Saturday Night Special: Intimidation Factor

October 23rd, 2010

Saturday Night Special: Intimidation Factor - Pets

Don’t make them get a fourth ‘cus they’ll do it.

(submitted by John)

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  1. 80sgirl says:

    squeaky voice: “Alpha to Command Central. Show me that snipe, I have backup!”

  2. D says:

    It looks like they’re having a staring contest…. the boy and the dog right next to him have the same look lol

  3. iLOLd says:

    Three dobies and no “Omen” reference? :O

    That house is TOTALLY safe from slow, overweight burglars.

    Their ears aren’t cropped–the Van Helsings are off-camera.

  4. Sandy says:


  5. CarrieM says:

    Are they sitting on a mantle?

  6. Just a Friend says:

    So I actually know the guy, and his facebook is filled pictures like this one. Some are of just him and a dog, and all of them are sufficiently awkward. I have been thinking of submitting them for a while, and I guess somebody beat me to the punch.

  7. Lori says:

    What gorgeous dogs! Our neighbor always has dobermans and they are the sweetest dogs.

  8. ScoutC says:

    Susie hated living in the shadow of Killer’s fame. Well, at least her face did.

  9. crystal says:

    Wow, the boy in this picture looks exactly like a younger version of that guy from SNL! What is his name?…..

  10. Freckles says:

    My, what big ears you have!

  11. Lyn says:

    I guess it all depends on your point of view. This picture was probably shot at a dog show and the kids might be Junior Handlers. I’ve seen versions of this photo for decades with people and their dogs.

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