Saturday Night Special: Million Dollar Smile

October 30th, 2010

Saturday Night Special: Million Dollar Smile - Pets

Now if he can just get the ears in order.

(submitted by Roger)

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  1. Mike Smith says:


  2. The Green Porcupine Ninja Machine says:

    This isn’t awkward! This is actually a very cute family photo.

  3. Rosieposie says:

    Love this pic. I hope it got entered in some sort of “I love my pet contest” It is definately a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  4. conanarama says:

    I viewed this picture as such:
    “Million dollar smile? Hmm…”
    *scans through kids*
    *scans farther and sees dog*
    “Ahh!! Haha, ok.”
    *looks at caption and goes back to dogs ears…*

    For some reason the caption mixed with the one gimp ear made me laugh very unexpectedly and loudly.

  5. mimi221 says:

    This is the most disheveled dog I’ve ever seen in my life.

  6. Heather says:

    the ears are great, it adds to the fabulous grin.

  7. violetbeauregard says:

    I love everyone’s smile here. This is a great photo.

  8. Cabbage Patch Elvis says:

    The guy in the middle stole that pose from Brooke Shields. I never go anywhere without my Calvin Kliens!

  9. Beckster says:

    Love the dog’s smile!!! So cute!

  10. meri says:

    I LOVE this photo.

  11. Cai says:

    the monthly meeting of the Dungeons and Dragons club

  12. Evelyn says:

    I’ve never seen a dog smile quite that big! Love it!!

  13. LH says:

    He does have a nice smile.

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