Thelma & Louise

November 19th, 2010

Thelma & Louise - Pets

Anything can happen when these two felines hit the open road.

(submitted by Adam)

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  1. Summer says:

    RIP Toonces and Morris….. they had nine lives!!!!!!!

  2. Melvis says:

    Love the sweater vest! I would definately hang this on my wall!!

  3. tink says:

    The latest in Compact Travel Catboxes.

  4. Guy says:

    you can tell both of these cats are plotting the owners downfall…

    “For this.. your favourite, classless, floral print couch gets ‘the claw'”

  5. R. Michael Bortman says:

    Punch buggy yellow.

  6. JerseyPam says:

    Bob and Trixie decided to document the incident…in case the laughing and rock throwing but now crying and bleeding kid presses charges.

  7. CB says:

    I also love this photo, and think this is totally hilarious. I want to frame it, to always look at when having a bad day.

  8. Amanda says:

    I am in love with this photo. No denying the awkwardness, but mad respect for anyone who can get cats to sit long enough… in this pose… wearing clothes… to take this picture. When I was a kid, I tried to put a doll shirt on my cat and he FLIPPED out. Major props on the pose.

    Not so much props on the props… those are weird. Hilariously weird, but weird.

  9. DebbieLG says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture! They’re adorable. It made me laugh out loud – in a good way!

  10. Miss Trish says:

    I don’t really like cats, but these two are so cute!
    I want to hug them! Great awkward photo.

  11. Livremaniac says:

    I’m thinking that these cats are not alive. Catsidermy, anyone?

  12. Nancy says:

    I want the black and white cat!!!!!!!!!

  13. tina.the one says:

    Catversion of Thelma and Louise ?

  14. Freckles says:

    Cat-onball Run.

  15. Harry says:

    What beautiful cats!

  16. amy b says:

    It’s the rocks that I don’t get….

  17. Mandie says:

    I actually like this photo. I think it is hilarious! What great cats that would sit there and take a picture like that. I think the cats aren’t particularily awkward, but the props. What’s with the rock cluster on the carpet? The carpet does not look like a road or even grass. The fake background is obvious too, and there is something weird going on with the orange cat’s sweater vest. Is it stuck on the seat? Other than that, the cat’s themselves are adorable. I like how the driving cat ensures his paw doesn’t leave the wheel– safety first! 😉

  18. Debbie Who says:

    I’ll be there was a special something in someone’s shoes later….

  19. RICHARD says:

    am I glad they saw the ‘Rock Falling’ sign and just got the VW scratched and didnt get hurt. Whew, that was a close one.

  20. zukimac says:


  21. Jumping Jack says:

    Why add the sweater???

    • ScoutC says:

      Dogs wearing clothes are weird enough, but CATS!!! I’d hate to be the one who had to wrestle it into that sweater.

      • asmith040404 says:

        I uploaded this. B/c this girl i used to know in high school had put this up on facebook. She took her cats to get pics professional done. Whats funny in her other pics they totally pose. They is just one with both cats lean on each other with their sweaters on. Her other pics she has of them they are wearing top hats and vests. In all the pics they seem to pose without any help.

    • Selena says:

      The sweater appears to be a cleaver way to make the cat stay in the car with the how it’s stuck over the back of the seat. It looks like it’s holding the cat in it’s pose.

  22. just sayin' says:

    I love this picture! It is so cute. The driver looks like he has one or two under his belt and his driving *might* be impaired. The passenger looks scared, but too proud to admit it!

  23. MK says:

    What’s up with the rocks?

  24. senora_jennifer says:

    You have got to be kidding me!

  25. Tom Flapwell says:

    They look better than Toonces.

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