning on their huge dogs all the time-with their little hands in their giant jaws, and rarely do people scream, “oh my god! That dog could turn at any second and rip the babies face off!” Even though that would happen much, much quicker than a snake could ever constrict.

    Snakes constrict slowly. So long as mom or dad are standing right there, there really isn’t anything to worry about. I’ve seen many worse brainless photos on facebook- babies on boats without life jackets, on motorcycles without helmets or protection, sleeping face down on a puffy comforter- all these are much more dangerous than this silly little photoshoot.

    • sp says:

      people tend to forget that all animals are capable of doing harm. thank you for pointing it out.
      I have had my fair share of “dangerous” or unusual pets and the most common question was always “will it bit me” my reply was always the same, “never has before but it is an animal and it does have teeth”

      • Matt says:

        But at least mammals have a prefrontal cortex, as opposed to reptiles, who of course only have their ‘reptilian brain’ which only enables that animal to feel hungry, procreate, and sleep. There is no ability to infer causality, consequence, or loyalty with a reptile. If that snake hadn’t been fed in awhile, don’t think that baby wasn’t fair game for that snake.

        • SK says:

          OK, and? IIRC some studies have shown that dogs don’t necessarily recognize babies as human. I’m pretty sure more dogs bite (and kill) babies than constrictors. The snake and baby were supervised and the mood of the snake was undoubtedly gauged for aggression and found lacking. (Can you tell if a snake is fidgety or temperamental? You betcha. Precious is a cranky, cranky little girl, and she shows it.)

          • Monica says:

            We’re not taking about some Boa that was plucked from the African jungles here. We’re talking about a beloved pet. Have you ever watched a snake eat? They take time to assess what they’re going after. They take in scent particles, monitor for heat, distinguish if their prey has fur… They don’t attack whatever comes their way. Boas are not vicious by nature. The snake in the picture is completely at ease, probably very familiar with the baby’s scent. There’s absolutely no threat to the baby, especially if there’s people standing by. This picture is terrific, and the snake is gorgeous.

          • krickitat says:

            How does the fact that a Dog is more likely to attack a baby negate the danger of a Boa? Does the fact that I am more likely to be eaten by a bear because I live in Alaska mean a Lion wouldnt eat me if given the right circumstances? A constrictor usually only constricts an adult because it feels threatened or is reacting to the persons fear because the snake recognizes the adult as a larger predator. Babies on the other hand are NOT a larger predator, they are small and helpless and edible. There are ALOT of people who say “Oh no prescious has never bitten anyone” right before Prescious attempts to take somones face off. Animals understand irony

  9. Katie says:

    These parents should be fed to the snake. There have been too many horror stories, and why even place your child in danger? There’s no such thing as “well, I know my snake really well, and he loves the baby”. um yeah, they should go to jail for endangerment.

  10. Dragonflye says:

    Not even remotely funny…

  11. Ginger says:

    NO. NO. This is not awkward, it’s not funny. It’s just WRONG. NO. Not cool.

  12. rptaylo says:

    Someone call Child Protective Services.

  13. CC says:

    The title should say “There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our pet snake.” This is crazy!

  14. Matt says:

    This particular photo package comes with a FREE referral to DFS!

  15. Jen says:

    If the parents/photographer thought this would be a safe setting as long as they didn’t take their eyes off of them they should consider the fact that they STILL put the life of a child at risk no matter how safe they thought they could make it. Why not just make a circle out of lit tealights instead of a snake? No risk there, right? It’s astounding how ignorant some parents can be!

  16. Gina says:

    WHAT THE HECK! That’s not awkward, that’s plain STUPID! How terrifying!!

  17. Diinzumo says:

    This just scares the crap out of me.

  18. wtf says:


  19. Natalie says:

    I jut want to add … look at the baby’s face …she sure doesn’t seem super happy. Now I know it is hard to get an infant to smile in a picture but to me that look says “holy crap help help help!”

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