The Wedding Tree

July 27th, 2010

The Wedding Tree - Wedding

They were having trouble looking natural.

(submitted by Sarah)

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  1. Missy says:

    Who invited the Poltergeist tree?

  2. Rhonda says:

    I have to say that I kind of like this one – minus the empty bench. What can I say? I’m a user of trees myself! lol

  3. serg says:

    It’s been a good year for trees? First pregnant woman and now a bridal shower. Next there will be a tree top baptism, two dutch elm birthdays, and a funeral in a pear tree.

  4. Alan says:

    Presenting Mr & Mrs Flora & Woody Greentree.

  5. Tara Rose says:

    I’m pretty sure this was taken in my hometown (Middletown, NJ) in Deep Cut Park on Red Hill Road. Beautiful park….awkward photo. Wish I could see their faces….perhaps it’s someone I know!

    • eileen says:

      Yes! It is Deep Cut Park. I was married there in the pergola. I always loved this tree. Oddly enough, i wanted my photographer to take a bunch of pictures in front of that tree and he told me it just wouldn’t “work”. Yeah, i can see that! Such a beautiful tree, though. Shame it has be to in such an awkward photo!

  6. Binkymae says:

    I wonder if everyone from the wedding was watching this photo shoot, or stuck waiting an hour at the reception for this group to show up?

  7. Bob says:

    Where’s Waldo?

  8. Steve says:

    Clearly this was taken before the reception, before the open bar opened up.

    Or, this is the result of what happens when you take the pictures after they’ve already been hitting the open bar.

    Either way, this is actually a cool picture, the only thing missing is the elusive groomsman to add some symmetry.

  9. Aim says:

    Check out our new feature!
    Now you can add posable wedding figures to your bonsai tree!
    Act now and we will throw in the mising groomsman free!
    Only $79.99

  10. ian says:

    Strange fruit.

  11. Leonie says:

    Just sit on the bench with the gorgeous tree to the left of the wedding party!! Would have looked better BUT then AFP would have been robbed of another CLASSIC! ‘Wedding monkeys’.

  12. Ashley says:

    The bench wasn’t big enough they had to go with the tree.

    I love this picture btw. Yeah it’s awkward but in a cool way.

  13. Saffron says:

    I understand the need for a unique photo, sure. But the bench? I think that undermines the whole Where-should-we-take-this-picture?-Oh-look-there’s-a-tree theme.

  14. Alan says:

    Imagine how the fellas are going to return the rent-a-suits…..”I have NO idea how that sap & bark got on it”

  15. naturegirl says:

    I actually LOVE this pic! :^)

  16. Amice says:

    Hats for Sale!

    You Monkeys…You Give Me Back My Hats!

  17. Me says:

    I’ll guess the tree is in Carmel, CA. I sort of like it, too. The bench doesn’t fit, but I doubt they could move it.

  18. Katey says:

    I don’t find this a bit awkward–I actually really like it. My older sister has been an avid tree-climber her entire life, and she and her husband got some very cool wedding pictures in a tree.

  19. Lady Anne says:

    I also thing it’s a great photo. Better than everyone lined up in a row, and SOMEBODY always looking in the wrong direction, no matter how hard you try to get them to “focus, people, focus”!

  20. MrsH says:

    It’s all fun and games until they try to get out of the tree and all you hear is….


  21. janet says:

    I don’t see anything awkward about it. Very cool tree.

  22. Rick D says:

    I hope they used the restroom before climbing the tree and posing, because if any of them (especially those highest up) decided to wait until afterward there could have been some interesting sights as they tried to get down in a hurry.

  23. Artisticulated says:

    I feel bad for the poor neglected bench.

  24. coNNie says:

    And there’s an empty bench ‘right there’.
    Why go through the hassle of climbing a tree?

  25. Laurie says:

    I love the color of the bridesmaid dresses but the rest is just weird and kinda spooky!

  26. softgeek says:

    It might have been awkward for those in the photo, but I think it is a very cool picture.

  27. Amanda says:

    awww – see I think this picture is cool. What a neat tree/giant bush.

  28. LainTexas says:

    Actually I think that’s really cool.

  29. Marisa says:

    I actually think it looks pretty cool!

  30. Anna says:

    Was this taken at Como Park in St Paul, MN?

  31. Chad says:

    Our wedding was SO green!

  32. mrs5180 says:

    awesome caption LOL—-just another photo that shows why you don’t HAVE to use a prop or any interesting fauna just because it’s there!

  33. Jill says:

    I may be the only one, but I think this is kind of a cool picture and a really good way to incorporate that cool old tree into the pictures. All I could think is that the photographer needs to get a little closer so we could actually see some faces.

  34. Donna says:

    Is this tree in St. Petersburg?

    • Baggins says:

      Actually, I’m almost positive that the pic was taken at Lover’s Point on the Monterey Peninsula. Pacific Grove is the town it’s located. And I think that it’s a cool picture.

  35. Nectarine says:

    Ah, the tree of life!

  36. Tim says:

    5 men, 6 women. Must be one of those new-fangled group marriages.

  37. Beki says:

    I cannot believe that as long as I stared at this picture the words “Johnny and Susie, sittin’ in a tree…” did not once occur to me. I must have lost some of that youthful snarkiness somewhere when I wasn’t looking.

    • ScoutC says:

      I guess I didn’t lose my youthful snarkiness because I thought, “(Groom’s — and groomsmen’s —-names) and “(Bride’s — and bridesmaids’ —names….) sittin’ in a tree….” I would have loved to see the bridesmaids climbing up there in their long, strapless gowns; now that would have been awkward.

  38. Ally B says:

    am I the only one who actually thinks this pic is kinda cool? As a Photographer, Brides are always looking for something different and although it may be a little awkward I think the photo is pretty diffrent. Guess we would have to know the story behind it…

  39. carol says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so odd! I’m at a loss for words!

  40. Sean says:

    Tremors II.

  41. Mary says:

    Is there something wrong with me that I actually kinda…y’know…like it?

  42. JerseyPam says:

    The groom’s eyes are popping out of his head. I zoomed in and almost fell out of my chair.

  43. steph says:

    Why are there more woman than men? Looks like the Best man had a brilliant idea and is behind the camera.

  44. Tiffani says:

    They were trying to ‘branch out’ from normal wedding party photos.

  45. Stacey says:

    Totally photoshopped — but why?? seriously, why???

    • Moujie says:

      Totally disagree – no one would take the time to photoshop this. In this natural state it kind of has appeal.

  46. LollyBlue says:

    Pictured are 5 men and 6 women. Is the groom missing in action?
    This photo is way awkward!!

  47. MQ says:

    Clearly starting a new family tree

  48. Toto says:

    Was there a tornado?

  49. Freckles says:

    First comes love,
    Then comes marriage,
    Then comes

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