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September 19th, 2010

The Slopes - Pets

These animal lovers proudly display their two mink coats.

(submitted by Heather)

50 Responses to “The Slopes”

  1. Carie says:

    What’s up with her pose?!

  2. No YouDaHo says:

    Haha, yep. I was born in sight of this mountain.

    • No YouDaHo says:

      Oh yes, and that would be the Starr referred to above, but I am certain this wasn’t taken in the last two decades.

  3. SVID says:

    greatest mountain in the world

  4. The 99 other puppies? Coats do not make themselves…

  5. Puller says:

    That’s FOX and BEAVER – the coats….not humans.

  6. pam says:

    I’m darn sure she has on a FOX coat and he is wearing BEAVER fur. (I’m going, I can see the comments arriving on that one.)

  7. Bathsheba says:

    I thought they looked familiar. That’s heart surgeon, Albert Starr, who died in May 2010, and his wife Victoria Starr. They were staples of the Portland society pages.

  8. JS says:

    The man is a world famous heart surgeon, really and truly. A starr in his field.

    • gayle freel says:

      hello, i wanted to say i received a very nice email from dr. albert starr on april 28th, 2016, i was his patient at doernbecher’s children’s hospital in 1966. i was 6years old dr. starr performed open-heart surgery on me to fix my pulmonary valve, he gave me a 50/50 chance for survival, i am now 56yrs old and doing well, although i do have a moderate heart problem still doin ok. dr. starr is truly a world reknown pioneer surgeon of his and his partner’s invention of the heart valve. i am so very honored to have been a patient of his in portland, oregon. he has brought hope and inspiration to me and all his patients and others who’s lives he’s touched through the years. if you see this note dr. starr thankyou!! for saving my life. you are a truly an inspiration around the world.

  9. Jenners says:

    See my vest, see my vest…

  10. just sayin' says:

    The most awkward part is the cat face in the mountain. Ugh! Just creepy!

  11. Ducky says:

    Maybe the dogs are hunting dogs and caught all those minks (foxes, bears, what do I know) for the coats….

  12. Talia says:

    Run away, little dogs! Run away while you still can.

  13. Libby says:

    Clearly she is much taller than he, hence the “split” stance

  14. Joe says:

    Maybe the two dogs don’t get along so she told the photographer, “On the count of three, I’ll lean in and you take the picture.”

  15. Fred says:

    I’m thinking she’s taller than him and is compensating.

  16. bob says:

    It’s Cruella Deville’s little sister, Cruller-Ella. She’s rounding up all the little cocker spaniels in town and it’s not for the next Westminster Kennel Club’s best-in-show.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Is that guy wearing a fur coat and leather pants? Clearly an animal lover!!

  18. Amber says:

    Most hypocritical pic on this site yet. Shame on them. Money clearly does not buy class.

  19. Terri says:

    woman “Hurry up and kick off ya old fart, all I married you for was your money, I’m sick of pretending to smile in all of these pictures….I HATE dogs”

  20. Jillian says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s taller than him, and that’s why she’s lunging. 🙂

  21. Terri says:


  22. Mr. awesome says:

    Well, they love dogs… maybe those are cat-fur coats… maybe I’ll make one of those too.

  23. Cyn says:

    ahh an awkward father daughter photo!

  24. Gitchygitchygoo says:

    With a title like that, I was expecting a much different picture. Know what I’m saying?

  25. kristine says:

    Trophy wife, anyone?

  26. AJ says:

    I dont see anything wrong with the furs. The issue is why she is standing that way??? It wouldve been a cute pic if she was standing straight!

    • Cindy says:

      Just a guess here, but perhaps she’s much taller than he is. This would also explain why he’s standing on a mound of snow and she’s in a ditch…

  27. Erika831 says:

    That would be the pose of a gold digger extraordinare…Either that or she’s posing with her father or grandfather…Maybe she didn’t want to stand too close so she’s lunging towards him so she didn’t have to…

  28. JerseyPam says:

    Hiding out in the last place left in the world where they can safely wear those coats.

  29. donna reed says:

    She married him for his dogs.

  30. Tiff says:

    I like the bird poo on the fence to the right. That+big fur coats+Tammy Faye makeup+little dogs with mittens? Are those mittens on that one dog?= Awkward.

  31. Hannah says:

    The coat on the right is not real fur. Just sayin’. But yeah, nice hip shelf.

    She should be advertising Chap Stick. It’s a model thing she’s got going.

  32. bucksnut says:

    What is this lunge-pose thing she’s doing? Can’t give up her cheerleading days? The dogs look ecstatic.

  33. Kim says:

    “Stop your squirming, Scruffy, or I’ll be wearing YOU in the next family portrait.”

  34. “We’re breeding dogs for our next full length coats!”

  35. tompit says:

    Cruella Deville takes a holiday!

  36. CarrieM says:

    Would you call that a hip-shelf she’s doing? Her stance alone puts this in the awkward win category.

  37. M.G. says:

    Where pedigree meets Dynasty…

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