October 1st, 2010

Neverland - Behind The Awkwardness

“I’ve played the harp since I was seven. We hosted a recital at our house for all my teacher’s students, which is why there are three harps in the room. But there are so many things I can’t explain about this. Why am I wearing the shirt and hat from my Peter Pan costume from Halloween about five years earlier? Why am I only wearing the top half of this costume, paired with black jeans tucked into weird ankle boots? Why am I wearing a liter of lipstick at the age of nine? Why did I ever have that haircut? The world may never know.”

45 Responses to “Neverland”

  1. andrea says:

    individuality is important!
    and music, obviously.
    and peter pan
    and lipstick.

    smart kid

  2. Teresa says:

    How could you not remember taking a picture like this? My son carried the ax from his fireman’s costume for about 3 years. Axie traveled everywhere with us. Fast forward 20 years and he created a large ax sculpture with no thought about the correlation

  3. Judy says:

    It appears to me at the age of 9, you had a real sense of style! Obviously, you loved that Peter Pan Outfit and kept it for just the right occasion. Do you still play the harp?

  4. Diane says:

    Peter Pan Velvetten Costume Top…$20.00
    Matching Peter Pan Hat…$10.00
    Black Ankle Boots…$25.00
    Black Jeans to Tuck into Black Ankle Boots…$30.00
    Photo to Embarrass You for the Rest of Your Life…Priceless

  5. BeQui says:

    I have a school picture, I think 3rd grade, where I’m wearing purple corduroy pants and an orange Hawaiian print shirt. Clearly, my mom didn’t realize it was picture day, or she wouldn’t have let me dress myself.

  6. Ella says:

    Ok- the only thing cooler than this photograph is your caption! You owned it, sister- be proud-

    I’ve got a few photos of myself looking, as I say, “a little off”. I think at that age we knew EXACTLY what we were doing. HA!


  7. Legacy says:

    I don’t see the problem; your hair is pretty.

  8. serg says:

    this is actually a very cute picture. The only awkwardness is the decor of the room.

  9. Melissa says:

    Why, you say? Because you were AWESOME. This is a GREAT picture. 😀

  10. JT says:

    This girl looks just like Elena from “Ace of Cakes”

  11. shauna says:

    The lipstick looks photoshopped,everyone knows that no one puts lipstick on a nine year old that wants to stay a child foever-the rest of the picture looks pretty normal, well the harp might have been photoshopped, no one plays the harp-

    • pittipat says:

      Oh, and the lace curtains. Everyone knows you can’t have lace curtains in close proximity to harps and sequins.

  12. Nell says:

    Was it St Patick’s day?

  13. Sassy says:

    You look great. It’s that rug I’m worried about.

  14. Shylo says:

    You look like a cute little kid to me and such a sweet smile – not awkward – just gorgeous thanks for sharing. My daughter was a pussycat for 3 years when the tail finally wore out and fell off. Too cute

  15. steve z says:

    Jazzy-harp. TA-DA!

  16. Bill says:

    Oh My. Bless your heart. Years of therapy won’t fix this.

  17. Alan says:

    Ah,yes,Peter Pan & Wendy…..Peter starts to sing wendy harp starts to play.

  18. Anne Gwish says:

    I think your hair is quite cute.

  19. Andi from NC says:

    Ok, a little awkward – but in only the BEST ways!! Like in a way that’s sweet and innocent and real to who you are even though other 9 year olds may not quite understand someone who plays the heart in a whimsical hat.

    I think it’s wonderful!

  20. Shelba says:

    I think it’s an awesome picture. You look bright and happy on what was obviously an exciting day. I see no reason to blame anyone! LOL!

  21. Holly says:

    I bet your harp teacher said to wear something lovely, perhaps flowing, light, and possibly “fairy” looking. You immediately thought of said Peter Pan costume, yet only the top fit. You did your best to accommodate her request. You were a good student. So, I blame the teacher.

  22. Mary says:

    Hey, my nephew wore the box from his Legos on his head for the first six years of his life! So, by comparison, your Peter Pan get up looks fashionable. Excuse me while I go try to find that photo of my nephew…he was a weird kid.

  23. Bigbluefan says:

    Why? Because that outfit would never work in the brass section.

  24. Em says:

    It doesn’t happen very often, but this is one of those few cases where an “awkward” family photo is posted that isn’t actually awkward. I mean, yes, does that outfit scream late 80’s? Definitely. Does she look like a pre pubescent kid? You bet. Is that awkward? Mmmm … kind of, but not really.

  25. JerseyPam says:

    My son wore his Power Ranger costume from 4 to 7 years old, when I had to tell him the Red one needed it back as his spare got monster slime on it. Luckily my mom sewed the costume, so it was nice and sturdy. My son found solace being ‘Bond, James Bond’ for another two years in a suit he wore to his aunt’s wedding. These costumes were worn daily, not just at Halloween.
    At 9 years old, you probably loved the sequins and thought it was quite elegant. You are adorable in this picture.

    • schoolnurse says:

      My son wore a hand-me-down Jerry Rice #88 football jersey for years (pre-school through maybe first grade). I had to explain to his teachers that it did get washed every night… I miss those days sometime.

    • Elliemae says:

      Ha! boys do wear some strange things. my brother wore a clip on tie with his pajamas and if I’m not mistaken, he wore his cowboy boots as well (until they made him take them off for bed) Man, do I wish I had a pic of THAT now!

      • bdubz says:

        I love the clip on tie with pj’s thing, need to see that!

        My son spent about 18 months refusing to leave the house without a very small purple bucket on his head…need to dig out _those_ photos 🙂

  26. scooter says:

    I read the caption and even after that I didn’t see anything here to be “awkward” really

  27. Redjag says:

    Didn’t even notice that was a custome. So were you or weren’t you one of your teacher’s students? I’m confused on that part.
    But what i’m really wondering is how loud are harp recitals at a house? not sure if your neighbors hated you or loved you. Nice pretty pic is what I see

  28. Rick D says:

    The attire would be completely appropriate if you played the accordion. Harp, though, requires elegance, and (break it gently) elegant it’s not.

  29. Pat says:

    Th answers are with your mother. I don’t see the awkwardness. And you are a kid. You seem relaxed and doing and dressing for yourself.

  30. carol says:

    Awesome that you play the harp! There aren’t that many harp players around. I Love harp music! You go girl!

  31. steph says:

    The answer to all your questions is…..because you were nine! You probably thought you were looking amazing and insisted that is what you were wearing for what I think is a beautiful picture of a beautiful and talented young lady.

    • mrs5180 says:

      exactly…being a kid is awesome & I’m glad your mom let you wear something you thought was perfect for your recital. Myabe you played something from Peter Pan?? Though I imagine anything on a harp would sound faerie-ish.

  32. D says:

    Hmm let’s see… Probably you wanted to wear something magical and the only magical piece of clothing in your wardrobe was the Peter Pan costume… Since the costume was from a few years back the pants and shoes were too small for you so you’ve solved the problem by keeping the shirt and the hat and then wearing tight black pants tucked into ankle boots to resemble what had been the original look of the costume. It must have seem an important enough event for you to wear lipstick and your mom must have talked you into having that haircut. All in all, you can put all the blame on your mom :))

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