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January 1st, 2011

Awkward Baby Photos - Awkward Galleries

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68 Responses to “Awkward Baby Photos”

  1. melissawf says:

    #9 The figurative becomes the literal! HAHA Love the incredulous look on mom’s face too!

  2. DD says:

    I feel so bad for saying this but it’s just true. Some babies are adorable. Some are just cute. And while they are all “precious” in the sense that they are innocent and helpless, .. it just cannot be denied that some are just downright unfortunate looking. Hoping they outgrew their awkwardness and yes I know how shallow this reads!

  3. janet says:

    Baby Klansman is the funniest. Didn’t know they made their pointy hats in baby sizes. 🙂

  4. Shauna says:

    The fourth one up from the bottom was taken at the same place as a picture of me and my sister when we were little. Kmart. I recognized the background and thought it was a cool coincidence.

  5. josh says:

    I am “baby chuckie” and thank you for the compliments lol. Glad you enjoyed it

  6. jenn says:

    For the first pic…”you should see the other guy” LOL

  7. Laura says:

    I swear the pic of the baby with the black mohawk looks just like me lol i have so many baby pcitures just like that lol i had to do a double take to make sure my pic hadnt made it her LMAO

  8. Rena says:

    The one at the top (that everyone keeps referring to as “Chuckie”) looks to me like Nick Nolte’s mug shot.

  9. YuriD says:

    *last pic. “IT’S SO FLUFFAAAYYY !! AAAHHH”

  10. Andrew P says:

    That last pic is awesome beyond awesome!

  11. Kristen says:

    Anybody watch the show “Pawn Stars”? The third baby looks like the grandpa on that show.

  12. Bruce says:

    Chucky Junior is saying.”You think I look bad? you ought to see what I did to the last guy who touched my strained carrots!”

  13. Janellionaire says:

    These. Are. AWESOME.

  14. Em says:

    I had the same stuffed bunny as the girl in the last picture. Does anyone know what brand or what that was??? So fun to see it again!

  15. cko says:

    omg…made me laugh out loud sitting here all by myself! Awesome.

  16. hushupp says:

    May the little girl with the stuffed bunny always be so happy with life.

  17. Gina says:

    These pics are great! Love the little cross eyed pic! I want to kiss the cheeks off the little baby with the shock of dark hair and I adore the little girl with the bunny! These pics made my night 🙂

  18. sara says:

    When I was a baby I had the same little pink sweater dress as double chin baby! Wow!

    Love this site and am thankful people are willing to share these photographic outtakes.

  19. Lauren says:

    I have no idea WHY the little girl with the bunny makes me laugh as much as she does, but that one is HYSTERICAL!!!

  20. Mel says:

    The Band-Aid on “Chuckie’s” forehead reminds me of my youth.

  21. Amelyn says:

    The 6th picture is really hilarious, but it was the 5th one that caught my attention. Because when I was a baby, I had my picture taken in front of the same brackdrop. The difference is that my baby pictures are way too cute to be posted on AFP. 😉

  22. puppydog66 says:

    i want to see more awkward babies. these are hilarious!

  23. Jennifer says:

    Those are priceless! I got some laughs from those pics. I especially love the one of the baby in between the parents…LOL

  24. Stephanie says:

    Being a mother of three, I’m going to take an educated guess and say that cross eyed baby is in the middle of doing his or her business (either that or passing gas!)- having seen a million looks just like this from my own kids- all the babies are too cute;-)

  25. LME says:

    The first boy totally reminds me of Chucky, especially with that crazed look on his face.

  26. sing says:


  27. Mrs Alda says:

    The cross eyed baby reminds me of Zach Braff and I don’t know why.

  28. SuziQ says:

    Okay. here is my perception of these pix –
    #1 – Looks like Baby “Chuckie – but minus the freckles.”
    #2 – “Oh God, who are these people?”
    #3 – “ahh yes, what do I want to be when I grow up?”
    #4 – Reminds me of a young McCauley Caukin in ‘Home Alone”
    #5 – Poor thing – looks like a conehead. Did you notice which finger she was subtly holding up?
    #6 – Cross=eyed – Yes definitely a Jerry Lewis impression – or “oh know, did a yucky poop in my diaper.”
    #7 – it looks like an “infant version” of your senior picture pose. right?
    #8 – “Pebbles” she is not, at least she is very “jolly” baby…..
    I agree – God Bless the parents – and yes…. where are they now?

  29. Zoe says:

    Love to all of you parents and babes…thank you for the laughs, I myself have a couple akward photos I should scan and submit of myself….then you can laugh at me!
    Happy New Year,

  30. Lmmrn says:

    I hope that some of these are proofs. I would have a hard time hanging some of these on my wall! I would love to see what the boy in the first pic looks like today!

  31. Kristin says:

    Last picture:

  32. Blondie says:

    Oh my heavens! The photo of the baby with the crossed eyes is awesome! And I love love the one with the little girl inbetween her two brothers. She’s all “oh my god…what the hell have I gotten myself into??” These are GREAT!!

    • Jermainia says:

      RE: the baby between the two brothers — then you see the photo is date stamped 1994, and you realize she’s saying, “What the hell decade was I born into? These styles went out in the ’50s!”

      • mary says:

        omg totally! i wore the same dress and i’m pushing 50!!

      • Brittany says:

        Haha, I’m the baby in between the brothers and when you’re dirt poor and buying your clothes from good will, that tends to happen. 😉 Picture day just meant putting on your best sunday dressings!

  33. baware says:

    I didn’t truly laugh out loud till the cross-eyed baby in the middle scrolled up. Oh.My.God. that is hysterical!

    • Stacey says:

      Same here! I got to that picture and burst out laughing. The next one kept me laughing. The cross-eyed baby looks squished and the double chin baby is strong!

  34. zhoen says:

    Proof that not all babies are cute. But one is not allowed to say so.

    • Laurie C says:

      I have children and made the mistake of saying that babies tend to not be cute. The ultrasound technician glared at me in shock when I said it. The truth hurts, lady.

    • kara says:

      You said it before I could! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  35. carol says:

    Love the photo of the girl with the bunny! Too cute!!

  36. Carol says:

    I’d love to see what these babies look like NOW. 🙂

  37. Destiny's Child says:

    Lol, the 6th picture just made my day. No wait, my YEAR! 🙂 Happy New Year everyone!

  38. Pat Cummings says:

    Oh My Gah… The baby with the crossed eyes is hysterical..looks like a bad Jerry Lewis impression..Hey Ladeeeee.. That said I have to say how prescious that babe is and how brave the parents are to share this picture…Thank You I am still laughing

    • Lauren says:

      That is too funny! It does look like a bad Jerry Lewis impression! LMAO!

    • maggieb says:

      Thank you Pat Cummings for the perfect way to describe that picture! The baby is just adorable, as are all the rest!
      Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

    • maggieb says:

      Thanks Pat Cummings for the perfect description of this picture!
      The baby is adorable, as are all of the others. This pic just really makes me smile! 🙂

      Happy New Year everyone!

    • Suki says:

      Exactly what I said. Jerry Lewis “Hey LAAAAAADY”

      by far the funniest pic.

    • Jax says:

      Definately a pooping in progress picture LOL

    • candy says:

      The first baby looks like Chris Farley.

    • Jamie says:

      I laughed until I cried and couldn’t catch my breath. That inappropriate kind of laugh reserved for church or any place where you really shouldn’t be laughing. I couldn’t contain myself. The Jerry Lewis refrence was all I could think of. For weeks, everytime I was having a low moment in the day, I would take a look at that baby and nearly wet myself with laughter. Truly can’t understand exactly what makes me laugh so hard, which makes it even funnier!

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