August 1st, 2010

Twins - Behind The Awkwardness

“Im the cute little kid in the back. I was about 4 years old and for some reason me and my identical twin brother got the bright idea that it would be fun to go outside and take a whiz on the street. When we came back inside the house, my mom asked us where we went, and we told her. Then my dad got a brighter idea, went and grabbed the camera, and made us go stand in front of our puddles.”

(submitted by Juanster)

68 Responses to “Twins”

  1. Julie says:


  2. Carol says:

    HILARIOUS!!! Love it! Especially the part that dad had to go back out and take the picture!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Looks like the other one has to go again!

  4. Stephanie says:

    I hear family tradition…..

  5. Tony says:

    Oh now I can see the folds in time….

  6. Holly says:

    This is known as evidence.

  7. steve z says:

    That photo looks pretty crumpled up. Me thinks the twins have tried to throw this picture away a couple of times.

  8. Todd says:

    Better on the street than in the pants, eh?

  9. Teresa says:

    Your dad’s a keeper.

  10. Lisa says:


  11. Snowrider says:

    This looks like a very familiar street in Grand Rapids. Am I correct?

  12. Steve says:

    At what age did you finally realize that “Peeing for Distance” contests are best done side-by-side?

  13. Sassy says:

    At least your brother had the good grace to look embarrassed… you seem quite proud of yourself!

  14. DrStrangelove says:

    I remember being about that age (probably a bit older) and knowing (a) urine contains ammonia and (b) that ammonia is an effective cleaning agent, thus deciding it was a good idea to “clean Mrs. Smith’s sidewalk.” Mrs. Smith didn’t appreciate to gesture. No she did not.

  15. Kelli says:

    That’s a lot of pee!

  16. Groovymom says:

    Typical boys! My son loves to pee outside and doesn’t care who sees him. My daughters would die before they did that!

  17. Liz in PA says:

    Aww .. identical pee puddles. I’ll bet the neighbors just loved you little fellas!

  18. Gotta be kd says:

    When i was 4 i did the same thing. Fanny part is i am a girl and hear that i didnt often leave the house with underwear. It was a small town, but i did it on mainstreet while my dad was in the hardware store

  19. Dave says:

    Whiz kids!

  20. glass cactus says:

    As a parent of 4-year-old twins, I think it is hilarious. Two 4-year-olds working on a plan come up with far more bizarre plans than one can come up with…

  21. Gigi says:

    Looks like your brother wasn’t done and can’t wait for your dad to put the camera away.

  22. LuLu says:

    I just don’t get why this was a kodak moment. If you had been caught in the act by a camera toting dad, that would be a different story, but restaging it after the fact is kind of weird.

  23. Dan says:

    Funny, they don’t LOOK like my kids.

  24. DrPepperfan says:

    Jesus, look at all the piss! Are you secretly half-horse?

  25. ThistleNate3150 says:

    Wow, you boys must have been well hydrated, you both peed a full gallon!

  26. Kristina says:

    “He did it!”

  27. JerseyPam says:

    Both of you are very cute, but I gotta ask…What is it with boys’ fascination with peeing outside? Marking your territory?

    • Alan says:

      Because wee can,just because wee can.

    • Jon says:

      It’s because the world is our restroom.

    • Melissa says:

      Must be… I’ve seen men walk past a restroom to go outside and find a wall or tree. It’s maddening. I guess they do it because they can. (Same reason a dog licks himself… LOL)

    • BMN says:

      I don’t think it’s limited to boys, but to the male population in general… all ages. They use the world as their urinal. Just because they can!

    • Jimbo says:

      Consider it marked. But, don’t you know that peeing in the road will give you a sty in your eye?

    • hawkdude says:

      My question is- why WOULDN’T we pee outside?? I’m 28 with 2 kids of my own (girls) and I still pee outside every chance I get!

      • TM says:

        with one bathroom and 3 girls in the house my hubby sometimes HAS to go out to pee lol. doesn’t bother me…there are times i wish i could too -if nothing else to pee ALONE with no one yelling MOMMY or asking what are you doing? what do you THINK i am doing ?????

    • Paint says:

      Uh, it’s not something I TRY to do, but mostly I just don’t wanna be arsed to go inside to the bathroom. I used to when I was a little kid playing outside. Who wants to run inside, take off your shoes, run into the bathroom, and do your thing? There’s woods to explore and toys to play with. Much easier to do it outside.

      The fact that we can do it easier is a nice bonus.

  28. Stacey says:

    Not only did he have the stones to do that then, he now describes himself as the cute one — gotta love a kid with confidence!!

  29. Soraya says:

    HA! Nice punishment, parents :] Eternal shame.

  30. carol says:

    Ha, ha! Cute story! Bet you didn’t do it again!

  31. Ray Lambert says:

    i. c. u. p.


  32. KC says:

    As a parent it is so important to capture all their ‘firsts’ way to go dad! You must be so proud!

  33. John says:

    Juanster, huh? I wonder if his brother is named ‘Ahmal’ (If you’ve seen Juan, you’ve seen Ahmal!)

  34. Nancy says:

    Daddy must be SO proud!

  35. Freckles says:

    Your Dad rocks. When I did the same thing my Dad just rubbed my nose in it and swatted me with a rolled up newspaper.

  36. Justin says:

    Thats a lot of pee!

  37. Marigen says:

    Gross, that is all I have to say.

  38. Melissa G. says:

    Umm… eeew. Typical boy thing to do. Dad must have been so proud!

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