Petting Zoo

January 31st, 2011

Petting Zoo - Pets

We’ll let you caption this one.

(submitted by Jeff)

27 Responses to “Petting Zoo”

  1. Karen says:

    Our love will never go fowl

  2. Tamar says:

    It was our love of poultry that brought us together

  3. Alice Polarbear says:

    The way they are dressed, in white, they make me think of two chefs contemplating a future poulet fricassee.

  4. Toupee Wearer says:

    “So Julie, what would you like to do on our first date?”

    “I dunno.”

    “How about we go look at some chickens?”


  5. Gloria says:

    We felt it only right, since we first met at KFC”!

  6. Sockmonkey says:

    I think this is the same girl from the Henhouse picture.

  7. Poop says:

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!

  8. Noah says:

    Wow, people can’t look at a chicken without making poopy or anatomy or killing jokes.

    Animals generally reflect the personality of their humans. These two people look gentle, sweet, and kind. Also, the hen is relaxed (her feet are hanging down, rather than tensed up) so she apparently trusts them. Earning a bird’s trust takes time and patience.

    Mean, aggressive, stupid people will project themselves onto others. Including chickens. Just as is the case with dogs, cats, bears, lions, or parasitic diatoms.

    Chickens are smarter and easier to train than dogs. Less messy than cats. And if raised by intelligent humans, they are gentle, social, and lots of fun.

  9. powermuffin says:

    There is something on the ground that is very interesting and amusing. All three of them can see it but we are left out of the loop. HAWKWARD!

  10. Brian says:

    All of Jeff’s friends were surprised that Janet actually accepted his marriage proposal. When they asked Janet what she saw in Jeff, Janet responded, “A bird in the hand…”

    Janet’s response inspired the theme to this picture that accompanied their engagement announcement in the Sunday paper.

  11. senora_jennifer says:

    Not exactly how I would announce my engagement………..

  12. CarrieM says:

    What could possibly be the occasion here?

  13. Dee says:

    What is it with the chickens? I’ve taken care of them and they’re nasty.

  14. justme says:

    Bobby and Sue had grown very attached to the donor. They sincerely hoped the baby had his red hair. And if he ever got too intrusive…..well off to the oven for him!

  15. justme says:

    There is no need to censor yourself here, the mods are rigorous with the delete button.

  16. Ducky says:

    To have on a white shirt and hold a chicken is a VERY brave thing to do. Chickens tend to… um… let loose, so to speak.

  17. Richard Holder says:

    She appears to be about to choke the poor thing.

  18. Be3t says:

    He’s so henpecked. Literally! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  19. bucksnut says:

    Comment? No. Inappropriate jokes? Endless.

  20. RICHARD says:

    excuse me, but I think you should censor yourself this time.

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