Bunny On Top

July 26th, 2010

Bunny On Top - Pets

This couple has been accused of putting their rabbit on a pedestal.

(submitted by Bill)

21 Responses to “Bunny On Top”

  1. Manuela says:

    Wasn’t the woman in this photo featured in one of this season’s episodes of “Millionaire Matchmaker”? The resemblance is astounding!

  2. meaghan says:

    what the heck is in the bushes

  3. missy says:

    Rabbit is probably very thankful EPT came along. That couple looks VERY happy. This is a cute photo.

  4. IkidbecauseIlove says:

    🙂 & Denny & Amanda & Mouse & Nechevo

    Did y’all know that the word gullible isn’t even listed in the dictionary! Go check!

  5. Nechevo says:

    I too don’t understand what we are supposed to be seeing in the bushes. Help us out here… Right side, left side?

  6. LM says:

    They actually dressed up for this shot. I’ve never seen such glee about a bunny except maybe in a 4 year old…

  7. Freckles says:

    Oh, this has Fatal Attraction written all over it.

  8. powermuffin says:

    This is way better than the “purse dog” thing we see these days.

  9. Snorbert says:

    Well, this story has a happy ending, but the sad part is that there are still homeless bunnies out there in the cold, without a pedestal to call their own, and without doting bunny-mommies and daddies like these. Won’t you consider a donation?

  10. taino sam says:

    umm.. if i didn’t know any better and this website wasn’t pet friendly, i’d swear they were getting for a sacrifice.

  11. chillycanadian says:

    when a hamster just isn’t quite enough for a 55 year old couple, go for the rabbit

  12. Mouse says:

    I can’t see anything behind the shed either. Maybe the bunny is really bunicula? and it is a finger!!! Dum Dum DAHHHHHH!!!!

  13. JerseyPam says:

    I hope that’s a carrot next to the bunny, not someone’s finger.

  14. Jak says:

    This is wonderfully weird– the bunny, the pedestal, and the look of bliss on both their faces… a great glimpse into the strangeness going on in backyards accross america…

  15. AManda says:

    What’s in the bushes behind the shed? I can’t see anything. The only thing awkward is that they chose to sit in the area of dead grass, which looks really scratchy. Ouch.

  16. Denny says:

    rabbits are boring…whats behind the shed?

  17. Harry says:

    Cute picture. Don’t see why this is awkward at all.

    Sorry. I just saw it. Look in the bushes just behind the shed. WOW.

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