Window Pains

January 3rd, 2011

Window Pains - Wedding

Just think of all the joy and laughter the future holds.

(submitted by Jerry)

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  1. Vince says:

    Of course the married couple look clearer because the camera has a slight focus on them? As for the lighting being different, the married couple are under a tent? DUH! Look at the top? This is not photoshopped, do you realise the amount of work it would take just to blend in that old dirt/glue or w/e that white residue is around the frame of the window pane to the couple in the background? The photo only looks a bit odd because of it’s overexposure, and sunlight saturation.

    • Sue-sue says:

      My take on it is that the couple in the background just accidentally wandered into a wedding photo shoot, and stopped to have a look at the bride and groom. They are dressed far too casually to be at a wedding, and especially to be the parents of either bride or groom. The fact that they do look like they could be the parents is just one of those random accidents…and maybe why the photog took the shot anyway.

  2. What to do? says:

    WOW! I know this girl. What should I do?

  3. BBBBBb says:


  4. Rudi says:

    the outlaws’ disapproval is showing!

  5. Crystal-lee says:

    I love how people are getting into heated debate with whether or not this is photoshopped. Perhaps that’s a tad beside the point? There’s a couple, presumably sane, that agreed that a window hanging from what appears to be some type of circus rigging was a great idea. They also thought, “Mom and dad have to be in the shot but make sure they’re behind the window… and make sure they look really disapproving.”

    Then they thought, oh no… something’s missing. “Oh that’s it! The Thanksgiving centerpiece! But where to put it… mmm above the window… yeah.. that way it’ll get just the right amount of attention in the photo.”

    I think photoshop is really not a big concern in the scheme of things.

  6. Robby says:

    Maybe they are trying to portray what the newly weds have to look forward to after being married for 25 years.

  7. grapejuice says:

    the trees seems to be pine trees so if it is snow, that’s probably why they are green, but i think it’s just over exposed grass as someone mentioned. if it is ‘shopped… why? XD haha this picture is so random.

  8. Alechsa says:

    Photoshop argument forthcoming: The lighting on the two couples is different, the perspective is way off, and most telling.. the bride and groom are a different photo quality (softer but clearer).

    The wedding couple are indoors, with artificial lighting, the other couple is outdoors in STARK direct sunlight right on them…. no way is that possible with the angle suggested by this photograph if everything were in the same area.

    • chauncey says:

      I agree that it is photoshopped (why anyone would waste their time on this, I don’t know, but here I am wasting mine on comment so who’s REALLY the fool? ha ha) My reasons are different, however. The window is the part that looks the most “pasted on”, the decorations look cut out and light on those doesn’t seem consistent. The lighting on the people is possible (maybe not probable, because what photographer in their right mind would do this on purpose?) but it is quite possible. If the bride and groom are closer to the camera and under an awning then the photographer could balance a fill flash and bounce it off the awning to light them (thus explaining the soft shadow under their noses indicating light coming from above, while also explaining why the fill flash didn’t reach the couple out in the sun) but this of course then begs the question “if the photographer is this adept at lighting, why then would said photographer put the older couple in such an unflattering lighting situation? Perspective in my opinion IS possible, the couple on the right are closer to the camera, the couple on the left are out of focus (as one would be standing about that far behind the point of focus, and the couple on the right looks softer possibly due to my speculation of bounce flash. Bounce flash is soft and it isn’t reaching the couple on the left. This again, working from the point of assuming that this IS possible) So, since it is all possible but so highly unlikely, it was either photoshopped or planned as a farce…weird.

  9. liv says:

    if the old people are in snow why are they not wereing coats if theres snow theres always coats

  10. Jay says:

    I wonder if they registered for ‘disapproval’.

  11. sumwhereupnorth says:

    awkward yes.. But I think maybe the old couple has passed on and they are watching the bride and groom through a “special” window.. perhaps that is why the trees on their side aren’t green – maybe they passed in fall or winter and the young couple got married in the spring or summer and maybe the green leafy R stands for rest in peace……….hmm or maybe I am putting too much thought into this photo lol

  12. lazyU says:

    doesn’t look photoshopped. The bride and groom are in the shadows and to expose them properly the sunny areas have been overexposed quite a bit.

    Mum and Dad do not look happy.

  13. Latviansq says:

    This whole photo is ominous of disaster waiting to happen…

  14. blue11 says:

    Obviously the parents just weren’t ready for the picture. At least it’s a good picture of the bride and groom; they are a nice looking couple.

  15. ehmah says:


  16. Suki says:

    When I saw this I couldn’t stop laughing. looks like the parents are not approving of the marriage.

  17. Neumanna says:

    Are they in the snow??? Why are there leaves on the trees?

  18. Mel says:

    Maybe they’re the ghosts of weddings past.

  19. Tom Fool says:

    Most ill-conceived wedding protrait EVER!

  20. carol says:

    When I first saw this photo, I thought, “WHOA, I think I’ll wait until there are some comments on this. Maybe someone has some idea what this is all about!” Nope, I’m sill totally confused . Winter, Fall, Summer, happy couple, not so happy couple…??

  21. Jeff says:

    “Wasn’t it nice of Marney to loan me her wedding dress? I hope she doesn’t mind the alterations I made to it…”

  22. al says:

    very weird picture, but very beautiful bride!

  23. Laura says:

    The snow on the ground doesnt match the trees at all.

  24. lollyblue says:

    there are a couple of real panes in this awkward photo!

  25. jewelsmra says:

    One reason I do not think it is a Photoshop job is because people are crazy enough to do something like this. Also, the father is wearing a boutonniere that seems to match the groom’s.

    • Bethany says:

      I disagree, These pictures may have been taken on the same day in different places explaining the boutonenniere… Also the decorations on the window look SO fake.

  26. Amy says:

    I can’t even think about photoshop possibilities until I figure out the green furry item hanging in the window. It looks like one of the cancer awareness ribbons. What’s our cause here?

  27. PD says:

    PLEASE tell me this was one of the proofs.

  28. Karin says:

    Looks photoshopped to me; especially the window. There’s pumpkin decorations on it and the flowers don’t match the bride’s bouquet. Not to mention the trees behind the bride and groom are green and leafy, and the trees behind the old couple are brown and it looks like Autumn.

  29. Richard says:

    who cares about the man and woman in the background – what gives with the bouquet? so its fall, but still. maybe they are the florists.

  30. Susan Dyer says:

    The parents probably just got the bill for the reception!

  31. Andrew says:

    photoshopped? looks odd and awkward.

  32. Kat in the house says:

    Heads up newlyweds! That couple on the left is just a couple of years from moving into your spare bedroom!!!

  33. Tracy says:

    Didn’t I see this shot in Three Men and a Baby?

  34. Jennifer says:

    This looks like an old-fashioned photomontage to me, the components do not look like part of the same scene at all.

  35. Tishes says:

    The AFP captions are still so absolutely priceless!

  36. Cathy C says:

    Having an antique window pane hanging from a patio umbrella is just plain stupid. Thank goodness for the Crop feature!

  37. Danno says:

    This looks like it was poorly photoshopped. The wedding couple looks like they were badly dropped in to the photo.

    Of course, they might NOT have paid for this picture, it might be an amateur one done by Aunt Mabel or Grandpa Harry.

  38. Eric says:

    The photographer obviously isn’t familiar with Content Aware.

  39. solo1 says:


  40. Shelba says:

    Doesn’t it look like the thing was pieced together? Like someone photo-shopped it. And not well. Although why they would is anyone’s guess.

  41. Mrs Alda says:

    Clearly this is the Twilight Zone. I’m hoping their older unhappy selves in the background will run after their younger selves yelling “NOOOO, DON’T DO IT! GET BACK HERE, I HAVE TO STOP YOU FROM RUINING YOUR FUTURE LIFE!”, ala the Spur Of the Moment episode.

  42. Mandie says:

    All they need to do is crop out the cranky looking parents and they have a really nice photo.

    • CarrieM says:

      They also need to crop out the window-with-no-wall-around-it. It makes about as much sense as those old Olan Mills gates-with-no-fence-attached-to-them they used to have subjects lean on.

  43. Uriah says:

    Wonder why the parents are dressed in plain clothes?

  44. iLOLd says:

    Ah, the future through the Looking-Glare…

  45. Brian W. says:

    OMG! And just think, they paid for this photo!

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