The Dog And I

October 1st, 2010

The Dog And I - Pets

You smile.

(submitted by JJ)

21 Responses to “The Dog And I”

  1. Roman Sandstorm says:

    Man, that’s the hound of the freakin’ Baskervilles.

  2. Le'Shea says:

    Gorgeous Cane Corso! 😀 Looks like its very well taken care of

  3. Nicole says:

    Seriously, that is the biggest dog I have ever seen…. Like a small bear or something. I wonder how he trained it to walk nicely on a leash!?!?

  4. CarrieM says:

    The caption is what really makes me laugh.

  5. Jenifer Boykin says:

    No woman, no cry………………

  6. JerseyPam says:

    Man: “Go ahead. Make my day.”

  7. Chad says:

    That dog is massive!

  8. Christina says:

    This looks like a Cane Corso Italian Mastiff. I think this photo is just precious-a guy and his owner 🙂

  9. Matt says:

    What breed of dog is that?

  10. Mary says:

    Fred’s kind of handsome but his wife needs a shave!

  11. debbie says:

    the man is sitting all right, but so is that dog. those dogs are huge! at least 200 lbs

  12. leena says:

    Is that dog on steroids?!?

  13. DavidO says:

    Least awkward pic I’ve seen on this site ever

  14. Harry says:

    Nice picture. A guy with his dog. Where’s the awkward part?

  15. Poopypants says:

    Haha… awesome dog though.

  16. Rick D says:

    I assume – I hope – this man is seated, because that is a very large dog. If the guy is standing, it would be a truly terrifying dog.

  17. Tom Flapwell says:

    This may be the first dog I’ve seen whose head is bigger than his master’s.

  18. kultgirl says:

    Fred is the only surviving member of this family – Duke has eaten the rest of them.

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