Sausage For Dinner

August 28th, 2010

Sausage For Dinner - Behind The Awkwardness

At least, I think it’s a sausage. This is my mother and two of her sisters-in-law. My dad is taking the picture, and it looks like they are competing for his attention each in her own way.”

(submitted by Blueberry)

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  1. SmartAzz says:

    So…this is what Bachelorette Parties in 1952 were like ? Nice πŸ™‚

  2. JackInLA says:

    “Emma demonstrates to her unmarried sisters the method she used to land a husband.”

  3. LaLaLa says:

    I love this pic! Nostalgia + humor can’t be beat.

  4. beckipaul says:

    Blueberry, can you please tell me who the woman on the right is? She looks like my Grandmother!! Seriously! It was quite a shock to see her. Thank you!

    • Blueberry says:

      I hadn’t planned on getting in the thread at all but I have been loving reading the comments!! Just wanted to assure beckipaul that the woman on the right was childless, so not her Grandmother. πŸ™‚

      As for the meat vs veg controversy, I guess it really could be either one (with equal humor). A color picture would have solved it!

  5. Tiffani says:

    Did someone call for a sausage party?

  6. Heather says:

    Wow people had “humor” all the way back before God invented color…shock…

  7. JerseyPam says:

    Could be a still from the original “Real Housewives of New Jersey” circa 1957. The big guys always remake the good TV shows.

  8. Samantha says:

    That sausage is made of human souls.

  9. Kazz says:

    This is not what comes to mind when I think of threesomes.

  10. Raymond says:

    Your Mom is an awesome woman, I bet your Dad loves her very much and very often.

  11. jen says:

    Maybe I should show this to my mom. She’s from around the same era as these ladies, but I’ll never forget her asking me when the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal broke, “Jennifer, did you know that people DID such a thing?”. I do believe she still thinks it to be some shocking modern invention.

  12. susie says:

    I love it! They look like fun folks to hang out with.

  13. Mr. Manpants says:

    Here it is, proof that there are 2 ways to a mans heart.

  14. Marty says:

    Love this!!! Not only do I love this picture, but I love the name of the daughter who submitted it! Blueberry is probably the coolest name of a submitter on here!

  15. steph says:

    No wonder they never showed June Cleaver having friends over.

  16. Norma says:

    I’m just wondering where this is because I wish I had a house that had ceilings that high.

  17. sadi says:

    “. . and that’s where babies come from.”

    No, that’s where fine jewelry comes from!

  18. Mary Ann says:

    I almost snorted Diet Coke out my nose, having read “…each in her own way,” and then scanning left to right across the picture – hysterical!!!

  19. Snowrider says:

    Well, at least we now have documented evidence of what the moms did while the husbands were off to war.

  20. Snowrider says:

    It’s her grip that’s kind of scaring me…. Just saying…

  21. Alan says:

    It was taken in the days before infomercials sold us zucchini/squash knives. In those days the vegetables had to be chewed before cooking.

  22. lizzie says:

    I want that coffee grinder on the shelf at the left!

  23. HOK says:

    If mom’s not the one about to…um, chow down, then she married into one heck of a family.

  24. Teri says:

    This could be the dirtiest old photo I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚

  25. Celeste says:

    I never sausage a thing!

  26. mary says:

    I think it’s actually two cucumbers or zucchini held together to look like one.

  27. Rupert says:

    . . . and that’s where babies come from.

  28. JerseyPam says:

    Note she doesn’t say which lady is her mother. It’s either the lady with the sausage/zucchini, or she has one wacky aunt in the family. And she refers to both as mom’s ‘sisters in law’…it’s a possibility.

  29. Joyce says:

    How did they ever get anything done in those tiny kitchens?

  30. Smartazz says:

    Wow….Where did you get this picture of Linda Lovelace’s Mom ???

  31. Jon says:

    “Sport, why don’t you run along and play in the yard, I’ve got something to discuss with these ladies ‘in private’ “

  32. Connie says:

    What’s not to love about this picture? Look up “awesome” in the dictionary and this is the illustration. I do agree that it’s a cucumber or squash instead of sausage, though.

  33. CTBRK says:

    I bet Mom and Dad were VERY happily married!! :- )

  34. Jesse says:

    Bite the big one.

  35. carol says:

    Oh yeah, mom wins.

  36. Joanne says:

    Looks like a large squash or zucchini to me. I think their minds were in the gutter!

  37. mis says:

    Oh my….I have no words for this one…

  38. Kim says:

    Mom with giant sausage and the sister grabbing the other sister’s butt? awkward

  39. John says:

    I love the little ruffled ‘skirts’ on the shelves, yet no curtains on the window!

  40. Lily says:

    AWESOME! <3 it!!!!

  41. BettyLou says:

    Good Old Fashioned FUN! This picture is truly a blast from the past and the corny things people did back in the old days! Thanks for sharing this picture.. love it!

    • aubs says:

      Um… how come I don’t have any pictures of my mom or grandma doing anything ‘corny’ like this? I think this mom’s humor was ahead of her time.

      • powermuffin says:

        Aubs, your female ancestors were either more discreet or classier than women who open wide for phallic-looking objects.

        This picture could totally be my late grandmother and a couple of her sisters. When they talked amongst themselves, their humor could be a little raw and you heard things you never wanted to hear coming from your lovable cuddly grandma.

        For fellow vintage lovers, it was interesting to learn that they (my grandma and grand-aunts) sometimes “lost their drawers under the rumble seat” when they dated boys with cars. Scandalous!

      • CarrieM says:

        Yeah, in my family you would’ve probably had to apologize to the vegetable for embarrassing it like that. Sigh….

    • Jon says:

      I’m not even sure that was invented back then… LOL

  42. MaryCherry says:

    How can you not be awesomed by this?

  43. Jerry says:

    I love this: it satisfies the awkward criterion and is hysterically funny too!

  44. Jackie says:

    That is freeeaakin fan-tas-tic!

  45. LuLu says:

    OH MY!!!!

  46. Besides the silliness (are you sure that’s a sausage? It looks like a zucchini to me.), this is just an amazing trip back in time. Look at the pitchers, the vases, the kitchen cabinets, the little ruffles on the shelves — and the ladies’ dresses! Oh my goodness!
    This one isn’t so much awkwardness as it is people clowning for the camera, but I’m so glad you posted this little retro moment.

    • A Critic says:

      Nice of you to comment that, while you enjoy the nostalgia of it, you don’t think the photo is awkward. Why is that necessary?

      • Well, on a site entitled “Awkward Family Photos,” one would assume an aim for awkwardness, so I commented on the lack thereof, even though I still think it is both a fun and funny photo and I enjoyed it.
        Now as your question contains a pronoun with an ambiguous antecedant, I do not know if you are asking whether the awkwardness is necessary in my opinion or the commenting, so I will now…. uh, COMMENT on the commenting. Obviously, commenting is not strictly necessary, but it’s more interesting when we all share. This is one reason why, my dear little critic who leaves no website, people LIKE blogs.
        Now I hope I have answered your questions. In the future, it might help if you asked them more clearly.

        • Humbled says:

          My question was not asked clearly. The photo is not sufficiently awkward to grace this site. You are clearly the superior critic.

        • Karen says:

          I agree with Paperback Writer!! Also, I believe that pronouns with ambiguous antecedants cause more communication problems than all other grammatical errors (or ambiguities) combined. And as far as the usage of the word “necessary” by Critic… is anything on this blog really necessary??

        • Sgt. Hulka says:

          Lighten up, Francis.

        • dimebag666wife says:

          Dear Paperback Writer,

          Do you regularly invite your family to your home to share a meal and celebrate Thanksgiving? Happy Holidays!

          • DorisTheFunkasaurus says:

            Oh no, careful- don’t upset Marnie!

          • Humbled says:

            I will no longer defend those photos deemed “not awkward” by the pompous, paperback-writing blowhards of the world.
            It was a futile crusade, and I have grown weary.

        • Jayne says:

          Don’t you think the sexual innuendo awkward, something that perhaps was not intended from a more innocent age?

          • Peter says:

            There’s no such thing as a “more innocent age”. They were just as much in on the joke then as we are now.

            And yes, I find this photo enjoyably awkward precisely because I’m sure they’re all in on the joke.

          • geekgirl says:

            LOL Innocent?
            I’ve never understood why every generation thinks they invented sex, sexual innuendo and all the associated jokes. The older generations just had more class than to use them everywhere and used real live wit the rest of the time. πŸ™‚ The only person this is really awkward for are the kids of the people in it, because peoples parents can’t crack sex jokes.

        • From Detroit with Love says:

          I find it quite ironic that the self-righteous English teacher misspelled “antecedent.”
          …but maybe that’s just me.

        • a copywriter says:


    • Tim says:

      Agree completely. This photo of women mugging for the camera is not awkward, but it is a great trip down memory lane.

      • Kellster says:

        Wow, did anybody else just feel the fun get sucked out of this photo?!? (no pun intended…)

        • JMS says:

          This conversation is ridiculous to me. For those of you too dense to understand – the awkwardness is in a wife trying to get her husband’s attention any a fairly suggestive manner in front of his sisters. Awkward!!!

  47. Jenn says:

    Woah, Hazel, watch it with the teeth.

  48. Les says:

    I don’t think I can beat, “At least I think it’s a sausage.”

    You have to be impressed by her optimism, though.

  49. Lynch says:

    I think this is the best picture I’ve ever seen on here πŸ˜€ Fantastic!

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