Growing Pains

December 24th, 2010

Growing Pains - Family Portrait

The holiday season is a time to come together despite our differences.

(submitted Liora)

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  1. Molly says:

    Ha! Looks like me in my family photos.

  2. akanas says:

    Like SOAD love this girl <3 🙂

  3. Malithion says:

    I like Liora’s look. the hair’s quite cool (reminds me of one of my fav bands), and I love the dark purple skirt. if anyone looks like they really didn’t want to be in it or such, I think it’d be mom on the far right x3 “oh, fine. I’ll stand here. take the picture already. sheesh. 😛 “

  4. Snufleupagus says:

    I’m impressed how everything is color coordinated.

  5. girl!! says:

    I know these people. They are a very nice and down to earth family! Some people just like fun hair!

  6. mary says:

    i would love to know what the occasion is

  7. barfbag says:

    one word.. Photoshop!

  8. PJ says:

    Who’s got pink hair? I only saw the hot, older sister. humina, humina!

  9. PSK says:

    Change the background to a medieval church,add some glow sticks and THEN see who looks awkward!

  10. Jimbo says:

    Mom’s thought bubble: “Please God, don’t let this photo show up on some website some day for all the world to see!!”

  11. Liora says:

    actually i think its a compliment to be compared to kelly osbourne. she’s hot.

  12. Gunde says:

    I only see one person in this picture. The hot blonde.
    What are the rest of you seeing?

  13. Daisy Randone says:

    Oh and by the way I find it extremely offensive to compare her to kelly osbourne. you probably only said that because her hair is pink, thats dumb….

  14. Daisy Randone says:

    None of you know anything about this picture, so a lot of what you’re saying is entirely irrelevant. but this is hilarious for that reason.

    • Daisy Daisy says:

      Of course none of us know about this picture- this website is public, hence all the pictures (there might be exceptions) are unknown to us. Their picture was put up here and you definitely knew people were going to make comments. So technically you criticizing other people is irrelevant. No offense though =)

  15. Jen says:


    also hi mia

  16. Liora says:

    also that hoodies not mine.

  17. Liora says:

    this is my family! i am the one with the pink hair. i am not a middle child, i didn’t know this was here, though it was surely the work of one of my friends. im not a goth, and this was taken at my cousin’s barmitzvah. AND NEVER WILL I REGRET THAT HAIR!

    btw: that blonde is my sister. lay off. lmao

  18. Tom Fool says:

    Ever wonder what it would look like if Kelly Osbourne had been born into a semi-normal family? Well wonder no more!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Totally my first idea! Lol.. she just looks like an average teenage chic exploring herself though. Most of the time you grow beyond it as as you age.

      <coming from an ex-goth herself… 🙂

      PS The little boy is a doll too!

  19. jynxx says:

    mom or grandma’

    nothing disrespectful about that.

  20. jynxx says:

    actually, it seems to me that she’s wearing a nice dress under the hoodie (worn for warmth, like mom’s shawl), and that pic just happened to be taken while it was on. And that’s a great dye job- i never had one that great, at that age!

  21. Mia says:

    So hilarious to see this here, I’ve known the pink-haired girl since 7th grade and this picture was orginally on facebook…a couple people (myself included) suggested she submit it here. It’s actually not middle child syndrome, I believe the boy is a cousin….and she’s not particularly sullen, just not pleased in this picture I guess. It’s so funny seeing things from a stranger’s point of view 🙂

  22. rlo says:

    lol, this poor girls will regret this. the pink hair is fine, the attitude and rudeness of wearing a band sweatshirt at a formal event… not fine.

    • Emily says:

      To me, that stance has cold written all over it. I think she’s probably not trying to have an attitude or be rude, she’s just trying to stay warm. 🙂

  23. pata says:

    Omg, it’s just like all my family’s pictures, except my hair is red and I have far better taste in music.

  24. Suzanne says:

    Who still listens to System of a Down?

  25. J. says:

    the pink is pretty : )

  26. Abbi says:

    seriously?! so she died her hair pink… who cares. it’s just hair. it will grow out and is changable. there are bigger things in life to worry about than if she dies her hair pink. let it be.

    • Melissa says:

      Amen, Abbi! I am a hairstylist and it amazes me to witness the battles that go on between parents and children over hair. My personal rules for hair have always been “just keep it clean and keep it out of your eyes”, but so many young men want their bangs hanging down past their nose so they can flip them to the side (nevermind that in fifty years there will be a lot of old men in nursing homes with bad necks from doing the bang flip so much…). But really, it’s just hair, and a relatively harmless form of self-expression. No matter how weird it looks today, it WILL grow out, (unlike tattoos and excessive piercings…) And if the worst thing you have to fight about with your children is their hair, you are very lucky indeed.

  27. mimi221 says:

    Oh, my, it is SUCH hard work being fourteen! Bless this family for letting her explore in new (well, new for her!) directions!

  28. mrscori says:

    This would have never happened in my family as my Mom and Dad would have put the foot down….on that pink hair!!!

  29. Jeff says:

    I’m sorry, I was staring at the blonde. Did someone say something?

  30. Mic C says:


  31. pinworm says:

    What she is doing is what sociologists call “cheap signaling”, a form of rebellion that doesn’t entail any actual high risk. Dying your hair pink is a way of flipping the bird to authority, but not quite on par with standing down a line of tanks or actually throwing a molotov cocktail at a bank.

  32. really? says:

    It is nearly 2011. Catch up.

  33. Louise says:

    This comment is funny also. (There! The program wouldn’t let me just say “funny” again, as in my response a few comments up. It said: “Duplicate comment detected. You already said that.”)

  34. ApeRoll says:

    and then what…….??????

  35. ApeRoll says:

    Im SO confused now!?!?!

  36. Bobbie says:

    perfect comment, my favorite by far!!!!!!

  37. Bobby says:

    Sounds like “Breakfast Club: The sequel”

  38. steve says:

    Are these people related or just thrown together on the spur of the moment? If they are family…someone wake up Mom. Its picture time.

  39. Amanda says:

    Looks like my family pictures from highschool!! Very awkward!!

  40. Alana says:

    I have never understood these kids desires to be “different”. Isn’t EVERYONE trying to be different!? I guarantee, in a few years, she will regret this picture.

    • Sara says:

      What an ignorant thing to say! She is a budding little gothling, and will one day look back on this picture and SMILE because she’s happy that she was allowed to be herself. Goth is a subculture, not a phase. Your guarantee is just silly 😀

      • ScoutC says:

        Dunno about that. Our daughter was paging through some old photo albums, including one of a trip to Hawaii. She saw her sullen and smile-less face in all the pix, and asked, “What was wrong with me? Why did you let me do that to my hair?” To which I replied, “We got to live the dream and see that mug every day for 4 years. You tell me what was going on.” Her reply: “I’m sorry!” So not all who sample the “goth subculture” stick with it. It can be a just a phase for those who continue to develop and expand their horizons.

      • aunt jemima says:

        I agree, Sara
        While the photo may not be seen as ‘normal’ (whatever that is), there really is nothing wrong with it. If the awkwardness comes from the girl with the pink hair, then society as a whole needs to stop and think about why they judge people based on their looks so often. I hope her mother is proud, she has a daughter who isn’t afraid to be herself–and who she wants to be.

      • DIANE says:

        my daughter did the same with her hair…..sure beats going on drugs and drinking….and when she’s done with that phase, it’ll grow out.

        • Rose says:

          @Diane…I totally agree with you!! Its just hair and it could be worse..if wild hair color is a bad as it gets….count your lucky stars. Definitely beats drugs, alcohol and teenage parents!

    • Poindexter-X says:

      I doubt she will regret the photo. I went through a period in my life during college when I had all types of wild hair cuts/colors and wore mostly black leather. I now look back over 20 years later and think I looked cool. I’m glad I have those photos.

    • Riah says:

      I had hair a little lighter than hers last year, and had to change it to something more natural while I was looking for a job. Still miss it, and so does my family (and 50-year-old aunt who has pink hair too). It’s not about being different for everyone, it’s doing what you want. She might regret not smiling and that sweatshirt, but pink hair is awesoooome.

  41. ACLS says:

    I smell a sitcom!

  42. Danno says:

    The pink hair makes a beautiful holiday addition, but red and green would have been better.

  43. Tim S says:

    I think Mom is praying for Pink.

  44. Chistmas! :) says:

    I detect a bit of middle child syndrome here!

  45. Deb says:

    The middle child always stands out.

  46. Caitlynn says:

    That is SOOOO photoshopped.

    • EDC says:

      uh no, I verify that this is a natural, unaltered image. I know this family… they posted to AFP after everyone saw the photo on facebook and suggested the even more appreciative AFP audience.

  47. magillicuddy says:

    WOW is the word for this one…though I totally feel for that girl, having been there myself, but back then, I was imitating Janis Joplin…

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