Chip Off The Old Block

September 25th, 2010

Chip Off The Old Block - Family Portrait

Dad taught him every cocky thing he knew.

(submitted by Mark)

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  1. Someone Next Door says:

    Wow! The whole time I lived next door I don’t think I ever saw Don, Jr. even wear a shirt. But Terri did… Most of the time, lol.)

  2. Marty says:

    Don Jr. (right in white) dressed like this at least until 1990s. I met him in ’84 at the Grand Canyon, I am gonna guess this was taken in ’79ish?

    • Teresa Cornelius says:

      Marty you got almost all of it right! Keith was about 5 years, so this picture was taken in ’87 πŸ™‚

  3. Cuosin Dustin says:

    Love it Cousin Terry

  4. Joey says:

    I bet he (the son) smelled like brut or Old English too lol

  5. mary says:

    the girl is being snowblinded

  6. Lisa Visconti says:

    I’m about 99% sure I’m related to these unfortunate looking humans. How do I contact the person that submitted this?

  7. IndyClick says:

    Dad says: “Stay thirsty, my friends”.

  8. John says:

    I’m think Kiefer Sutherland in “The Lost Boys”

  9. Merv says:

    Quote from the most awkward man in the world:
    β€œI don’t always take family pictures. But when I do, I prefer awkward family pictures.”

  10. Shannon says:

    I didn’t know The Most Interesting Man in the World had kids

  11. JerseyPam says:

    Sunday Afternoon Fever.

  12. Wendi says:

    I believe the background is the back of a door in a commercial location (like a store or office). What people think is a spotlight is the large hinge at the top????

    Otherwise…priceless looks on these gems.

  13. amy says:

    Looks like my gym teacher. seriously.

  14. ScoutC says:

    The girl is thinking, “Maybe if I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough, they’ll all disappear.”

  15. Gigi says:

    If we had Reality TV back in 1979, I would have been called The Situation.

  16. Ruth says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the rolled up sock! πŸ˜€

  17. Becky says:

    The kid in the tux looks exactly like a kid I went to grammar school with!

  18. Lizzy says:

    It’s the World’s Most Interesting Man with one of his many families

  19. JerseyPam says:

    Why would someone take a picture of their paneling and then spotlight it?

  20. bobr says:

    The year was 1977. #1 son just graduated from East Blumphluk Tech. He landed a job at Midas Muffler as Assistant Mgr. This is the proud family as he posed in his white jumpsuit before his first day. Little sis used one of her muliticolor socks as a scarf. Dad is actually a ventriloquist and little bro stole Charlie McCarthy’s outfit.

  21. Mamasito says:

    What terrifies me is that 30 years ago I would have considered Mr. White Pants HOT!

  22. carol says:

    I’m thinking that Mom said, “Put on your best clothes, everyone, I want to get a picture!!” And this is the unfortunate result.

  23. 2rooper says:

    10 bucks someone in this photo owns a camaro…

  24. Beth says:

    What’s with the kid in the tux?

  25. Sus says:

    Yes, you missed the rolled up sleeves! However there is a lot to take in!

  26. Jennifer* says:

    Mullet, upturned collar, exposed chest, refusal to smile, and too-tight pants.

    Did I miss anything?

    Oh, white pants.

    Good times. Now I feel comfortable pulling out my ’80’s perm/braces combination pictures. πŸ™‚

  27. Joe says:

    It never fails to amaze me the moments in time we wish to capture.

  28. MC says:

    Yes, this is me being cocky with grammar! πŸ™‚

  29. McMego says:

    If Chuck Norris and Billy Zabka could have a kid.

    • Bucky says:

      Perfect! I’d say something like “Win!” or “FTW!”, but I’m way too old for such colloquialisms, so you get a “perfect!” instead.

  30. sbb says:

    Umm, baffling. Most baffling to me though is the choice of background.

    Does that make me an awkward sympathizer.


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