The Klingers

August 31st, 2010

The Klingers - *AFP Hall Of Fame*

“We’re a closely knit family in case you didn’t notice.”

(submitted by Lindsay)

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  1. Balderdash says:

    I went to school with a couple of these kids. The mom always has her hair like that and a thick layer of makeup. Strict Mormon family.

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s not codependency. It’s team work

  3. Genessa says:

    Whats Gena Davis doing in this photo?!

  4. Paula Klingers says:

    Haha.. strange thing!!
    My name is Klingers as well.. and my family is just the same with three boys and one girl.. lol
    (but we all wear different clothes)

    Greetz from Holland Europe

  5. BH says:

    haha i know this family! her hair is like that everyday!

  6. Kitty says:

    OMG!!! I canΒ΄t breathe no more from laughing. πŸ˜€ In fact mom looks like Morticia Addams. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. kacky says:

    Love that mom’s hair!

  8. Karla says:

    What a surprise to see someone I know! They’re a great family. Mom’s hair is naturally very curly. As far as the pose, I’ve seen way more awkward photos on this website. Dad’s leg does look broken though. Now, do I tell Mom someone put a photo of them on here? She may be hurt by the comments…

  9. praetorius says:

    I spy with my little eye … someone who’s not wearing jeans!

  10. Azula says:

    “Yep-per, Ah made ’em, every single one of ’em’s mine, that’d be me, Big Daddy, raht there in the middle, with mah lovely wife Chantelle, we do the church circuit tours in tha van, singin’ an’ praisin’ the Baby Lord Cheez—-hunny, not now darlin’, later when we git home, m-kay?”

  11. Bec says:

    Two words – PERSONAL SPACE!!!!

  12. Mark says:

    Look what “Just For Men” did for him!

  13. George says:

    …and Aquanet!

  14. SmartAzz says:

    You might not have a keen eye like myself…however, if you look carefully you can see that all the kids umbilical cords are still attached to their Mom….now thats Klingy πŸ™‚

  15. mrs5180 says:

    Though it’s sad that this is a permanent fixture in this family’s photo history—at least they all like eachother enough to agree to do this with real smiles πŸ™‚

  16. RP says:

    I am so glad that Al from Tool Time finally started a family! It is a little disappointing they are not in plaid shirts.

  17. Karen says:

    The only thing that would have made it better would have been their pet Bichon Frise hanging on to dad’s leg too.

  18. Gigi says:

    I don’t want to go back to school. Can’t we stay home for just one more week…..please!!!

  19. Jan says:

    Everyone hold on to Dad and see if we can make his leg snap like a twig !!

  20. JerseyPam says:

    Why do I get the feeling these folks have velcro on their hands and feet?

  21. Alan says:

    The voucher for the free photo clearly stated a SMALL picture. 6 turn up so they all have to scrunch in ‘naturally’

  22. gilby2 says:

    Ya, Looks like Dad is not Klinging to anyone!!
    Smart guy!!

  23. Ohmy says:

    Another portrait photographer that should be shot.

  24. Natty says:

    Only one mama’s boy???

  25. Lisa Dake says:

    The mom looks a lit like Lorrane Newman on SNL.

  26. Jenny says:

    Why are they all hugging onto the Dad except the one child?

  27. Tim S says:

    At first I only saw the top 4 people and thought: “That’s not too bad.” Then I scrolled down and saw the other two. Yep, awkward.

  28. DJ says:

    I’m feeling emotionally suffocated for Dad just looking at that picture!

  29. Jon says:

    I expected to see a shot of Maxwell and the rest of his family in Cleveland!

  30. Meg says:

    OK, so is it just me, or does it look like the dad’s leg is broken and laying in front of him while he smiles through the pain?

  31. Whoa says:

    Hold me, hold me
    And never let me go until you’ve told me, told me
    What I want to know and then just hold me, hold me
    Make me tell you I’m in love with you

  32. Rick D says:

    From the looks of the hair on the girl (Mom?) on the right, I would say that Dad carries quite an electrical charge.

  33. alesita says:

    I can see who’s Mama’s Boy!!!

  34. mmeist99 says:

    Too many Klingon jokes, cling-on jokes, and static cling jokes rushing to mind to pick just one……..

  35. Don says:

    Dad: ” I know I’ve been on the road alot lately but this has got to stop. I’m grateful you all miss me when I’m gone but you have to get a grip…and I don’t me that literally. I’m just stepping outside to get the newspaper!”

  36. Bec says:

    Weird. Just weird.

  37. CarrieM says:

    I thought hanging onto your parent’s leg was against the Teen-Age Coolness Code of Conduct.

  38. Laura says:

    The dad makes me want to go out and buy some Brawny paper towels.

  39. Aimes says:

    I bet money the mom has on white Keds.

  40. Laura says:

    Looks like dad’s the winner here….

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