The Stand-Out

February 3rd, 2011

The Stand-Out - Wedding

Sure it might not be your wedding, but go ahead. Take a bow.

(submitted by Abby)

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  1. dave says:

    Did you ever get the feeling that the world is a tuxedo, and you’re a pair of brown shoes.

  2. karson says:

    this is at my old work, lumiere spa. they make you feel this awkward, promise.

  3. clssofas says:

    The ideas aren’t that important. Really they aren’t. Everyone’s got an idea for a book, a movie, a story, a TV series.

  4. HayleyLane says:

    Aww poor thing. This surprisingly happens at SO many weddings!

  5. Nick says:

    My grand-dad did this at my sister’s wedding too… in front of a photo of 60 other people and a small contingent of the Australian Air Force. I MUST find that photo…

  6. nice and sweet. to the point. Go for it!

  7. Melissa says:


  8. Sturtyt says:

    I paid $20,000 for this venue, $5,000 for her dress, $3,000 for the food you’ll be eating in a half hour, and $2,000 for this photographer… yes I will stand here.

  9. Marie-Claude says:

    looks like the old man from the movie “Up”…but where’s the talking dog and fat boyscout? and all those balloons….

  10. SiulaGrande says:

    Every time I look at this photo I can’t help but laugh (out loud). It’s one of my all-time favorites on the site and the comments are just hilarious. Great job, AFP!

  11. plainbelliedsneetch says:

    Summer weight suit- $300. Polished leather shoes- $65. Boutonniere- $15.
    Knowing you’re the classiest photo bomber around- Priceless.

  12. Todd says:

    Uncle Al thought he was at his WW2 reunion.

  13. Treb says:

    No single event can hold a member of “The Greatest Generation”.

  14. Jesse says:

    He kind of looks like the Pope. All that’s missing is the hat.

  15. ann o. nymous says:

    Nobody puts Grandpa in a corner!

  16. mark says:

    Quick! Take it before he wanders off again.

  17. David says:

    “Sadly from time to time grandpa would flash back to his days as a choir director.”

  18. Susan says:

    Grandpa… He’s so cute.

  19. Mary says:

    Reminded me of Michael Scott at Phyllis and Bob Vance’s wedding.

    • Tamer says:

      “websters defines a wedding as the fusion of 2 pieces of metal with a hot torch”. -mike Scott- brilliant

  20. PaulaNancy says:

    “It’s OK, Grandpa; you stand where ever you want and we will arrange ourselves around you. We are just glad to have the whole family together!”

  21. CB says:

    Maybe the photographer said “CHEESE” indicating for everyone to SAY cheese, but this guy thought he was offering…..who doesn’t like a good piece of cheese?

  22. Sioux says:

    this is so what my dad would do. we would tell him that he had to be in the line but then he would tell us how he was in WWII and give us a story. he then would drool and just say, “What?”

  23. Maryann says:

    So sweet, made me think of my grandpa who has passed ;=(

  24. Alan says:

    Uncle Mervyn forgot to take his ‘Gas-no-more’ tablet this morning.

  25. Karyn says:

    “After doing consecutive conga line, macarena, YMCA and chicken dance, Grandpa was too tuckered out for pictures, so we just photoshopped him in…”

  26. Karyn says:

    “How can everybody see my new JCPenney suit if I stand in the back?”

  27. Don says:

    “If any of you think you can take a better picture why don’t you take one step forward and we’ll just see” the young photographer said. With knowing glances the family took a collective step backward leaving Grandpa standing alone in front of the arrogant shutterbug. Joseph Kodak was about to make the young man eat those words.

  28. Susie says:

    He’s a cutie!

  29. Skeemer118 says:

    It’s Uncle Al from The Office! 😀

  30. KR says:

    It’s the old guy from Prelude To A Kiss. He wants to sneak a smooch from the bride so he can turn young again, then devour all the chicken wings at the reception.

  31. Moogie says:

    He wanted to appear taller by standing closer to the camera.

  32. C says:

    Gramps in 3D

  33. Angela says:

    Goes to show you’re never too old to enjoy photo bombing

  34. Whoa says:

    Hey, if it wasn’t for me, none of you would be here! So, pipe down and lemme stand in front!

    • justme says:

      Very close to what I was about to post so I’ll just jump in here….was gonna quote him as “Dangit I’m 88 years old I’ll stand wherever I wanna!” :o)

  35. Tammie says:

    He probably figures he’s paying, so he can stand right out front

  36. Steben says:

    Just cause they didn’t make room for Grandpa didn’t mean he wasn’t going to be in the picture

  37. Linda says:

    and he wasn’t even a wedding guest, just a passerby…

  38. HOK says:

    Awkward…sure, but sweet as well. He must be the patriarch of the family.

    • hushupp says:

      Yep, I agree with you, Hok. The rest of the family is probably thrilled that he was with them for the wedding. Maybe his grandson or granddaughter.

  39. Chris says:

    An example on an outstanding picture…

  40. Tammy says:

    Someone’s grandpa from another wedding wandered in at the last second.

    • Kitten K. Boodle says:

      The other family exiled him because his boutonniere clashed with their color scheme of pink and white. Luckily, he found another wedding party that he matched!

  41. Meri says:

    There’s always someone who doesn’t want their picture taken…this is the other extreme.

  42. Debbie says:


  43. Gardenwife says:

    Crazy old uncle Arty, always has to be the center of attention.

  44. Bee Aitch says:

    Wait a minute, I think you’re assuming an awful lot here. Maybe it IS his wedding.

  45. Phrankeh says:

    xD Jeez the caption completely cracked me up.

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