Seeing Red

January 27th, 2011

Seeing Red - Pets

This monkey resented the hand-me-downs.

(submitted By David)

18 Responses to “Seeing Red”

  1. diane says:

    The monkey looks like hes got attitude.

  2. LindyLouLondon says:

    I saw the top 1/3rd of this photo at first, with just a tuft of hair showing on the top of the monkey’s head (thinking perhaps it was a little kid, maybe with a cat on his/her lap)……Nothing could have prepared me for that monkey!!!! Definitely the funniest picture I’ve seen so far. The look of sullen fury on that creature’s face is hilarious. Perhaps the owner went a little too far with the lipstick/rouge around the eye area?

  3. Wendy says:

    Angry Monkey in the closet! This is the one time they probably let him out! That’s why he looks like he’s gonna go CRAZY on them!

  4. Gloria says:

    “Be quite still, my children, don’t make me turn the flying monkey lose………………again”!
    “Yes, Mommy Dearest”!
    “We love you, Mommy Dearest”!

  5. Poop says:

    That monkey is evil! Kill it!! Kill it!

  6. Tammy Nagel says:

    I couldn’t sleep if that monkey were in my house.

  7. Melvis says:

    That’s friggin’ weird!

  8. Tred54 says:

    That isn’t a monkey. It an ancient demon.

  9. justme says:

    I actually find the blue shirt the guys is wearing way more awkward than the red faced monkey….

  10. R. Michael Bortman says:

    I hope she didn’t breast feed the baby.

  11. Rosieposie says:

    LOL at work!

  12. senora_jennifer says:

    The monkey looks like he got in a fight! 🙂

  13. Sharon says:

    …and the human children resented the new adopted “child”…..

  14. kathy says:

    thats the scariest monkey i have seen in my entire life

  15. Sparky says:

    Yikes!!!! Scary……

  16. Mary says:

    That’s a angry monkey…

  17. Kathy says:

    “Your children not yet evolved? Put them in one of our sweatshirts today and you too can mask the lack of progress in your family!”

  18. ant says:

    Albert and Maxine always knew that baby Alf was special. They justhad no idea that he was the product of a kgb Project1j

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