The Choker

January 24th, 2011

The Choker - Behind The Awkwardness

“The whole family seems to be so content as I choke off to the side… this is the epitome of my life. No big deal. I am alive and well now – no thanks to any of my relatives :)”

(submitted by Taylor)

61 Responses to “The Choker”

  1. smitty says:

    She was probably gagging and not really choking. I cant imagine they all sat happily by while she choked. She was eating something sbe didnt like.

  2. Camilla says:

    I honestly don’t understand why so many people laugh. Poor girl!

    • Jennifer says:

      I agree with you, Camilla…must have been a scary moment for her. I felt sad looking at this photo.

    • Jim says:

      Well, I think the fact that it was sent to this site by the “poor girl” in the picture says it’s o.k. to laugh at. PLUS, there is a laughing emoticon at the end of her description, which usually means that what you are reading is meant to be funny. Good enough?

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