Saturday Night Special: Off Leash

August 21st, 2010

Saturday Night Special: Off Leash - Pets

This is what happens when you don’t crate train.

(submitted by Jessalyn)

113 Responses to “Saturday Night Special: Off Leash”

  1. Kath says:

    Dogs will hump anything when he’s in the mood. That boy just happened to be handy.
    I had females dogs that humped each other….heck one of my dogs humped our cat, and a big stuffed teddy bear. It’s no big deal. Crate trained; what is that and what does it do to prevent this natural instinct?

    Everybody there just thought it was funny and you know how kids are. They just get wrapped up in the crazy moment. squeamish people just aren’t used to be around dogs a lot.

  2. Deluca says:

    This is so funny! I am crying right now!

    Some people need to relax and get their minds out of the gutter! Like someone said earlier, the dog is just establishing that he is the alpha. This is what dogs do…to little kids, is new to me, usually it’s to the another alpha (like Dad).

    Sorry – but my initial reaction would be to get the camera too (knowing the boy isn’t in danger!)

  3. Amy says:

    I’m just glad the dog isn’t humping the the lillte boy mooning! LMAO!

  4. Nicole says:

    WOW, this picture is ALLLLLLLL kinds of wrong! But freakin’ HILARIOUS!!

  5. lynn I says:

    I (we) thought this was histerical & can totally relate!! I still moon people on occasion & my boyfrds beagle does it to us all the time to show dominance, & we laugh & scoot her off. She also used to do it to our two baby boy pygmy goats to their dismay, right on their little heads, horns & all. & again we laugh, & wish to god for a camera at that moment. too funny. Its life, & funny stuff happens, just go with it!!!

  6. kelly says:

    i just don’t know exactly what it means….

  7. Jojo says:

    That dog is a serial rapist! He must be locked up!

  8. Wolfen says:

    I find it amusing, the people laughing over this. Yes, its dominance, not sexual in nature. Female dogs will hump other female dogs to show dominance. Hell I had a mastiff that would lift HER leg to pee. But.. I suppose this was a different era. A dog like that would be an accident waiting to happen. Obviously nothing did since one of the children in the picture is posting, but a dog that shows dominance in that manner… isnt something I would have hanging around my kids, since if the dog thinks he is in control, as that dog clearly does, he will bite to prove his point. Oh well. Im more disturbed by it than anything. I can see some humor I suppose, but just more disturbed.

  9. shahala says:

    my thinking is that the dog started humping Jess, dad grabs the camera because its funny… little brother thinks “im going to moon the camera!!” Jess is laughing and saying either “hurry” or just “ahhhh” dad snaps and we get to experience this gem. this picture is only disturbing to those who want it to be; represents the darkness in their own thoughts. I for one think its freakin hilarious!!

  10. kathy says:

    omg this is hilarious!!!! i love and all you haters are mentally ill go to another web site if you dont like it!!!! great picture!!!! i am still laughing!!!!!

  11. ricky says:

    wow i just saw the poodlle and lady with her boobs hanging out and i thought that would be the end,……….just like i said at the boar and the boy pic what a great “GUESS WAHT I DID THIS SUMMER” story and yes that had to be in CAPS!!!!!

  12. Georgia says:

    It looks like someone tried to destroy this photo, but failed. Why is the kid mooning the dog?

  13. Bunche says:

    Sheer comedy gold.

  14. LuLu says:

    LOL this is the funniest picture I have ever seen!

  15. Jenn says:

    What gets me the most is that the parents allowed this to go on long enough to find their camera and take a picture.

  16. kirdy says:

    At first i thought that dog was a reindeer.

  17. Georgia Dunn says:

    This is hilarious, just amazing!! And seriously, what kind of house did the weirdos who first commented grow up in? Who reads this picture as anything other than hyperactive fun?!

  18. Toto says:

    I have tears in my eyes and a pain in my stomach from laughing at this. I have NEVER laughed like this at a picture of any kind before and am sure that I never will again. Put simply this is GOLD! To the people that think this is “sick” you just stink and have no idea of what is funny. Go back to your prayer books and let the big kids have some fun!

  19. B8ovin says:

    Wow. Having grown up with dogs and siblings, and still having dogs and grand children, there is nothing particularly odd or funny about this photo except the weird confluence of circumstances (dog humping and mooning do not often correspond with a camera). For those who think the dog is exhibiting sexual behavior it isn’t. That’s a domination move many dogs will perform when children are playing, so chill out puritans.

    • StasiaSue says:

      I was going to post the same thing about the dog’s behavior until I read your post. Glad to see someone else knows it was purely dominance and nothing sexual on the dog’s part. People need to chill out and have a laugh!

  20. SomewhereinFL says:

    …forgot to mention, notice the couch matches the floor, matches the painting. Blue, blue and more blue. 🙂

  21. SomewhereinFL says:

    Awesome pic….too funny. Talk about concentration on that dog’s face! LOL

  22. C3Pohmy says:

    The 80s, wild times!

  23. Be3t says:

    This one, hands down, without a doubt, hardest and longest laugh ever for this site. I’ve cried till I lost all my makeup. I answered the phone at work and had to hang it back up because I couldn’t talk. Talk? I couldn’t breathe. Geez, I needed that laugh today. Thanks!

  24. ChrisF says:

    Just your every day sibling rivalry here……one child has the dogs “attention”, the other is trying to take it away. Ahhhh, kids!
    I have laughed myself senseless looking at this picture. Please tell me you have pictures of your trip to the zoo!

  25. beckster says:

    OMG this so totally cracked me up. I immediately told two of my coworkers about it and said that this would be something that would happen in my family! I just keep cracking up and crying at the same time. I so needed this laugh!

  26. Johnny says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard in forever… Tears are still streaming down my face.

  27. Marina says:

    This is the funniest picture I’ve ever seen.

  28. Jazzyjazz says:

    I really find this pitcure very disturbing! why would the little boy moon at the same time the dog is humping the other kid?! doesnt look right at all to me..

    • Birdie says:

      Maybe the dog mooned him first and the boy wanted to wait till the dog wasn’t looking cause he was being a shy little devilish cute boy goofing around.

  29. Bodine says:

    Great promo for “spay/neuter”!

  30. Tommy Boy says:

    So, did the dog get his front paws trimmed the next day?

  31. bucksnut says:

    My daughter moons all the time. She thinks its funny…probably because it is and I laugh at her! I’m guessing that these two were dancing around or acting goofy, the dog was anxious and everything happened all at once. Dad, with camera already in hand, just snapped at the exact perfect moment to capture the insanity! I can TOTALLY see this happening at my house. Weekly..

    • sonya says:

      You hit the nail right on the head. At first I felt a little bit disturbed but like you say it’s probably a case of everything happening at once!

  32. sara says:

    I’m really digging the awesome painting on the wall.

  33. JAY says:

    OMG! That mooning kid had better watch his bare but around that dog!!!

  34. Jim says:

    So many questions?

  35. John Noone says:


    At least the dog looks like he is enjoying it.

  36. CarrieM says:

    I keep coming back to this picture. I’ve been speechless for days. I keep wondering how the Mom might have reacted if she walked in the room and saw this situation. Freaked out? Restored order? Or was she one of those moms that long ago gave up all illusions of control? It’s funny, but it has a Lord of the Flies quality to it.

    • Jessalyn says:

      Gave up. hahaha. She’d be amused to see this comment..

      • Holly says:

        Okay, so this pic represents a scene that you could very well see in my own house on any given day…. and I am the mom! I too gave up a long time ago..and I just roll with the craziness and hilarity of it all!!!!!

        For the peeps who posted their absurd comments up top, get a grip and
        relax…you obviously did not have normal children!!!

        • Trixie says:

          Exactly! I have twins and a spare, all boys and to little boys, there is nothing funnier than a bum. Well, maybe a bum that makes noise. Nakedness happens. Sheesh!

          I’m sure Jess’ dad told the dog to get down or her to move AFTER he got this PRICELESS shot.

  37. Freckles says:

    I’m gonna guess that it was your house that the other neighbourhood kids were told they couldn’t play at.

    • Jessalyn says:

      HA! Funny, in retrospect, I remember friends coming over to play, and then finding excuses to leave… ugh. I feel there are some deep, Freudian roots here…

      No, in reality, my family is just crazy and obscene. Everyone moons everyone. I really can’t explain it any better than that! haha -embarrassed-

      • JerseyPam says:

        Don’t be embarrassed, everyone’s been mooned before. And it doesn’t stop at childhood. One of the nurses I work with mooned me…it’s way worse when the butt is 3 feet wide.

  38. Mark says:

    Sweet salted space supplies in a square sardine satchel! I feel embarrassed for the boy, violated for the girl, ashamed for the father, and immensely amused at the overall pic! This is an epic picture that will go down in history. One can try to caption it, but no caption will be able to convey the mixed feelings we all share over seeing this.

  39. Morcroft says:

    Erm…..this just confirms my suspicion that there are many, many strange people in this world….

  40. Dee says:

    isn’t there ANY kind of filter on the web? family should have some say in what gets posted for the world to see……

  41. Dani says:

    I just laughed so hard I cried! This is hilarious and disturbing AND awesome all at the same time!

  42. Jessalyn says:

    Haha I am the girl in the photo, the boy to the left is my brother, Derek, and both of us managed to grow up limitedly disturbed. My father took this photo, because he probably thought it was funny.

    • JerseyPam says:

      I’m sure he thought it was funny, because it is. Which one of you tried to tear up the photo?

    • Miss Trish says:

      I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.
      Thanks for sharing!

      • Kate Merle says:

        This is so wrong on so many levels! It’s hilarious. I love it. Thanks for sharing. It made my day!! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.

    • latomn says:

      This is just hilarious! It isn’t like a video, just a quick shot of a once in a lifetime moment…at least we hope so. Thanks for sharing Jessalyn. By the way “limitedly distrurbed” is probably the only way to be somewhat normal in these days and times. Welcome to the insanity.

    • veluxx says:

      but why is he showing his bum?

      • lorri64 says:

        Thanks for sharing. I LOVE it. I am still laughing. If you are “limitedly disturbed” then I cannot even imagine how anyone would categorize my family.

    • Sarah Lincoln says:

      OMG, I just found this and I had to laugh my head off! It’s just so unplanned and so randomly worst-family-moments like! The 4 of us used to do the grossest stuff – including showing each other our chewed up food by sticking out our tongues when eating (when parents weren’t looking)…we had so much fun being savages, I mean kids! What a great photo.

  43. ScoutC says:

    Thank goodness the dog is humping the kid on the couch and not the one who has his shorts down! Where is Cesar Milan when you need him?

  44. YoBimbo says:

    Good times.

  45. Lyn says:

    I find this very disturbing…not really funny.

    • Samantha says:

      The most disturbing part is that no one puts a stop to it. Instead they grab the camera….because a dog trying to get off on a kid then another kid offering it his bare butt is…hilarious?


      • come on... says:

        Your interpretation is disgusting. My siblings mooned me to be brats, not as an
        “offering.” As for the dog, well, dogs will be dogs.

      • sara says:

        lighten up

      • bucksnut says:

        Eeeew. Totally not what’s going on here. Geesh.

      • really? says:

        Kids do that all the time and dogs jump on your back all the time. Seriously? Why is anyone disturbed? It’s a akwardly funny photo.Geez people…

        • chantelle says:

          This is disturbing, I completely agree with Samantha. & dogs will be dogs? Not putting a stop to that (humping a kid) is just sick

        • Brenda says:

          This is not funny and no dogs do not hump kids all the time!!! Get with the program, why is the other kid pulling his pants down? Do we really know what kind of idiots these parents are? I would have stopped it in the tracks and not took pics. I have kids that pull their pants down and have nude pics of them but, no where in this context!! We also explain right from wrong.

      • um, yeah says:

        If you knew anything about dogs, you would know that act has nothing to do with “getting off” and everything to do about establishing its heirarchy within a pack. He/she is trying to display dominance but it is not aggressive. While the photographer could have shoo’d the dog away of course, the child was not in danger. If it is the household dog, my guess is it happens all the time.

        The little kid mooning, that is a whole other story. probably just needs a manner reminder

        • BuzyB says:

          Exactly…this was a moment of hillarity that someone caught on film….lighten up people!

        • yeah, ok. says:

          @um, yeah = I Agree. My female dachshund showed she was alpha to all our other dogs by doing the same thing. And let me tell you, she was in charge of a german shepard and a male dachshund.

  46. Penny says:

    Um, I am disturbed…

  47. Juniper says:

    I don’t know what’s more awkward, the kid being humped by the dog, or the kid mooning his sibling. Hilarious!

  48. Stephanie says:

    Oh great! Now I’m going to have nightmares! LOL

  49. zukimac says:

    They are right…they should have crate trained the kid in the back that’s shooting moons.

  50. veluxx says:

    why is that boy showing bare a**?

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