The Kid’s Table

November 26th, 2010

The Kid’s Table - Kids

Thanksgiving may be over, but the leftovers aren’t.

(submitted by Lisa)

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  1. Lisa says:

    I love this photo. It should be made into a greeting card.

  2. Erin says:

    I am just wondering why the turkey is plated with pecan spinwheels?

  3. Spoo says:

    Take THAT, Grandma Marnie!

  4. PicPwny says:

    I think this was taken in my house… about thirty years ago. I know this because of that tile. That and the fact that the turkey is still there.

  5. AndrewT says:

    “Please don’t eat your other thumb! Here, have some turkey instead!”

  6. Marlene says:

    Why does this lil cutie look hammered lol

  7. susie says:

    I guess it’s not saying much for my house that I have linoleum that looks just like that pattern.

  8. JimD says:

    Is her dress actually touching the turkey ?
    Anyways, not too awkward… but very cute.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    My youngest is that age and it’s just the sweetest age. Still soft and cuddly, old enough to have a sense of humor. This is so cute.

  10. Freckles says:

    Thanksgiving at Hannibal Lecter’s house.

  11. Mike says:

    Great photo! Only one question – is the turkey in time out?

  12. Jasper says:

    It looks more like an overdone chicken then a turkey. The whole picture is just plain wierd and unsettling. Very awkward.

  13. janet says:

    Love that her shoes are on the wrong feet!! Hope they have the 10 second rule at that house!!??

  14. Jessica B. says:

    And so, little baby Gabby laughs as she thinks about how she rid herself of her younger brother. “Heh heh, and they all think this is a turkey…”

  15. parrothead says:

    Looks a bit over cooked to me,

  16. carol says:

    I remember this photo from last year. But still very awkward.

  17. Erin says:

    Omg this is cute!! but perhaps because we don’t do thanks giving so I’ve never seen this kind ofpicture before?! Also it would not be allowedin marneys house… There would have to be designated child and turkey bringers along with designated photographer and allotted clothing!

  18. Jake says:

    I’m not sure that that’s actually the floor the girl and the turkey are sitting on. It could be a table, covered with a table cloth, pushed up against a wall with a chair rail.

    I’m also not completely sure that the thumb isn’t photoshopped. Maybe it’s real, but it looks kind of big for the girl’s hand.

  19. Mei says:

    Not awkward ! this is just the cutest pic ever !

  20. Tim S says:

    Toss me the remote, Dad, I wanna watch some football!

  21. Maggie says:

    This clearly isn’t a family with a dog.

  22. ScoutC says:

    Love the “thumbs up,” love the dress flopping onto the turkey, love the “up do” hairstyle. Maybe this is a photo of Marney at the first Thanksgiving she organized (and after a bottle of clos du bois).

    • Alan says:

      Of course it’s Marney! See how she coerced her little brother into arranging the orange slices around the turkey, but she takes the credit?

      • schoolnurse says:

        If it IS Marney she hadn’t yet achieved “regulation thickness” orange slices, I see irregular sizes… Years later I’m sure she now serves them at a uniform3/8″

  23. Ang says:

    Weird and kinda creepy.

  24. senora_jennifer says:

    This would NEVER be allowed at Marney’s, although the floor would probably be clean enough to eat off, if only in Marney’s mind.

    But this whole set up confuses me. Who puts the bird on the floor? With the thumb’s up, did the little girl prepare it?

  25. davidrh says:

    I’m sorry – Maybe it’s my tryptophan induced semi-after-Thanksgiving-coma, but this seems like such a tired, old photo idea that I can’t even get a low grumpy umph from it . . .

  26. forqalso says:

    She gives the meal, “One thumb up.”

  27. Jon says:

    What a turkey! And the poultry’s funny too!

  28. Noneya says:

    Too cute.

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