Shear Elegance

August 16th, 2010

Shear Elegance - Behind The Awkwardness

“I recently snapped a friend of mine at a shearing competition with his family, The sheep looks a bit dead but its actually got its fleece half shawn off. I think its a timeless snapshot, awkward but enchanting.”

(submitted by Tony)

26 Responses to “Shear Elegance”

  1. Jimbo says:

    Hmmmmm, I am presuming the blokes from NZ lol. Or is it Fred Durst in a new identity!

  2. patricia says:

    i dont know about you ,but i like the sullen looking scot and his girls are little cuties.

  3. TattooQT says:

    This is just wrong…I don’t see any enchantment or contrast between cute girls and a sheep being shorn. Which by the way looks dead…yes I know shearing doesn’t hurt the sheep…but it still looks like it is being butchered. It is a bizarre and VERY awkward photo.

  4. jo says:

    sheep are sheared over and over again in their lifetime. It is a huge relief for them to be rid of all that wool – it’s really heavy! It’s only shears, just like getting a haircut or a shave.

    Gotta say though, that’s the fanciest damn shearing shed I’ve ever seen hahahaha

    Please tell me it’s not in Australia.

    Everything about this photo is so so wrong :/

  5. wooliegirl says:

    Great photo! I love everything wool!

  6. poppy says:

    I like the photo. I think the contrast between the little girls and their father is quite nice. And for those of you who live under rocks, sheep shearing does not hurt the animal, nor is it practiced by a bunch of weirdos in bizarro world.
    It’s no different than Hair Shows, except witih sheep , and less styling product.

  7. B8ovin says:

    Wonderful picture, from the girls, to the contestant to the attitude of the sheep. Shearing competitions have ancient roots. There is an old movie, “The Sundowners” that features a sheep shearing competition as a plot point. I am curious as to the venue.

  8. kat says:

    I have seen a sheep sheared like that on a farm in the UK while traveling. The sheep wasn’t thrilled, but he wasn’t hurt either. (and I looked because I am very against animal cruelty)

  9. M.G. says:

    Och, Lasses! Muuuve! I’m tryin’ ta shear ma sheep!

  10. Tvannie says:

    I always wondered what happened in Twin Peaks after the show ended.

  11. Kris says:

    I just want to know what the hell all these little girls are doing at a sheep shearing contest? I mean, is sheep shearing everyone’s new favorite pasttime in whatever sick town they live in or what?

  12. meansheep says:

    This looks more like “Kiddie Photo Day” in Hell….

  13. Solei says:

    Dude, he looks like my brother.

  14. jillian says:

    Um…. New Zealand, maybe?

  15. Candysland56 says:

    Envy…it lurks from behind wearing a headband.

  16. Inaya says:

    Is it bad that I can’t tell which end of the sheep we’re looking at?

  17. Elizabeth says:

    So many things that just don’t juxtapose normally, lol. I’m wondering, then, are the two girls lurking in the background his, too? I love the one with the headband peeking out in the corner.

  18. Gypsie Rose says:

    Wow weird. . . I didn’t think they would make sheep sheering a competition. Poor sheep.

    • Wise Pati says:

      It’s shearing. Since humans have selectively bred sheep for lots of wool over centuries, they need to be sheared. Wool just keeps growing. The competitions are not a necessity, but humans seem to turn everything into a contest.

  19. Lee says:

    Looks like a man vs. sheep wrestling contest … and the sheep lost.

  20. Brian says:

    Is that your daaaaa-dy?

  21. JerseyPam says:

    That’s ALOT of fleece behind the girls. Maybe some new Don King breed of sheep! The way his head is turned he seems to be a bit embarrassed or, well….sheepish, about being shaved on a stage.

  22. Morcroft says:

    Bizzzzzzzzz arre!

  23. backchat says:

    Wow, I learn something new here all the time! Who knew that sheep shearing contests are held in theatres with fancy lighting and with studly tattooed sheep farmers, as well? His girls are adorable…the sheep, not so much.

  24. CarrieM says:

    “Shearing competition”? I didn’t know this recreational activity existed.

  25. Tom Flapwell says:

    “Shawn” for shorn? Where is this?

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