Happy Days

February 18th, 2011

Happy Days - Couples

This man expresses his joy on the inside.

(submitted by Gemini)

47 Responses to “Happy Days”

  1. Grace says:

    Elton John is that you!? lol

  2. joey says:

    You have to ask yourself, “did he fire 5 shots or 6”

  3. Silk! says:

    If the crabby one had been the woman, I would have been sure this was Marnie and hubby.

  4. Lisa says:

    I think he sort of looks like Hugh Laurie’s brother.

  5. lolia says:

    how are those transitions lenses working out for ya?

  6. Snowrider says:

    Lewis Black?

  7. Greg McP says:

    Oh god. That’s too close to home. That’s far too much like me sitting there.
    Sometimes the dear wife gets all enthusiastic about something… “Really? A photo in a shopping mall stall. Now?” Puts down the shopping bags I’ve been carrying around for seemingly HOURS. “Okay dear.” *sigh*

  8. armchair hero says:

    This is obviously Marny. She has forced her husband to wear that regulation sweater/open necked shirt combo, and he is not thrilled.

  9. Alisha says:

    He looks like the grown-up version of the sunblock boy in the previous picture!

  10. numi says:

    I have a few like this of my husband. “Honey, just sit there for a second while I check my lighting. No, you don’t have to smile.”

  11. klh says:

    She is ready for a sunny day on the slopes with that ski jacket on. He’d rather sit in the lodge by the fire and sleep.

  12. Harry says:

    Quick question. This man looks very familiar to me.

    Is/was he an actor or a public figure? I’ve seen him somewhere but I can’t place the face.

  13. rita says:

    Is he wearing pajamas and a bathrobe?

  14. justme says:

    Geeze. OK I don’t know what I wrote that was offensive now, but I will try to rephrase.

    He looks confused.

    Is that bland enough, mr moderator?

  15. Todd says:

    Somewhere, people are watching the big game. Meanwhile, Ed got dragged to the portrait studio.

  16. mary says:

    i dunno, i’m not buying this one.

  17. Sugar says:

    Customer testimonial for the Flowbee.

  18. Cami says:

    This is exactly how my ex looked like when I tried to get any sort of pictures taken of us together.

  19. Harry says:

    That is a classic!! Well done.

  20. matti says:

    its really a shame that he didn’t perk up a little, there obviously a lot of thought put into their attire.

  21. Maryann says:

    Ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa
    I sure hope they didn’t pay for this!

  22. Cassie says:

    I think her tinted glasses complement his expression nicely.

  23. momof2 says:

    hahaha, kinda like Droopy the dog? “I’m laughing hysterically on the inside..”

  24. Leslie says:

    Earl had always been known as the life of the party and a real swinger…

  25. Steben says:

    Chilling, that man is staring into my soul

  26. Emma says:

    Brilliant. . . . . . . He couldn’t look anymore p*ssed off if he tried 🙂

  27. Patrick says:

    Sunny boy, let’s go out and play! I’ve got my shades on! Let’s go!

  28. Patrick says:

    He was so bright with enthusiasm….she had to wear shades!

  29. Joe says:

    Looks like she drug him out of bed and plopped him down in front of the camera.

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