Man Down

November 5th, 2010

Man Down - Babies

“My family ALWAYS had us take a picture where we lined up all the cousins in either age order or height order (or both) and the parents woulds snap away. This is one of the height order picture. The only problem is, to see baby Nora’s proper height, someone would have to hold her upright. Apparently they thought it would be a good idea to trust her sister Becca, who was the next tallest but still only a toddler to do so. Becca obviously didn’t feel like holding onto a baby and…well…this is the result. I’m not sure what I love more: how the rest of us are completely oblivious to the fact that a baby is being dropped on her face or how the camera managed to catch Nora falling at such a slight angle away from the ground.
PS – Nora was and is fine. She made it to high school with no signs of further trauma.”

(submitted by Emily)

58 Responses to “Man Down”

  1. Corinna says:

    Perfect timing!!

  2. ASURichard says:

    I don’t care who you are…. THAT’s FUNNY!

  3. dadfw says:

    hahah best title and footnote

  4. Bender says:

    He saw some candy on the ground. “MINE!!!”

  5. Aleksander Czerwinski says:

    What’s sad is that this is actually my family…’s also really embarrassing because I am that baby; thought I’d never see this again…

  6. Krejaton says:

    The girls wanted to keep their super-majority, so it’s curtains for Baby Mikey.

  7. Andree-Anne says:

    Can’t stop laughing to tears!!! Since minimum 5 minutes!!! Think it’s the funniest picture I have seen for a while!!

  8. carmey says:

    i cried it was so hilarious

  9. Ryan Donoghue says:

    this just helps to prove my theary that Humpty Dumpty was in fact PUSHED!

  10. Laura says:

    Oh god! The caption is so fantastic!!!

  11. Luna says:

    Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

  12. Noneya says:

    Love the title. Does it make me a bad person to rofl at the baby falling?

    • Janice Marie says:

      I’m with you. I just spent the last 20 minutes laughing hysterically in my cube. I don’t even care that the entire office – incudling my boss – is looking at me! Too freaking funny.

  13. susie says:

    The girl in hot pink is too busy color coordinating her socks to provide support to the younger ones.

  14. Louise says:

    Totally made me laugh! This is a great picture. Almost as good as the one with the baby duct taped to the window.

  15. eva says:

    Are there actually 10 kids in this family? THATS what I’m focused on!

  16. And this, folks, is why you only let the OLDER children hold the baby…..

  17. D. Lee says:

    aaahh little sis is trying to catch him, she’s just not coordinated enough yet at her young age… A large happy family is a blessed family…

  18. mitey says:

    This would be the problem with the height lineup…you just left a 2 year old in charge of holding up the baby

  19. Rosieposie says:

    It’s the Duggar family, nine kids ago…

  20. bethksp says:

    The jorts to child ratio is far to high in this picture.

  21. Ali says:

    As Scooby Doo would say: “RUH-ROH!!!”

  22. dribbles says:


  23. Heather Wood says:

    Girl in pink and turquoise: “I had nothing to do with that. really. I was just standing here in my clown outfit. Minding my own business.”

  24. schoolnurse says:

    Sissy wasn’t ready to yield her position as “baby of the family” just yet!

  25. Joshua says:

    Wheres the guy with the cell phone?

  26. Mike says:

    Almost had enough pink fabric left to finish those shorts.

  27. Tim S says:

    ♫♪ They all rolled over and one fell out. ♫♪

  28. Rory says:

    I love the fact that the little fella’s actually in motion.

  29. fireflight says:

    I looks like big sis told little sis to give little brother a shove.

  30. Lisa says:

    It’s a Bouncing Baby Boy!!

  31. susie says:

    At least it wasn’t the Domino effect.

  32. carol says:

    Poor baby! Are the girls trying to catch the baby or did one of them push him? They seem a tad too cheerful about him/her falling!

  33. Brenda E says:

    Somebody looks a little too happy . . .

  34. Don says:

    The Clarksville city pool had been closed for a month due to problems with the chlorine level . However, the coach of the synchronized swim team was not one to let a practice opportunity go by. After asking Mrs. Watkins (voted yard of the year) to use her backyard, the team began practicing their opening dive into the pool.

  35. kacky says:

    Babies in large families always get battered and bruised. It’s a wonder that anyone who was the 5th kid or later ever survives.

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