House Band

December 2nd, 2010

House Band - Family Portrait

“This is my family. Apparently, since my little sister didn’t have an instrument to play we just gave her a screwdriver to hold?”

(submitted by Paula)

49 Responses to “House Band”

  1. Pammer says:

    the neighbors HATE these people!

  2. Jimbo says:

    Her subtle message: screw this…..I’m so outta here!!!

  3. b0b says:

    They kidnapped my daughter! Who are these people?

  4. Melissa says:

    Dad is in the dark.

  5. Bek says:

    I think I know someone in this photo

  6. AndrewT says:

    Oh to be living next door to the Brass Family. Not.

  7. Bailey says:

    This is not really my family but this is my family.

  8. aLeSiTa says:

    It takes a really talented/genius kid to play a screwdriver (and use it as a lethal weapon against the photographer)

  9. iLOLd says:

    Is this the group called “the Aristocrats”?

  10. maryis says:

    Why the screw driver? Because metal is a great conductor of course!

  11. Susan says:

    She plays the screwdriver? Slotted or Phillips head?

  12. Becky says:

    Once again, it’s the comment with the picture and ya’lls comments that make this photo at least twice as funny!!! 🙂

  13. Dylan says:

    Not to be confused with the nut cracker….

  14. carol says:

    She’s at the ready to fix any instruments that might fall apart.

  15. Chad says:

    Guess she dropped the triangle.

  16. DZ says:


  17. Don says:

    Although their notes were clear and crisp, the handful of boos from the stands put a damper on the halftime show. When your only marching formation is a backslash, you’re in trouble.

  18. daren says:

    I don’t know what she is holding but the fact that she isn’t holding a marching band instrument instantly makes he the coolest member of that family by default!

  19. Rick D says:

    The older woman, that is – not the kid.

    • Rick D says:

      This was supposed to be a correction of an earlier comment by me which for some reason did not post. Of course, this one makes no sense whatsoever standing alone, but I’m not going to try to rejuvenate the original.

  20. magpie says:

    Looks like the trombone player is ready to be beamed up and outta there!

  21. Legacy says:

    Why a screwdriver? I say why not a screwdriver?

  22. Sihaya says:

    I’ll admit that my eyes aren’t great, but it looks like she’s holding a baton.

  23. Shannon says:

    Is that Max Weinberg?

  24. steph says:

    I think she is conducting the band with the screwdriver. Regardless she is clearly the red headed step child….the family all have instuments but not her… and they all squish onto the bench except her.

  25. GulfGirl says:

    I was squinting to see if she had a triangle in her hand. I’m disappointed.

  26. Jen says:

    Little one has a conducting baton. I mean, how else are they expected to keep time. Geesh. 🙂

  27. Tim says:

    This family blows!

  28. Denise says:

    Gotta love the eerie shadows and sense of impending doom!

  29. Lilly says:

    Did these guys take the place of the Partridge Family after it was cancelled?

  30. Sandra says:

    Is that a soprano or an alto screwdriver?

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